LtCmdr Kaji - Healing Trees

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Talia Kaji

Jul 15, 2016, 11:29:31 PM7/15/16
((USS Doyle-A, Arboretum))

:: Talia and Shiarrael strolled along the Arboretum path. The artificial sunlight shone brightly on Talia's face and did a wonderful job lifting her mood. She felt alive at least, though the pain in her chest lessened little. Her breath came easier though, and she smiled wanely at Shiarrael's attempts at conversation. As they walked, she noticed an Andorian, tall and blue, though his skin was paler and slightly closer to green than others of his species. She recognized him vaguely, though she couldn't place where she'd met him. ::

th'Idrani: Commander. :: He stood at attention. :: Please, allow me to present my condolences. I haven't met the Colonel, but everyone who mentions him has a special glimmer in their eye. His example enriches us, much as his passing lessens us. 

:: Talia wondered if the grief was that evident on her face that his first instinct was to offer condolences. Again, the pain and regret washed over her. Regret that neither of them had made a move towards something solid in their relationship. Regret that she didn't really have a right to be grieving like a mate would. She looked up at the bright light shining down and blinked back tears before turning her face back to the Andorian. ::

Kaji: Thank you. And please, be at ease.

th'Idrani: :: His gaze turned to the Commander's Romulan companion. :: Jolan Tru. I'm afraid I haven't had the honour. Ensign Akeen th'Idrani, Engineering.

Shiarrael: Response

:: Talia was glad he'd said his name. They must have been introduced at some point, but her memory of the past couple of weeks was foggy and dark. ::

th'Idrani: To hear my new friend talk about it, our Arboretum is a place of resilience and healing. Perhaps we might... draw from its gifts? 

:: Smiling at the blue man, Kaji nodded and looked around at the trees and various flora. ::

Kaji: It is beautiful here. I'd like to stay and sit a while. Would you join us, Mr th'Idrani?

Shiarrael: Response

th'Idrani: Response

:: She led the way over to a bench sitting in the sunlight. Leaving the bench for the other two, Talia lowered berself to the ground and crossed her legs under her. She waited for the other two to get comfortable. ::

Kaji: So, what do you think we can learn about healing from the trees?

th'Idrani: Response

Shiarrael: Response

Kaji: :: a true smile broke through. :: Shiarrael, you are the most unpoetic person I know.

th'Idrani: Response

Shiarrael: Response


LtCmdr Talia Kaji
Science Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

By golly, Jim, I'm beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!
--Dr. Leonard McCoy

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