JP: Radm Turner, Cpts Rajel & Faranfey, Cmdr T'Mar & Cody, Major Parker, PNPC LtCmdr Faranster & Ndrassa - Nugra's Funeral (Afternoon) Part 2/2

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Selene Faranfey

Jul 16, 2016, 6:28:09 PM7/16/16
to Doyle - IC

(( Holosuite 19 - Deck 75 - Deep Space 285 )) ::T’Mar joined the others near Nugra’s body. Death has a different meaning to Vulcans. Even as a part Betazoid, she had always had a Vulcan concept on life and death. As she looked at the shell of what once held Nugra’s life, she wondered what type of showing would be there when she passed away for good.::

T’Mar: Indeed. I did not know Nugra as well as others, but I know he served honorably and helped us when we needed it most. That speaks well on his character.

Turner: ::nodding thoughtfully:: It certainly does.

Parker: Nugra was a stickler for regulations..and he believed in doing his best, no matter what the circumstances…

Ndrassa: ::To Parker:: I have heard that said. He was the Conservator of the most elite unit in the Gorn Confederation until the Hegemony took over. I am not surprised he was a stickler as you say.

:: Jalana stayed back a little, being the only one to not look at Nugra’s body. She felt uneasy, and did not want to see her friend dead. Interesting how being a doctor and a joined Trill, having seen so many dead, still changed nothing. It did not get easier. And when it came to friends it became outright impossible. ::

:: After watching everyone walk towards the female gorn and her friend's body, Sundassa felt the compulsion to join them. :: oO First, condolences to the daughter. Oo :: She wondered momentarily why human ritual overrode in funerals of Starfleet officers, at least for the guests. It felt like she was at odds with herself, seeing all the long faces, and struggling with her cheery disposition. Quietly she approached the daughter, even as others were nearby. ::

Sundassa: Ndrassa? :: She was hesitant, not having met the woman, and wondering if she was offending by walking up to the gorn and assuming she was the one she was looking for. ::

:: Ndrassa turned to see a young woman with bright colorful hair approach her. She gave a short bow of respect. ::

Ndrassa: I am she.

Sundassa: Your father was one of my closest friends. He saw over my final exam, and while there is diversity in Starfleet and the academy, seeing him there in the Academy was the first time that I didn't feel like I was different. I think he made all the other cadets nervous. :: She grinned at the woman. :: I didn't see him in that way.

Ndrassa: He was a very accepting man. Some people had a hard time seeing that because of his dedication to the rules. I’m glad you saw that.  

Sundassa: :: Turning to the Admiral. :: I hope I didn't interrupt.

:: Sun was feeling a little self conscious about the possibility of being rude after Selene told her that she was being so. Of course it was likely that Selene's mood was affected by other things, but that didn't stop the thought from getting locked in her head. ::

Turner: No, no not at all.

Sundassa: I knew he served under you, having been highly decorated during his time on the Thunder. He didn't talk much about himself, just served honorably in whatever role he was placed in. The only one I had the honor of seeing, was his role as a friend, but if he served as well in that role as he did as your First Officer, then it's not hard to see how he earned all his achievements.

::Toni knew they were friends. Starting from a meeting in the Academy. And of all the friends that Nugra had, she was the one he talked most about.::

Turner: Yes, he earned quite a lot. He was one of the most helpful crew members I had.

Sundassa: oO Not everyone shares the same thoughts as you, Sun. But he didn't die, he just outlived his body. The universe isn't done with him. Oo :: It was just part of how she felt as an Antosian, but by what she had heard about the way he died from Shel, she knew deep inside that a man of his nobility wouldn't have been ended permanently by a dream. ::

:: Jalana had watched her best friend from the moment she had spoken up. The lilac hair a beacon of light in the room. It was that sight, that brought the hint of a smile onto her lips. She hadn’t seen Sun in a little while as she was visiting the Doyle right now, so she was glad to see her. She knew that Sun’s people had a different view of death, and that brought a refreshing ease with her. ::

Sundassa: Oh, Jalana. :: She moved over to her friend and hugged her, and then proceeded to hug T'Mar. :: T'Mar! Remember when he came to the Apollo. I was still a little sore from having jousted in the holodeck with you. :: She giggled. :: And, what does Nugra present to me, but a Vss'Kot blade. I made a nervous joke about the color of the sash not clashing with my hair. But in all honesty, I have to admit my muscles ached at the thought of training with another weapon so soon.

