Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar - Facing the music

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Peacock, Daryl (MCSCS)

Jul 13, 2016, 7:58:58 PM7/13/16

((Corridor, DS285))


:: Tal had finished his short workout and grabbed a shower before getting dressed and heading back to the ship. He was a little surprised that the Captain had not contacted him yet. Based on the degree of agitation and emotional turmoil that he had noticed from the chief deck officer he would have thought that he would have done so hours ago. ::


:: Regardless Tal knew that eventually she would be informed and would most likely have words for him. He was prepared for it and was more than willing to take the full blame. Captain Cranford had done nothing wrong and it had been his decision to attempt to beat her by skimming the asteroids. That he had not blown himself up was in his books a major achievement as was his performance in the race. Still he was realistic enough to know that what he had done was not exactly logical or condoned. ::


:: He turned the corner and entered the corridor that would take him to the umbilical corridor temporarily attached to the USS Doyle-A. It was time that he faced the music, even if the captain had not been informed of his latest stunt. ::


:: He continued walking, reflecting on his unusual day, the race and his conversation with Ensign th’Idrani. It was then that his comms badge chirped and he reached up and tapped it even as he continued to walk towards the ship. ::


Faranfey: =/\= reply =/\=


Tel-ar: =/\= Yes Captain. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= reply =/\=


Tel-ar: =/\= Yes Captain. I was racing when the fighter became damaged due to contact with an asteroid. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= reply =/\=


Tel-ar: =/\= Captain Cranford, however she did not damage her fighter in the race and is in no way responsible for what happened. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= reply =/\=


Tel-ar: =/\= Originally we were going to get a drink, however since both of us felt out of place going to a bar we elected to try something else. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= reply =/\=


Tel-ar: =/\=No Captain. I do not believe it was a date. :: slight pause. :: I think she was feeling lonely. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= reply =/\=


Tel-ar: =/\= I am not sure. She seemed to believe that since I avoid social interactions that I would be…. Might be open to…. Honestly captain I have no idea why. =/\=


Faranfey: =/\= reply =/\=






Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

Tal Tel-ar’s Writer’s ID: T237708TT0


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