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Akeen th'Idrani

Jul 14, 2016, 5:52:20 PM7/14/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Doyle-A
((OOC: As we discussed on Hangouts. If anything here doesn't work for you, please let me know. - Radu))

((USS Doyle-A, Deck 10, Arboretum))

:: Some people didn't know what to do with their hands. Even when they weren't fully idle, the way in which they somehow got in the way of what they were doing, or the awkwardness with which a haphazard Maker seemed to have put them on their bodies, became quickly visible to the naked eye. Others didn't know what to do with their latinum. Saving every slip with an avarice worthy of a dying man clinging to the last bits of fuel that could keep him warm in an icy cave, or spending them as if they'd slipped on the floor of the same cave and every single one had come soaring out of every pocket their garments had, it was all the same if they didn't use it when they truly needed it. Others yet didn't know what to do with their mouth, their silence weighing some down just as much as different people demolished themselves with their words. Akeen hadn't demonstrated those problems yet, not too badly, at least; what he didn't know, first and foremost, was what to do with too much free time, or what he considered to be a sufficient amount to qualify. He'd read, he'd practiced, he'd trained, he'd slept, he'd mingled - but, since his duties were still few and things weren't going to change until they left the relatively-safe proximity of Deep Space 285, there were still plenty of gaps to speak of in his schedule and the thought had started to annoy him. ::

oO This place is nice enough, however, Oo :: he mused, admiring the tendril-like qualities of a violet-blue tree trunk whose species he couldn't particularly place. That was something he could say about most of the species present in the spot he'd decided to visit, since he was hardly a botanist and, knowing Starfleet regulations, nothing there was valuable enough to be considered viable contraband material, but, for some reason, that particular one had managed to catch his eye. As he followed the patterns on its bark, first with his antennae, then with the tip of one of his slender, albeit callused fingers, his thoughts wandered back to the conversation he'd had with the only other Andorian he'd seen on their vessel until then and to what he still considered to be a grave injustice. Tel-ar did strike him as a dangerous sort, yes, that much was true, and he'd almost felt it first-hand; he didn't know what he had done and he wasn't exactly willing to find out either, but the decision of the Council that ended up affecting him as well had still managed to strike a nerve - much like something had clearly harmed the piece of nature he was studying, given the knotty growth it had developed right at the apex of the young engineer's reach. ::

Crewman: Briar aphids. 

th'Idrani: Pardon? :: He stirred visibly, his reverie brought to an abrupt end. ::

Crewman: Aphids? You know? Tree lice?

:: The young thaan observed the tuber-haired individual who was addressing him; he was, clearly, talking about what he had been touching, but he didn't actually know. However, with any luck, he could attempt to extrapolate. ::

th'Idrani: Ah. Parasites?

Crewman: Yeah, parasites. Came in with a shipment of Ba'ku flora, so we called 'em Briar aphids. Made whole branches shrivel up - whoosh! :: He demonstrated the destructive effect of the aforementioned pests with an all-encompassing gesture. ::

th'Idrani: That must have been a problem. However, I haven't seen any arthropods in here; pesticides? :: Nobody could say that his even tone had come from a glacier, because voices aren't born in places like those, but someone with a more poetic soul might have been inclined to study the possibility. Akeen wasn't particularly thrilled about the sudden conversation opportunity, which was a notion to be filed under the same category as 'Andorian climate is a tad nippy', 'Jefferies tubes aren't the most spacious things in the world' and so on. ::

Crewman: Yeah. Natural 'uns, too. Some o' the things we have here can kill anythin' that'll try to eat their little buddies. :: The pride in his voice indicated that he might have had some responsibility in that area; for his part, the engineer found that he didn't even need to pretend to be impressed. ::

th'Idrani: A well-built little ecosystem. 

:: He regarded it wistfully, eyes and antennae both trying to take in as much as they could from their surroundings. If the rumours were to be believed, their new mission was also going to take them to a new ship. He didn't know more - in fact, he wasn't even sure if he wanted to believe anything that hadn't come straight from the Captain's mouth - , but, for some reason, he found that he was satisfied with the visit he'd made there, just in case it would end up being his last, even if he didn't particularly enjoy the company. That, however, changed when he noticed who else had joined them. One of them he could definitely recognize - it was hard to forget the look she had on her face the first time he had seen her, when he'd gone to Sickbay for his first physical; similar feelings seemed to have been taking their toll as well - , but the person accompanying her was even more intriguing. He had seen enough Vulcans to be able to spot some of the differences that marked her as one of their formerly-imperial cousins, whom were hardly a common sight on Starfleet vessels. That being said, however, he could hardly ignore them; it would have been... how did the Humans called it? A no-no, considering what he knew about things most cultures on the Doyle-A considered to be polite. It was so that he steeled himself and made good use of his lengthy strides to make an appearance before the pair.

th'Idrani: Commander. :: He stood at attention, an all-too-practiced move. :: Please, allow me to present my condolences. I haven't met the Colonel, but everyone who mentions him has a special glimmer in their eye. His example enriches us, much as his passing lessens us. 

Kaji: Response

th'Idrani: :: His gaze turned to the Commander's Romulan companion. :: Jolan Tru. :: He hoped his senses had caught enough of the intricacies of Rihannsu pronunciation from the few native speakers he'd encountered during his time on the Thanatok, because it was one of the very few things from that language that he could repeat in polite company. :: I'm afraid I haven't had the honour. Ensign Akeen th'Idrani, Engineering.

Shiarrael: Response

th'Idrani: To hear my new friend talk about it, :: he stated, his antennae leaning toward the crewman in question, whose name he might have forgotten to find out, :: our Arboretum is a place of resilience and healing. Perhaps we might... draw from its gifts? :: He stopped there, trying to measure the distance between any of his figurative feet and his mouth. That was one of the formulas he hoped some of the Human instructors, from whom he'd heard that expression before, would someday teach at the Academy. It sometimes felt... woefully needed. ::

Kaji / Shiarrael: Response


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