::Even though Sun served on the same ship as she did, T’Mar rarely had the opportunity to spend much time with her. She knew Nugra was Sun’s close friend and fondly thought back to the memory that was shared after first hugging her dear friend. Jousting on the holodeck was far from a normal activity, but it was quite the experience. T’Mar nearly rubbed her own ribs at the memory of the pain they both had been in after trying out that activity.::

T'Mar: It took a rather long time to heal. That was the first time I met him, though.

Rajel: I see you brought your blade as well. :: Jalana gestured to her own, resting on her hip.::

Sundassa: He told me it was customary to award it to someone who makes Lieutenant Commander. I do have that right, Ndrassa? :: She paused, she was just talking and talking, nervous about what to do in the situation. :: I'm sorry Ndrassa, this is your father's funeral, I don't mean to talk so much.

:: Jalana smiled warmly, knowing that Sundassa had an affinity to talking a lot at times, but she could also remain silent if she had to. Jalana had received her own dagger when she was promoted to Captain, and it was special to her that she and her best friend had both received that honor from Nugra. Something that added to their bond now. ::

Ndrassa: ::smiling:: Please. Continue. This is how a Gorn funeral works. The Kar'echak is the epitome of one’s honor and is to be celebrated. I do love hearing the stories.

::With so many diplomats due at the Embassy, and having quite a distance to travel back to Til’ahn to be there to greet them, Toni nodded to Hannibal, letting him know she was ready to leave. Walking over Ndrassa, she offered her apologies to having to leave so soon.::

Turner: Thank you so much for inviting us to come. I’m sorry to leave so soon, but duty calls. Jalana, T’Mar, Sundassa, it was good to see you here. Perhaps, we will meet again soon.

Sundassa: I hope so, under more pleasant circumstances next time. Possibly with a little more time to socialize? :: She smiled at the Admiral. While she knew her place in the hierarchy of the fleet, she also wasn't as nervous around Admirals as she had once been. ::

Rajel: That would be nice. I wish you both a safe flight.

Ndrassa: Thank you for coming, Admiral. I know he would have appreciated it.

::T’Mar bowed her head respectfully to the Admiral and Hannibal, wondering if she would ever have the opportunity to meet them again.::

T’Mar: It was agreeable meeting you both.

::Leaving with Hannibal, they beamed up to the Thunder’s bridge to get underway. Sitting down in the center chair, the touched the re-enforced chair that Nugra had once occupied. oO Good bye old friend.Oo

:: When they left Jalana turned back to her friends and then thought of another friend who should be here. But she wondered if that was even possible without causing any trouble. But maybe she only thought of that because Jal knew who she was. ::

Rajel: How is Selene?

Sundassa: Dealing with things the way she thinks she has to. I told her she needed to be down here and pay her respects. She might listen, but it's Selene. She's a bit stubborn.

:: Jalana nodded and her eyes wandered back to the viewcase, big enough to fill a small room. She swallowed slightly and took a deep breath. ::

Rajel: It’s hard to believe that he’s gone. Just a little while ago he rumbled through the Conny like a thunderstorm chasing away Prendar.

Sundassa: Only gave me an idea of how intimidating that people think Gorns are.

::T’Mar stood silently while her two friends spoke. She could relate to Jalana’s sentiment. He had “rescued” them not that long ago in a rather unconventional set off circumstances. She would be eternally grateful, however, as he was the one who had been able to get Jalana released from her confinement. Even she had not been able to do so, much to her dismay.::

T’Mar: Indeed he was able to rid us of Prendar quite effectively..

