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Amelia Brown

Jul 14, 2016, 8:12:58 PM7/14/16
((Ezi's Quarters - USS Doyle))

Bishop: I see.  I actually, have not been able to talk to Brandon about this yet. He's too busy playing games right now to chat and I haven't seen him in Sickbay. And since we're on shore leave, I was trying to give him some space.

Ezi: I guess that's fair enough.

Bishop: I am glad to hear this is not really something I need to be concerned with.

Ezi: It's maybe not the best situation, but it's not really a problem.

Bishop: I will get out of your hair then. Thank you for meeting with me.

:: Cassandra was silent for a moment before deciding to speak. ::

Ezi: Thank you, Bishop, for checking on me. I appreciate it after everything.

:: She didn't think that anyone had really noticed what had happened, let alone cared enough to ask her about. Maybe his reputation as "grumpy doc" wasn't quite as well earned as she may have thought. Or maybe it was, he just had more than one side to him. That was just as likely. ::

:: Cassandra watched closely as Bishop turned to leave. When the door finally closed behind him, she collapsed onto the couch. That was weird. Sure it felt nice to get some of that off her chest but she'd honestly been focusing more on just shutting it out. Her and Brandon were not meant to be. It was as simple as that. However, talking about it made her think. ::

:: She had been scared by the prospect of marriage, but that didn't mean she necessarily wanted to break up. She'd had this ridiculous idea in her head that Brandon cared about her enough to go back to just dating. Clearly she was wrong. Apparently, if someone wasn't ready to commit, he was interested. To her it actually made sense. He came on with this air of kindness and just wanting to do good, but it was a front. It wasn't like he was a jerk or anything, but he clearly had issues that he needed to air out, especially before being in a relationship. If only he was able to see that for himself. ::

:: Cassandra sighed and got off the couch, undressing once again. It would certainly be interesting to see what would happen to him...::


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