Lieutenant John Nugra - Reporting for Duty

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John Nugra

Jul 16, 2016, 8:49:18 AM7/16/16
OOC: Sorry for the wait on this, Danara.

(( Chief's Office - Deck 6 - USS Doyle-A ))

:: John only had to wait a few minutes before a woman with dark eyes and slightly pointed ears came in to the office. The ex-cowboy tried to stand at attention, but never having been in the military, he was not quite sure how to do it. ::

Danara: I appreciate you sticking around. Let’s talk in my office.

Nugra: Of course, Ma'am.

:: Following the woman that he was going to make the assumption was Vulcan in to an inner office, John quickly glanced around and waited to be told to sit. His only experience with the military was the U.S. Army regiment that had been stationed in Reverie Rock for a few months when there was a rumor the Indians might revolt, but that had be plain stupid. ::

oO And completely imaginary. Your whole world never existed. Oo

Danara: Please have a seat. I wanted to meet with you personally given the rather unusual circumstances surrounding your assignment.

Nugra: ::Sitting:: You can say that again, Ma'am.

Danara: Its safe to say the crew is still trying to deal with what happened and with losing one of our own.

Nugra: It's never easy.

:: And that was a fact. Over the many years he had lived, John had watched many people on his ranch die from accidents, gun fights, and disease. Because they were out from the farthest civilization, many times Doc Bishop did not have the equipment or resources to save them. John was pulled out of his reverie when the door chime sounded. ::

Danara: Enter.

McKnight: Excuse me, ma'am. Excuse me...lieutenant?

Nugra: oO I have no clue what his rank is. Oo Sir.

Danara: Lieutenant as you can see I’m in a meeting at the moment.

:: The flash of irritation on Danara's face made John Nugra change his thoughts on her being Vulcan. Was she Romulan? The Gorn memories seemed to tell him that the Empire was stlil considered an enemy of the Federation. ::

oO Make a note to read up on the present status of all governments. Oo

McKnight: Sorry, I'm here to pass on a list of Marine transfers we're going to receive. There's quite a number of them coming within the next few weeks. They'll need clearance.

Danara: You could have contacted me ahead of time rather than interrupting me for something of this nature. We’ll be having a lot of personnel arriving or departing. That’s just a routine part of a starbase visit.

McKnight: That's all, ma'am. I have other work I need to finish up.

Danara: No problem. We all have a lot to do. I appreciate you giving me a heads up.

McKnight: Have a good day, Lieutenant...lieutenant.

Nugra: Sir.

Danara: Thank you for stopping by.

:: The man with the green collar left and the old ranch hand turned back to the woman who would be his superior. It was kind of strange to have their fairer sex in charge of him. Yes, Mayor Faranfey was a woman, but no woman ever gave him orders on his own ranch. It was not to say that he was, what was the word Starfleet used, sexist? He was not sexist. It was just highly unusual. ::

Danara: Now where were we.

Nugra: Introductions, Ma'am. If I may ask? I've familiarized myself with the naval ranks that Stafleet uses, but I didn't recognize the one he was wearing.

Danara: Response

Nugra: Oh, I see. The Navy did the same thing where I am from.

Danara: response

Nugra: What are my duties, Ma'am?

Danara: response

Lieutenant John Nugra
Security Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-B
Podcast Team Facilitator
Deputy Commandant
Captain's Council Magistrate
Provisional Fleet JAG Officer
Publicity Facilitator (Interim)

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