:: Sun's attention was drawn to the door as Selene walked through with a man she didn't recognize. There was a wave of relief knowing that the Admiral and Selene missed each other. She didn't know what Selene would say from one minute to the next, and there was no sense in having a misstep cause Selene her career. Some may not understand Sundassa worrying about someone who didn't regard her highly, even though they looked at each other as disappointing copies of themselves, they cared for each other the way siblings did. ::

:: The moment they passed through the doors, an uncomfortable memory floated to the forefront of David’s mind. He closed his eyes a moment, feeling more like an interloper than a man who came to pay his respects to someone he admired, but only got to know and worked with for a short time. ::

:: No, what worried him came from a turbulent period of history nearly a decade ago, when David served in the Ithassa Region, as the Gorn Alliance flexed its muscles. He didn’t learn until years later the Hegemony had given him a name, which roughly translated to, “the Butcher of Brothers”. David maintained a respectable distance as Selene approached a smaller Gorn, a woman, as he caught sight of an Admiral leaving, and one he had known for most of his career with Starfleet. oO Turner… Oo He hadn’t seen her since a bit of emergency surgery way back in the day. ::

:: Entering the holodeck, Selene didn't know who she had just missed. Their backs were to Selene and Cody as they walked away. She knew Nugra would have had a number of people coming to pay their respects, he had a long and fruitful career within Starfleet. She purposefully walked up to Ndrassa, nodding to Jalana and T'Mar, careful with her words. ::

Faranfey: Ndrassa, :: She extended her hand to the Gorn woman, noticing that her hands were a bit smaller than Nugra's. :: I hope you can accept my sincerest condolences. Nugra's loss will be felt throughout Starfleet. He was a brave and good man.

:: For a second, Ndrassa was confused as she looked at the woman in front of her that resembled the other one named Sundassa. She quickly dismissed it blaming it on her lack of experience with humanoids. They looked all the same to her as she had yet to learn the nuanced differences of their faces. ::

Ndrassa: Thank you, Captain. He is in a better place now. At the side of the pale goddess.

Faranfey: I know it's not much, but he is to be awarded the purple heart for his sacrifice, which I would like to present to you.

:: Taking the little purple ribbon, Ndrassa cradled it delicately in her hands and then moved to place it with the other awards that her late father had been given. ::

Ndrassa: Thank you. It means a lot to me.

:: Selene still felt guilt regarding the situation they were put in, and that it wasn't her laying there, with the few people that would mourn her, paying their respects. The loss of Nugra, she felt on two levels, sharing with the majority of the fleet the loss of a great officer, but on a more personal level it was the loss of a trusted friend. ::

:: David nodded respectfully, uncertain whether to speak, and decided it might be better to pay his respects quietly. ::

Faranfey: Mind if I...?

:: Selene signaled to the body, waiting for anyone to stop her. Then she approached Nugra's body, touching his hand, looking at how peaceful he looked. Of course she had the rare opportunity to see his face twisted in more of an aggressive manner. ::

:: Ndrassa nodded and motioned for her to go forward. ::

Faranfey: Your life is honored. The Doyle will not take your sacrifice for granted, my friend. :: She leaned down and gave a gentle peck to his cheek. :: A protector, an officer and a friend forever. May your adventures be plentiful in your next life.

:: David remained where he stood and folded his hands behind his back. He waited until Selene finished paying her respects and moved off before he came down and stopped to regard Nugra’s body. Emotionless and honor were the two things that shaped him. ::

Cody: ::softly:: From one warrior to another, your name will sing for the generations to come. I should have been there with you. You served with distinction, and one hell of a legacy. Fare well, my friend. Perhaps we’ll cross swords again in another time and place.

