[Diplomacy] Lt. Silveira: An Ensign bites the dust.

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Sep 22, 2023, 6:02:05 PMSep 22
to Denali Station – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((En route to Akycha Stadium))

Navigating through the crowd, escorting Ambassador Zorkal was not an easy feat.
Almonaster was dutifully doing his Security mop up clearing the crowd.
Vitor went for a more discreet approach. He guessed Zorkal could handle himself while they were his assigned escorts.

Keeping an attentive eye on his side of the crowd he tried to keep on the chit chat, as
Vitor tipped his head, slightly narrowing his eyes when someone got a little too close to them. He discreetly made sure he was blocking the Ambassador if someone came his way.

Silveira: Well it could be worse. We could be watching a match of some ridiculous sport like… Like Baseball or Cricket… Football on the other hand… Now that is the beautiful game. Or Soccer as it was also called. There was also American Football and Australian Football but those were… Well just slightly less ridiculous then the first I mentioned.

Almonaster: It's all good, til it ain't… and it ain't!

The Ensign almost shouted that last line.
The Ambassador changed his posture, looking in the same direction as Almonaster.
With the shout there was a stir in the crowd and Vitor moved closer to provide the Ambassador with more protection, as he scanned his side.

Zorkal: What is it?

Almonaster: There was the glint of a weapon, on a palm. A blade, glistening with a wet gooey green gloop. It didn't look like any costume I ever saw. And I've seen a lot of costumes. The body the palm belonged to used to crowd to trust forward. Then gone.

Vitor kept his eyes scanning the crowd on his side.

Silveira: Clear on my side.

Zorkal: Perhaps, gentlemen, we should continue on.  From what I understand there should be a ‘box’ set aside for me?

Almonaster: Silveira you have info on that box. I'm getting something in A section.

Vitor replied,nodding. He was given the information of the assigned VIP box, which he memorised.  A35 sector 78

Silveira: I know where to go.

Zorkal: Then let’s go.

They headed back into the crowd moving quicker and Vitor opened the way, pushing aside and shoving others to clear a path.
He sensed Almonaster was acting like he was distracted, and the Ambassador looked on alert as well.

Once through the security ring, the bio identities check and with Almonaster taking the lead they manage to find their way to the assigned box.
As they entered, after Almonaster had visually checked the room, they got inside.

((Akycha Stadium, VIP booths, box A35 sector 78))

He nodded to the Ambassador as Almonaster looked distant.

Almonaster: Better safe than...

Vitor turned his head, sensing something was certainly wrong with the Ensign.

Silveira: Almonaster, are you all right?

Lukin: response

The Intel Ensign dropped like a sack of potatoes and Vitor jumped to him.

Silveira: Hey Almonaster… ::He raised his eyes to Lukin.:: Have you seen what might have hit him?

Lukin: response

Vitor checked for Almonaster’s vitals. He was alive, and there were no visible signs of a possible injury.

Silveira: What the hell happened to him?

Lukin: response


Lt. Vitor S. Silveira
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Artemis-A, NCC-81287

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