Colonel Nugra - Beginning of the End Part 1/2

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Colonel Nugra

Jun 7, 2016, 4:04:04 PM6/7/16
OOC: Due to the captain wanting to get us to the end, she authorized me to move the plot forward as you will see in this sim and the one following it.

(( Saloon - Reverie Rock ))

Nugra: So...Now what?

:: It was a straightforward and honest question. The Gorn had an idea what was going on, but now how to proceed in a world that was not even really was hard to grasp. ::

Faranfey: I sacrifice myself for the crew. Lucky needs the parasites off him. We just need to figure out how to utilize it.

:: Instinctively, Nugra chose that it was not her call as he was her body guard and if he was still alive, there was no way he was going to let her just sacrifice herself. The Gorn already decided what he was going to say and if she didn't listen, how to disable her. ::

Nugra: No, you will not, Ma'am.

:: Her icy eyes turned on him and he kept his locked on to her refusing to back down. It was her life and loosing her would be a failure to him. One he could not live with. ::

Faranfey: It's my responsibility to protect the crew, and I think I'll be able to hold them long enough to be effective...

MacRae: Erm...not quite! My plan, Captain, is to try and bridge the world between the corporeal and the non-corporal. Lure the creatures somewhere they will be vulnerable.

Nugra: What is the point of that?

Kaji: response, if any.

MacRae: Questions later please we don't have much time. Lucky will slowly release his grip on his captives - letting the crew go one at a time. As the parasite's world shrinks they will focus more and more on the Captain to feed on...because she'll be the only dish on the menu. Once the last of our people are out and Lucky has dropped his sedation field I'll transport the Captain and store her whole pattern in the computer core...linking it to the holodeck.

Kaji: response

MacRae: Essentially, yes - the Captain will be the program and the parasites will be part of that program.

Nugra: This is extremely unsafe.

MacRae: I don't see what other choice we have given the circumstances. It's been done before, short-term storage of transporter patterns in their entirety and with some system alterations the Doyle should cope with that - for one person. Please, Colonel, if your experience of non-corporeal memory parasites more extensive than mine then let me know because I am open to suggestions.

Nugra: There is an easier way. I have four life times worth of memories and that is enough to cause the parasite to face me. From what it sounds like, Lucky only needs to be able to get away and the parasites will be unable to lock on to him. There is a good chance that they won't be able to latch on to me and die in the process. They are just energy and they won't survive long without something to feed on.

Faranfey: Nugra, do you think you can hold out? I know you have a lot of strength, but you are just as valuable as me.

Nugra: Of course.

:: It was a lie, but it was a better choice than Selene sacrificing herself. It was certain they would kill her, he had a 50/50 chance. ::

MacRae: Captain, I need to know who will be going into the system so I can plan accordingly. I appreciate the noble gestures on all sides but if we don't act soon then these things, if Lucky is correct, have the potential to unmake history on a galactic scale. Without that past there won't be much of a future for any of us for very long.

:: The saloon door opened and a unfamiliar Klingon and Tel-ar came in from the dusty heat. ::

Tavanah:  Well, this is something interesting to walk into.

Faranfey: If you think I can protect our people in a more effective way, that gets us all out of here, I am willing to hear it.

:: Nugra looked passed them and his face became like a stone. ::

Nugra: We'll have to go with my plan. :: Pointing to the form walking up. :: The parasite is already here.


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