Lt.Cmdr. Sabrina Holly - Who Am I?

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Jul 16, 2016, 9:18:27 PM7/16/16

((Multi-Use Office, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A))

:: Sabrina actually had to think about that for a second, she had learned that she needed to be more aware of what was happening and that she needed to think with her head and not her heart. Starfleet came first, that would just have to be something she would have to accept. :

Holly: I think I’ve learned that the red uniform, the pips, and the chair come with a price and a responsibility. The ship, the mission, the crew, and the ideals of Starfleet matter now more than ever and the closer I get to Command the more I have to remember that. I feel that I have become more confident in my ability to lead others, be more aware of my surroundings, and am working on becoming more diplomatic Sir.

Cody: Anything else?

Holly: I’m not expecting a miracle, nor was I expecting a second shot at Command, but if she’s willing to give it to me, I’m willing to rise to the occasion.

:: Sabrina smiled. She knew she had messed up last time, but this time there was no room for mistakes. Sabrina’s entire career was on the line for this second chance and Sabrina had no intention of messing it up. ::

Cody: I’ve got a few more things to review, and then I’ll be discussing my notes with the Captain.

Holly: I understand, thank you for your time Sir. Is there anything else you require of me Sir?

:: Sabrina met his gaze and held it for a brief moment and bowed her head in thanks before looking back up. She hoped she would get the chance to redeem herself to Selene but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. ::

Cody: ::softly:: But who are you?

Holly: I’m a woman who loves my job, my friends, my ship, and my crew and come high water will fight the stars and whatever is thrown at me to do my best to protect them, finish the mission, and uphold the ideals of Starfleet Command Sir.

:: Sabrina’s voice was strong, full of fire and determination, she meant every word of it, and by the stars she would do her best to uphold those standards no matter what position she was holding. She had learned a lot since she left the academy, and she wanted Command more than anything. Starfleet was her life. ::

Cody: If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s too easy to get lost in the uniform and rank. It’s a hard enough life as it is, Sabrina. Myself and so many others fell into that trap. Rules, regs, responsibility, and forgot that we’re allowed to have lives. It can be a lonely life for some. Just don’t forget to take some time and be you. And don't be afraid to show us who you are, either. And if you find someone along the way…  Treasure it.

Holly: I think I’ll do that, Sir.

:: Sabrina nodded, thinking to her date with Jase. She thought she had found love with Ben but he was gone before he was even really there. Now Jase was in the picture and she was worried she’d lose him to, but hopefully he’d stick around. ::

Cody:  You don’t want to marry the job, trust me. I know all about that kind of life. Taking that approach tore my life apart several times before I finally wised up.

Holly: No, I don’t want to marry the job Sir...but I don’t want to abandon it either. Thank you again Sir, but if that’s all... I should get going.

:: Sabrina loved her job, but he may have had a point about not losing yourself in it. She would need to remember that. ::

Cody: ?

Holly: It was a pleasure to meet you Sir.

:: Sabrina smiled, maybe that was a friendship in the making. She’d have to find him in a less official capacity later on and see if he was any fun just having drinks or something, she always did love making new friends. ::

Cody: ?

:: Once Sabrina was dismissed she left the room and headed back to her Quarters for the evening. She needed some much needed sleep with the Shore Leave drawing to a close. ::

Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly
Executive Officer
USS Doyle

Facilitator of the Character Guild
Member of the Training Team
Member of the Publicity Team

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