Lt Aidoann Danara: Discussion Interrupted

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Aurora V

Jul 14, 2016, 5:28:10 PM7/14/16

((Security Office))


::Aidoann heard the door chime wondering who felt a need to interrupt a meeting in progress..::


Danara: Enter


McKnight: Excuse me, ma'am. ::Amuro took a pause when he realized John Nugra was in the room.:: Excuse me...lieutenant?


Nugra: response


::Shifting her attention to McKnight::


Danara; Lieutenant as you can see I’m in a meeting at the moment.


McKnight: Sorry, I'm here to pass on a list of Marine transfers we're going to receive. There's quite a number of them coming within the next few weeks. They'll need clearance.


::She kept her tone professional

Danara: You could have contacted me ahead of time rather than interrupting me for something of this nature. We’ll be having a lot of personnel arriving or departing. That’s just a routine part of a starbase visit.


McKnight: response


Danara: Thank you for letting me know. I can’t do too much ahead of their arrival but having the names will speed things up when they arrive. Is there anything else?


McKnight: That's all, ma'am. I have other work I need to finish up.


::Aidoann nodded.::


Danara: No problem. We all have a lot to do. I appreciate you giving me a heads up.


McKnight: Have a good day, Lieutenant...lieutenant.


Danara: Thank you for stopping by.


::Her attention shifted back to Nugra after she watched McKnight leave.::


Danara: Now where were we.


Nugra: response




Lt Aidoann Danara
Security Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

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