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(( Captain’s Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A ))

::Amuro was rarely called the see the captain, so he was right to be a little nervous on what this is about.::

::Stopping right at the door, he took a deep breath and pressed the chime.::

:: Selene's to do list was slowly dwindling down, even with her brother and his station constantly sending her more work. Maybe they were trying to see if she'd break, or maybe her brother was wanting a moment with her. Whatever the reason, she kept knocking it out. With the move to a bigger ship upcoming, she needed to shift around departments. With Nugra gone, she needed someone up to the task of being her advisor to the Marines, and with how well McKnight handled taking care of them after losing the Colonel, she felt he would be a good choice. It wasn't long after she put in the call for him to report to her ready room, that the door chimed. ::

Faranfey: Come in.

::Amuro walked into the room. This is actually the first time he’s been here, so he took a moment to look around a bit, but walked straight to his captain.::

McKnight: You called for me, Captain?

Faranfey: Yes, I was hoping to speak to you about the Marines.

McKnight: With the death of Colonel Nugra, I’ve been doing my best to keep morale up with the men. It’s been a tough week.

:: She nodded, he wasn't the only one things were tough for. The loss impacted a number of people through the ship, she knew that those who weren't directly affected, had been indirectly. ::

Faranfey: You've been doing a good job, they follow your example.

:: She picked up a PADD and looked it over, the conversation couldn't go too into the negative, and Nugra's death had drained her. ::

McKnight: May I ask, ma’am, why you called me?

Faranfey: Since you had been doing such a good job with the Marines, under the circumstances, I took an early review of your file. :: Selene reached to the top drawer of her desk and pulled out a little box. :: With all the responsibility you've been taking on, I am promoting you to First Lieutenant. :: She pushed the box across the desk. ::

McKnight: oO Promotion Oo I see...it’s an honor to be considered for promotion.

Faranfey: I'm glad you are happy about it. There are new responsibilities and I hope you can accept them as easily.

McKnight: Yes, ma’am.

Faranfey: There are going to be some big changes up coming, and I need someone I trust to be able to work with me regarding the Marines. Colonel Nugra was a close friend, so it was easy working with him, but he can't be replaced by just anyone.

McKnight: I’ve only known him for a short time, but he was a good man...lizard...the proper word in Gorn escapes me.

Faranfey: You've taken on so much responsibility, with the department, and they might have fallen apart without you. I can't give you the lead on the department, and I don't want to put the burden of the paperwork on you when you do so well out with the troops.

McKnight: Even with my promotion, there are a couple Marines who outrank me. It would be highly inappropriate for me to lead them.

Faranfey: The position I have in mind, has you directly reporting to myself and the First Officer. As Marine Strategic Operations Officer the Marines would be taking their orders from you.

::It took him a bit to process this somewhat. He knew it would be highly irregular to promote him up several ranks to outrank the other senior Marines on the ship::

McKnight: oO In ancient times, they would associate this job with an extra rank called a warrant officer Oo. I understand, captain. I accept this position and all the responsibilities that comes with it.

Faranfey: Then it's settled, you are now my Marine Strategic Operations Officer.

:: It was one more thing off her to do list. ::

McKnight: Is there anything else, ma’am?

:: Selene thought about the question for a moment before she answered. Since she was giving him the responsibility of the Marines, then she needed to have him start working to prepare transferring his men to the new ship. ::

Faranfey: Yes, I will be making an announcement later today, I still have some things to knock off my list, but our crew is being transferred off the Doyle-A.

:: Part of her hated saying those words, this ship was hers. Her brother had it for a couple months, but she had been on it since launch, and she knew it inside out. Now she was being transferred to a new ship. And they had just begun to work out the kinks with the new ship too. ::

McKnight: We’re being transferred? To where?

Faranfey: The USS Athena, an Odyssey class.

McKnight: A new ship? Odyssey Class? Captain, that’s...a really big ship to put it mildly.

Faranfey: It's a long range cruiser, we won't have ready access to support when we go out on some of our missions.

:: She kept their first mission to herself, she wanted to get the crew onboard the ship and have them out of dock before giving them that information. It was supposed to be hush-hush mission for now, as they were only going to investigate something in the Gamma quad and come back. ::

McKnight: That would mean each department will be expanded to fill such a large vessel. I would assume a larger security force and Marine contingent has been ordered?

Faranfey: Some of them are transferring in, while others are on board waiting to meet us. We will also have about five hundred civilians on board, so we need to be able to live together.

McKnight: I will do my best to manage the new additions to my part of the crew.

Faranfey: Very good.

McKnight: Is that all, Captain?

Faranfey: Listen, until I make the announcement keep the information about the new ship and transfer under your hat, Lieutenant, that's an order. You are dismissed, Lieutenant.

McKnight: Understood. Then I’ll take my leave, Captain.

::He grasped the box and walked out. After entered the turbolift alone, he opened the box almost carefully, showing the pip for his new rank. He wondered to himself whether or not he should be filled with a sense of accomplishment but then fell back on his discussion with Tonston and then closed the box.::

2nd Lieutenant Amuro McKnight


USS Doyle-A



Captain Selene Faranfey

Commanding Officer

USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

Academy Commandant - Starbase 118 Academy

Executive Council - Captain At Large

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