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(( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A ))

:: Selene hadn't made time to relax during their shore leave, even though she had required the rest of the crew do so. When she was done with all the tasks she had for the day, including getting the new orders from her brother, she wished she had. After finishing up with the couple of things she had to do, she left her ready room, and loosened her jacket, before heading down to her quarters on deck 2. ::

(( Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Doyle-A ))

:: Alex had a plan. Selene had been pretty busy since shore leave was announced with dealings that included finding a new FO and this aberration formerly known as the lizard Nugra, among other things. She still hadn’t even made time for the two of them to at least have a day off together. ::

:: Alex had spent the afternoon scouring the shops on the promenade trying to find the perfect ingredients for a decent meal. He had settled on a rare delicacy of oysters and king crab legs from the Alaskan coastline on Earth. He also found some locally grown asparagus and a variety of ingredients to make a white sauce and a garlic butter sauce for the shellfish. It was going to be a nice night where they could sit down and chat and try to get away from the politics of the station and running the ship. ::

:: Alex set up multiple steamers to cook the main ingredients and then set up the white sauce and some garlic butter to finish things off. He hoped that this would be a wonderful meal and something new for Selene. He had certainly never cooked or eaten crab or oysters with her before. When he was almost finished Selene walked in. ::

:: Upon entering her quarters, a delicious smell hit her senses and made her mouth water. She moved to her bedroom and removed her jacket and boots before coming back out to the living area of the quarters she shared with Alex. ::

Faranfey: That smells good, tell me it's not replicated and I'm yours.

Bishop: :: Alex laughed. :: You’ve spoiled me, I can’t eat replicated food any more either.

:: Selene moved over to his side and kissed him. ::

:: Alex put down the spoon and wrapped his arms around Selene. He returned her kiss and smiled at her. He had missed being able to spend time with her. ::

Faranfey: It's been a tough few days, I'm sorry we haven't had much down time together. :: She frowned, thinking about the next few days. :: Unfortunately, I am not sure it's going to get much better during the next few days.

Bishop: I understand that’s the cost of being the Captain. Shore leave is never truly time off for you. I’m somewhat used to it in Sickbay, since we always need people there too.

Faranfey: I just got notice from Shel that we are being re-assigned... We're being transferred to the USS Athena, and need to have the ship prepared in two days to go.

:: Alex groaned internally. He wasn’t sure if Selene was happy about this, or upset about the move.

Bishop: Oh? I’m not familiar with that particular ship. And two days does not seem like much time at all. Do we need to cancel our dinner plans?

Faranfey: I'm going to enjoy a few hours with you before I attempt to get back to work, but once we're on the Odyssey, I'll be able to do a lot more of my work in our quarters. It has a dedicated office area, and not just a desk in the corner.

Bishop: While I was hoping for more than a few hours of alone time with you, I guess I can toss this into the “We need a real vacation someday soon” pile of reasons why.

:: If she was honest, she wanted more than a few hours of time off too. A couple days would be nice. But it always seemed like everything fell on her. Once she had a First Officer again, some of these tasks would flow down to them. ::

Faranfey: A vacation would be nice.

Bishop: Dinner is done, we should eat.

:: Alex set the crab legs and asparagus on two different plates and spread the white sauce over the asparagus. He then put the oysters on a 3rd plate and took everything over to the table in front of the couch. He opened a bottle of white wine and poured it into a glass that he handed to Selene, then poured himself a glass. ::

:: Selene smelled the wine, it smelled a bit citrus-y, which was fine with her, she liked her drinks fruity. Then she took a sip, glad that it didn't taste replicated. It was full of flavor, which wouldn't be the case if it was replicated. ::

Bishop: I hear you’re supposed to drink white wine with seafood, and from what I understand this is some of the best the station had to offer. I really hope you enjoy the food.

Faranfey: It's not too bad. I didn't know that about drinking white wine with seafood though.

Bishop: Tell me more about this new ship. Is it going to be like the last “new” ship we had for a couple of weeks and ended up stranded on that planet? Or is this a permanent move?

