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Amelia Brown

Jul 14, 2016, 11:21:55 PM7/14/16


:: Cassandra followed Loizuthi into the holodeck, more than ready for some action. She stood, carefully taking in the surroundings that grew around her. The holodeck turned into a dense jungle. She could immediately feel the heat and humidity cling to her as she stood. She had a  feeling that she had already made a big mistake. ::


:: Cassandra stayed quiet as she grabbed a weapon and immediately ran into the dense jungle. She ran and was amazed at how easily the feeling of fighting for her life came back. It wasn't exactly pleasant, but it pushed her and that was what she needed. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes, and tuned into her senses. After another moment her eyes shot open and she went for it. ::


:: Cassie was covered in sweat as she got closer to the enemy. Despite the exertion she was going through, she felt relax and her body was becoming more and more loose. She finally caught sight of her final target and she quietly dropped into the brush so she wouldn't be seen. After another moment she straightened her back and slipped out one of her throwing knives. She took it by the tip and flipped the blade toward the target.

:: It wasn't until that moment that she noticed Peinyuong not far from where she was. Their knives traveled toward the target almost at the exact same time. The blades hit one another and one flew off course, crashing into the brush. The other knife continued on and hit into the target. He seized and then fell to the ground. With that the program dissolved around her and the two were left standing in the holodeck.

Loizuthi: Well! That was well done.


:: Cassandra was covered in sweat and felt kind of gross, but it had felt good to be active like that, even if it had been awhile. She wiped her forehead and smiled at the other woman. ::

Ezi: Thanks


Loizuthi: I'm afraid I didn't spot who won - who's knife landed?


Ezi: Mine, if just barely. I think anyway. If not, thinking it is at least good for my ego.

:: She laughed slightly and starting deeply stretching, only keeping half her attention on Loizuthi. She would have to take a long sonic shower after this. Maybe get a deep tissue massage...::

Loizuthi: ?

Ezi: I did. Thanks for inviting me. It felt good to work like that. Let's just say I can feel the burn.

Loizuthi: ?

Ezi: Well know that we know that, maybe we'll have to do it again sometime.


Lt. JG Cassandra Ezi
Chief Engineer
USS Doyle-A

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