PNPC Ens. Peinyuong Loizuthi - Adventures in the Jungle

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Ceciri Hakashri

Jul 14, 2016, 7:29:36 AM7/14/16
to Doyle IC

(( Upper Promenade, Deep Space 285 ))


Loizuthi: Ah.. I could. It's more based off traditional Worene training, so you'd need to be quite agile if you want to run it. But I don't see the harm.


Ezi: Well, I'd certainly be willing to try if I wasn't intruding anyway. I've been told I'm pretty spry.


:: Peinyuong considered it. Honestly, she wasn't sure most humanoids could match the dexterity, but then again, it was also trained. Shouldn't that mean other humanoids could match the dexterity and agility? In any case, she wasn't planning on running it on high difficulty today. So, why not? ::


Loizuthi: No worries. There's a two person mode I haven't tried before. Let's try that?


Ezi: In that case, I'm all yours.


:: Peinyuong nodded and headed towards the holodecks onboard the station, and entered the program, setting it up for an intermediate challenge with two people. The program shimmered in and she grabbed the spear that appeared in front of her. The vast jungles of the eastern continent shimmered in, with the humidity kicking in rapidly. In the distance, the barely visible shapes of the enemy Worene kicked in. Like most Worene at the time, they wore an identifying feather - the color for each army. Then, they attacked - although in an adjusted number for the enemy. Peinyuong grinned ferally as she jumped on a vine and began to throw the spear from the tree...::


(OOC: Feel free to insert Ezi's actions here, just time skipping here to the end since shore leave is ending soon.)


:: Peinyuong crept up quietly as she could towards the enemy commander. She had lost the spear in the scramble, and had managed to pick up a throwing knife from one of the enemies.  Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Ezi, and they both threw at the same time - but one of the knives got knocked off course. One of them flew true, and the commander abruptly stiffened as he died, followed shortly by the program terminating. ::


Loizuthi: Well! That was well done.


Ezi: ?


Loizuthi: I'm afraid I didn't spot who won - who's knife landed?


Ezi: ?




PNPC Ens. Peinyuong Loizuthi

Security Officer

USS Doyle-A


Simmed by


Lt. Cmdr Ceciri Hakashri

HCO Officer

USS Doyle-A


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