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Jul 15, 2016, 5:35:59 PM7/15/16

((Multi-Use Office, Deck One, USS Doyle))

:: Sabrina walked up to the office and rang the chime on the door. Office meetings didn’t always go well for her, hopefully he wasn’t about to tell her she had massively messed up and was about to lose everything she worked for. Though this time Sabrina wasn’t sure why she would get a lecture that bad she hadn’t done anything wrong since she stepped down as XO. ::

Cody: Enter!

Holly: Commander Cody correct?

:: Sabrina walked into the room and stood at attention in front of the Commander. Sabrina smiled and brought her warm bright energy and personality to her professionalism and formality. Usually she came off as stiff and overly formal so this was a step in the right direction for her meaning her holodeck sessions were finally starting to pay off, she just hoped she could keep it up. ::

Cody:  That’s me.

Holly: Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly reporting Sir. You requested to see me?

:: Sabrina’s word choice came off a little formal, however she still felt it appropriate. She was very curious as to what prompted such a meeting as this with so few details given over the comm. The Commander chose that moment to stand and approach the replicator. ::

Cody: Coffee, black. Would you like anything?

Holly: No thank you, Sir.

Cody: Let me ask you something. When do you feel saluting and command attention are appropriate, in your personal opinion?

Holly: I don’t usually salute, but I stand at Command attention whenever I’m called into an office for a meeting of a superior officer unless told to do otherwise, during grand ceremonies, and of course for visiting Admirals and the like Sir.

:: Sabrina noted the Commander’s chuckle. He seemed a lot more lighthearted than most of the other Commanders on this ship and Sabrina couldn’t help but wonder why he was questioning her on what seemed to be such an inconsequential detail. It wasn’t like she snapped to attention every time the Captain entered a room, just usually when called to one on one meetings with superior officers. ::

Cody: As for me, those sorts of things are best left for those grand ceremonies, visiting Admirals and the like. As a certain Rear Admiral kept drilling into me when I first came to Starfleet under her command, there’s a time and place for that stuff. Get a bunch of lower ranking officers working on the bridge who stop every time one of us comes in to snap into attention and those damn salutes, that’s several wasted moments better spent doing something else. That’s my take on it, at least.

Holly: I understand Sir.

oO I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time. Oo

:: Sabrina watched him study his PADD, it kind of gave her butterflies not knowing what he was thinking about or why he had called this meeting. To Sabrina this meeting was totally random and spur of the moment and was therefore making very little sense in her head, but she was sure there was a reason, she just had to wait it out.. ::

Cody: We’ll get to the purpose of this meeting in a moment. First, how much do you know about me?

Holly: I stepped down as Executive Officer was assigned to HCO, was almost immediately transferred to the USS Venus and when I returned you were Executive Officer then for whatever reason you weren’t any more. That’s pretty much all I know, Sir.

:: Sabrina hadn’t had a chance to read his file, but for right now she wasn’t concerned with that. If Selene trusted him enough to have him here that was good enough for her. ::

Cody: That simplifies things, then.

Holly: Is there something specific you thought or hoped I would know?

:: It wasn’t like Sabrina had been back that long, she didn't even know who the acting Executive Officer was at this point. It occurred to Sabrina that she might not be in here for a lecture after all. That he might just be probing her for his own replacement since she had already been Executive Officer once.  ::

Cody: Every officer I’ve met works a little differently. It helps me to learn a little bit about who you are, and how you work.

Holly: I mean no disrespect Sir, but… I am a little curious as to how my knowledge of you or rather lack thereof is relevant to the circumstances of this meeting?

:: The Commander laughed throwing Sabrina off guard a little. She realized that she probably wasn’t impressing him and if he was probing her for Command she was probably doing a bad job at proving that she deserve it. ::

Cody: This meeting, which I agreed to undertake for Captain Faranfey, is an assessment of your current command ability as you’re one of two candidates being considered for Executive Officer.

Holly: I see...

oO Well that answers that question...Oo

Cody: The relevance is whether you walked into this meeting armed with every bit of information you could get your hands on, or simply assumed. ::a sad smile:: I don’t particularly like doing evaluations, but in counter to a possible question that might come up, you’ll find I’m well qualified, as I’ve not just been an Executive Officer, but a Commanding Officer as well… along with other various and assorted hats I’ve worn over the years. Which is in my personnel file... I was given a note you're prone to act rashly at times.

Holly: I don’t doubt your qualifications, Sir. Frankly, I’ve met the Captain and she’s not the type to delegate something like this to someone she doesn’t trust herself.

:: If Sabrina had remembered anything about Selene from last time, it was that she was a strong leader who would do anything to protect her crew and that her trust was earned not given. ::

Cody: ::chuckling:: I prefer to focus in the present here and now. So... how do you feel you’ve changed since the last time you worked in the capacity as an Executive Officer?

:: Sabrina actually had to think about that for a second, she had learned that she needed to be more aware of what was happening and that she needed to think with her head and not her heart. Starfleet came first, that would just have to be something she would have to accept. ::

Holly: I think I’ve learned that the red uniform, the pips, and the chair come with a price and a responsibility. The ship, the mission, the crew, and the ideals of Starfleet matter now more than ever and the closer I get to Command the more I have to remember that. I feel that I have become more confident in my ability to lead others, be more aware of my surroundings, and am working on becoming more diplomatic Sir.   

Cody: ?

Holly: I’m not expecting a miracle, nor was I expecting a second shot at Command, but if she’s willing to give it to me, I’m willing to rise to the occasion.

:: Sabrina smiled. She knew she had messed up last time, but this time there was no room for mistakes. Sabrina’s entire career was on the line for this second chance and Sabrina had no intention of messing it up. ::

Cody: ?

Holly: I understand, thank you for your time Sir. Is there anything else you require of me Sir?

:: Sabrina met his gaze and held it for a brief moment and bowed her head in thanks before looking back up. She hoped she would get the chance to redeem herself to Selene but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. ::

Cody: ?

Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly
Executive Officer
USS Doyle

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