PNPC - Ensign T'la Mo'Bala - sparring with the marines

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Peacock, Daryl (MCSCS)

Jul 14, 2016, 7:57:06 PM7/14/16

((Gym, DS285))


:: T’la wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, smearing some of the blood from her split lip across the wrapping protecting her hands even as she danced back out of the way of a spin kick directed at her head. In response she took a long lunge forward and smashed a straight punch into her opponent’s ribs. ::


:: It was followed by a flurry of blows that she barely blocked, her feet in constant motion as she shifted and danced. As she did she continued to watch and learn. Her opponent was big, heavily muscled and slower than her. She had height, reach and speed on him and so far it had been a fairly even match. ::


:: Just then he dropped his left hand a touch, a sure sign he was going to try his favourite combo, a right handed punch followed up by a leaping spin kick. She easily dodged the punch and instead of moving back like she had the last 2 times he had pulled this stunt on her she moved in, ducked under the kick and then grabbed hold of him as he started to position himself to land on the mat. ::


:: Instead of him landing facing her, she redirected his body mass over her shoulder, away from the way he wished to land and slammed him down onto the mat on his shoulders, following it up by her driving her body up into the air and using her body mass to increase the impact made when her elbow smashed into his abdomen. ::


:: She took advantage of the wind being knocked out of him to finish off the fight with a few solid blows to his jaw area. Then she got up breathing heavily and turned to walk away. ::


Kuran: I never thought I would see Javik taken down by a broad. :: Said a tall slim man with dark purple hair and wearing the uniform of a marine. ::


:: T’la spun to face the man, her face a ridged mask of controlled anger. ::


Mo’Bala: You want to step into the ring in his place?


Kuran: Me? No. I’m more of a lover than a fighter. :: He said with a smile. ::


Mo’Bala: If you’re anything like him then you’re not much of a lover either. :: She replied. ::


Kuran: Well at least you gave Javik a chance to prove if he had what it took to beat you. The least you could do was give me the same chance before you jump to such a conclusion.


:: For a moment she continued to glare at the man but his infectious smile and easy, relaxed manner was not that of an antagonist, not even that of someone trying to provoke her. It was simply the way he was. ::


Mo’Bala: Not much chance of that happening. :: she replied as she allowed herself to relax and calm down. ::


Kuran: Too bad. I think I might have changed your mind.


:: She could not help it, his easy assurance and friendly manner startled an amused laugh out of her before she replied. ::


Mo’Bala: Just like a marine, you never give up.


Kuran: Now what kind of a marine would I be if I did. :: He replied in a friendly tone. ::


:: She just shook her head and turned to walk away. ::


Kuran: What should I tell him when he wakes up?


:: She stopped for a moment and turned to look back at him and then his fellow marine out cold on the sparring mat. ::


Mo’Bala: That I kicked his ass. :: She responded calmly with a smile. Then she turned and walked away into the change room. ::




PNPC – Ensign T’la Mo’Bala

Security Officer



As simmed by


Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

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