Lt. Cmdr Ceciri Hakashri - A .. Visit To Sickbay

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Ceciri Hakashri

Jul 16, 2016, 6:26:03 PM7/16/16
to Doyle IC
(( Baker Street Irregular, USS Doyle-A ))

Hakashri: Huh. Maybe I should go to the infirmary. Or just go back to my quarters.. ::distracted voice::

McKnight: Yes, Sickbay is best, ma'am.

::He helped her out of the chair and grabbed a towel off the counter to wrap around her hand.::

McKnight: Let's get you help, Commander.

Hakashri: Ah.. If you say so, I suppose? ::She still seems a bit distant, but follows McKnight to Sickbay. Probably should get that looked at. ::


McKnight: Hello, doc? You in here? I have someone who needs help.

Stokes: Please come in. ::The doctor walked up, an older man of indeterminate African descent, then eyed them.:: What happened?
Hakashri: I crushed a PADD in my hand. I think some of it must have cut me. 

:: The doctor just looked at her a moment, obviously worried by her emotionless and distant tone, but shakes it off, instead guiding her to a bio bed. Grabbing a tricorder, he frowns as he goes through the readings ::

Stokes: Well, aside from the damage to your hand, you seem fine. No signs of contamination of the wound. Although there's something in your bloodstream preventing clotting from occurring. ::goes to read her medical records as he frowns and compares it to the tricorder readings.:: Ah, you're on an inhibitor for your telepathic powers. It must have mixed with the synthehol to slow down clotting. ::He nods, preparing something and loading it into the hypospray.:: You'll need to lower your dosage for the next few weeks of the inhibitor. There's some unusual readings and I want to run this procedure first. Report back to sickbay in a month - I'll notate your file so anyone can follow up. ::He inserts the hypospray and starts to run the dermal regenerator on the hand.:: Please refrain from any strenuous activity for 4 hours. 

Hakashri: Thank you. ::still rather distracted.:: And thank you, Lieutenant, for helping me. ::dryly, with the only sliver of emotion:: I was probably going to go back to my quarters and .. redecorate. Or curl up.

McKnight: ?

Stokes: Ah.. I don't wish to pry, but if it affected you that strongly, I do want to remind you we can order you to visit your counselor early at any time.

:: Ceciri was almost positive she didn't want that. She just needed time to come to terms with what happened... Still, best not to argue with the medical personnel, for they were subtle and quick to anger. ::

Hakashri: Thank you. I am planning to visit a counselor sometime next week.

:: Stokes rather doubted that, given the notes in her public medical file, but let it pass for now. He just added a note to the file and closed it out. ::

McKnight: ?

Stokes: Well, with that I'd say you're discharged. Just remember my warning. 

Hakashri: Thank you, Doctor. ::She bows.:: Well.. I think I'm going to my quarters, but thank you again, Lieutenant

McKnight: ?

Hakashri: ::considers:: I need to go over reports anyway. I have a formal report to make, and maybe rereading them will help me think it over. Thank you, anyway.

McKnight: ?

Hakashri: Good evening then! :: She heads off to do more reports....::


Lt. Cmdr Ceciri Hakashri
HCO Officer
USS Doyle-A

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