:: Alex thought back to the debacle of a mission their last move to a different ship ended up being. The memories were horrible and a few members of the crew, in his opinion, were still screwed up a bit over the incidents that happened as a result. I really did not want to repeat anything like that ever again. ::

:: She laughed a little, it was a legitimate concern, one that she could easily put to rest by giving him the information Shel gave her. She started breaking apart the crab legs, and pulling the meat out onto her plate. ::

Faranfey: It's an Odyssey class, right off the shipyards. Brand new, only flown over to DS285 for us. :: Selene dipped a piece of crab meat in the butter and took a bite. ::

Bishop: Why the new ship then? :: Alex popped open a couple of the oysters and ate them directly from the shell. ::

Faranfey: We are being borrowed for a mission that will take us out of the Quad. You are the only one besides me who knows this right now, be we need to go into the Gamma Quad. Some professor of ancient sciences thinks he saw some Yeltan symbols on pictures taken by some Starfleet officers last time we were in the Quad.

Bishop: And we care about the Yeltans for what reason?

Faranfey: The Yeltans are a highly advanced species that were at war with the Hunger.

:: Alex immediately understood the concern now. While he had never had to deal with the Hunger himself, he spent many nights comforting Selene from a nightmare that plagued her existence because of them. ::

Bishop: Is there need to be worried that this might be another Hunger portal?

Faranfey: I am not sure, but if there is any reason to suspect it, then I need to know.

Bishop: I understand. :: Alex cut into his asparagus and took a bite. If they might face the Hunger, this could very well be his last really good meal. ::

Faranfey: We can talk about it more after I announce it to the crew, I don't want to think about it. I just want to be here with you.

Bishop: Then we should enjoy our meal and I’ll try to keep you here as long as I can. :: Alex grinned at Selene. ::

:: Talk of the Hunger prevented Alex from diving into the subject of a family, even if they had to adopt after they were married. The day was no longer appropriate to talk about that subject, even if it was on his mind. ::

Faranfey: So what prompted this delicious meal? My overwhelming workload?

Bishop: Partly your workload, and the other part is that I could do it. You deserve nice things too. :: Alex got up for a moment, leaned over Selene and kissed her before sitting back down. ::

Faranfey: Oh, Big Blue destroyed one of the fighters on Deep Space 285. :: She grinned. :: Apparently he decided to sign it out to race another one of our officers. Wish I could have seen the race.

Bishop: Please don’t tell me he’s going to walk into Sickbay in the morning with a broken arm he didn’t want to get fixed until it was “convenient” :: Alex air quoted that last word. ::

Faranfey: If he does, you can give him one of the lectures that you are famous for.

:: Alex thought about Tal for a moment and realized if he destroyed a fighter flying around, what sort of damage did he do to whatever he crashed into? That man had an uncanny knack for doing much more damage that should be possible with the tools in his hands. ::

Bishop: And how many pieces is that space rock in that he undoubtedly obliterated by crashing into it?

Faranfey: Not sure, I suppose we could have Stellar Cartography do a scan and compare it to previous scans. I know the fighters are designed to take blasts from phasers to some degree. They have shielding, but impact crashing with an asteroid, I could ask Engineering how likely it would be to cause severe damage to the impact site.

Bishop: It was a joke, but I guess if they have nothing better to do after we move ships. :: Alex finished the last of his asparagus and oysters and started to crack open his crab legs. ::

Faranfey: Too many people have given up on him, but he's an interesting. He has this loyalty and protective nature that I know is useful for our people, especially given the dangers they get themselves into inadvertently.

Bishop: He is a good person to have on your side.

Faranfey: Tal has come up in some conversations, asking if I would like to nominate him for transfer. Suggesting that he's a problem I would like hand off to another CO. :: She took another bite of crab, and followed it with an oyster. ::

Bishop: While I have had some interesting conversations with him that have gone awry because he just goes on without seeming to pay attention to what I’m saying in response to him, I wouldn’t classify him as a problem. It makes for interesting stories to tell later. Command just need to get their collective heads out of their rumps and do their jobs right.

Faranfey: If I knew it would give him better opportunities, I would do it. But I am not convinced that it would, and he's family. He's the big brother that would go charging into a fight without knowing all the details, just to protect his younger siblings. While that can be dangerous sometimes, and often destructive, it's a quality of his that I respect.

Bishop: We just need to remind him that his destruction should be reserved for the bad guys, and not our equipment. :: Alex grinned. ::

:: The food was gone, Alex stood up and picked up the dishes and took them over to the replicator and had them reclaimed. At least clean up was easy. He went back over to the couch and wrapped his arms around Selene and vowed to himself to try to keep her with him for as long as he could tonight. They had a lot of work to do in the morning. ::


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