Commander David Cody: First Meetings

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Steve Hood

Jul 13, 2016, 12:00:39 PM7/13/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Doyle-A

(( Multi-Use Office, Deck 1, Doyle-A ))

:: Alex’s voice crackled back as David collected some information from both the terminal at the desk as well as his slimpadd. Gathering notes, as it were. ::

Bishop:  =/\= Good Afternoon Commander. I didn't expect to hear your voice again this soon. =/\=

Cody: =/\= Greetings to you, too, Commander. And yes, I’m back aboard the Doyle. Before I’m cornered, I’d like to set up an appointment for medical clearance. =/\=

Bishop:  =/\= I understand. Unfortunately, I'm not in Sickbay at the moment. Does first thing in the morning work for you? =/\=

:: Not foreseeing a problem, David nodded. ::

Cody: =/\= That will work.  =/\=

Bishop: =/\= I'll see you then. =/\=

Cody: =/\= Cody out. =/\=

:: Regarding a notation up on the terminal, David switched to his slimpadd, comparing a few things. Personnel files usually were cut and dry outside of the occasional gray area which may or may not have been related to a classified case or notation. And occasionally two similar reports ended up generated and filed by different parties. The same held true for just about anything. ::

:: Working through the time, David caught up to speed later on when the door chimed. ::

Cody: Enter!

:: The doors slid open to let a slender and muscular human woman between five feet five to six inches through with blond hair just below the shoulders and green eyes. ::

Holly: Commander Cody, correct?

:: Sabrina walked into the room and stood at attention in front of the Commander, smiling. David inwardly groaned. At least she didn’t salute. ::

Cody: That’s me.

Holly: Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly reporting Sir. You requested to see me?

:: David assessed the young woman as several thoughts flashed. He stood then, and headed for the replicator within the room. ::

Cody: Coffee, black. ::glancing at Sabrina:: Would you like anything?

Holly: Response

:: Once the refreshments were squared away, David took a sip as he returned to the desk. Amused, he nodded in her direction. ::

Cody: Let me ask you something. When do you feel saluting and command attention are appropriate, in your personal opinion?

Holly: Response

:: David chuckled. ::

Cody: As for me, those sorts of things are best left for those grand ceremonies, visiting Admirals and the like. As a certain Rear Admiral kept drilling into me when I first came to Starfleet under her command, there’s a time and place for that stuff. Get a bunch of lower ranking officers working on the bridge who stop every time one of us comes in to snap into attention and those damn salutes, that’s several wasted moments better spent doing something else. ::with a laugh:: That’s my take on it, at least.

Holly: Response

:: Relaxing, David studied his slimpadd for a moment. ::

Cody: We’ll get to the purpose of this meeting in a moment. ::meeting her eyes:: First, how much do you know about me?

Holly: Response


Commander David Cody

Mission Specialist
USS Doyle-A [NCC-80221-A]


Federation News Service Staff Writer

"'Star Trek' says that it has not all happened, it has not all been discovered, that tomorrow can be as challenging and adventurous as any time man has ever lived"

                                                                                - Gene Roddenberry

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