:: As quickly as he came, David removed himself and returned to join Faranfey. He still remained quiet. ::

:: Jalana still had stayed behind, just looking at the object she knew held Nugra’s body captive. She was not even sure why she held back, why she didn’t go. She was vaguely aware of T’Mar next to her before her friend spoke. ::

::With everything going on, T’Mar stayed close to Jalana without wanting to get too far into her space. She watched as Jalana stood, looking at the spot where Nugra’s body was from afar. Not trying to intrude, she could sense the hesitation. She walked up to her friend’s side, trying to find the words to say.::

T’Mar: Don’t you want to see him?

Rajel: I don’t know.  Maybe I think seeing him makes it real and I’m not ready to let him leave?

T’Mar: It is real, Jalana. And this is your chance to say your farewells.

::T’Mar didn’t always understand other customs, but over time she had learned to understand that saying goodbyes helped people deal with grief. She knew completely that Jalana would later come to regret her decision not to say goodbye to Nugra. As Jalana grabbed her arm, T’Mar knew that she had to be her friend’s strength. It was one of the few times she valued her ability to shut out emotions.::

:: Jalana sighed, her shoulder slumping. T’Mar was right. If she didn’t say good bye, she would regret it for the rest of her life, and maybe the next that would carry the memory. She squeezed her friend’s arm slightly and took a deep breath before taking the few steps to the casket. She looked straight ahead until she had an even remote feeling of being ready and lowered her eyes. Her throat closed up seeing him, so peaceful like he was sleeping, but at the same time older than she had ever seen him. Biting her lip she tried to hold the tears back. Nobody else seemed to have that problem, or she just imagined it. After some hesitation she reached out and placed her hand on his. Despite her own naturally cold hands his felt chill. ::

Rajel: ::She choked up, and whispered hoarsely.:: Thank you for walking part of your path with me. I will pass your memory to future lives, may it be shared for generations to come. You will be missed, my friend.

::She stood in silence, her mind going all over the place and nowhere, drifting into a void of being here and there and nowhere until she heard his daughter speak behind her. The Trill turned to her. ::

Ndrassa: If you will all heed my words. The Kar'echak has a second part. The awarding of memories to those that were close to him. As executor of his estate, my father wanted me to present a few items to some of you.

:: The female Gorn picked up a black silk cloth and turned to both Selene and Sundassa. ::

Ndrassa: I do not understand why my father did this, but in his will, he made it clear that this was to be presented to both of you. I hope you understand.

:: She folded back the cloth to show two identical Vss'Kot blades shimmering in the low light. Gems were imbedded in the dusty silver hilt. ::

:: Selene and Sundassa looked briefly at each other, their blade had been lost on the Apollo during the battle with the Borg. There was a possibility that it was floating in space somewhere near the battle site among the debris from the three ships, but the possibility of that was slim. ::

Faranster: Yes, mine was destroyed a couple years ago. Thank you.

Faranfey: Thank you, Ndrassa. I am honored to receive this beautiful Vss'Kot blade.

Ndrassa: And this is for you, Captain Rajel.

:: Ndrassa retrieved a small box and allowed the Trill to open it. It contained a sparkling white gem that was flat on one side. ::

Ndrassa: I believe this means you already have a Vss'Kot given to you by him. This gem is a Oskoran Angel crystal. In the Registry of Awards, it signifies someone who has faced terror and prevailed. He wanted you to have it for the perils you have faced as a sign of his respect for what you accomplished.

:: Jalana hadn’t expected that. She looked down to the gem Ndrassa held in her claws and after a moment of hesitation, she took it gingerly with the tips of her fingers, looking at it. A gentle smile washed over her lips, and the tingle in her nose returned. The meaning of the gem didn’t get lost on her. It was impossible to put into words how much this gift meant to her. ::

Rajel: Thank you Ndrassa. I’ll honor it as well as the memory of your father.

Ndrassa: That is all. Feel free to continue to mingle if you so wish.

::T’Mar was amazed at Nugra’s ability to share such a moment with his friends even after his passing. So much thought had clearly gone into his presents and she could see what it meant to the recipients. Although she did not see the logic in regrets, she found herself wishing she had had more of a chance to get to know the Gorn that had befriended the two women closest to her. But it was too late now, and he was gone.. ::

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