Ensign Madison Marsh - [Race] "The Underdogs"

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Madison Marsh

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((Denali Invitational Start Line - Ensign's Joyride))

Madison sat comfortably in her seat as her eyes scanned the console. She was reviewing her console which displayed the status of the experimental bio hull. All systems were categorized as being at nominal status and every aspect  passed the system diagnostic test with flying colors. Her job was to monitor and ensure that the hull was delivering results effectively throughout the race. 

Wethern: I've run the final system check. Engines and plasma 
inter-cooler are running within parameters, but we can redline them if 
we need to. Structural integrity field is running at 110%. I've got 
programmed controls ready to divert power to necessary systems. I'm 
getting an error message on relay 315 however I think it is just a false 
positive. How is our secret weapon holding up?

She listened to Corey discuss the status of the various systems that he was monitoring at the time. She looked up from her console and glanced in Corey's direction. 

Marsh: Hull systems are nominal. I do not see any faults at this point. Hopefully, this remains the case and I do not have to make too many adjustments. 

Ksivi-Sava: Response

Corey sat back slightly in the chair watching the sight of the ships in 
the race hovering at the start line. The comms channel was alive with 
the race marshals checking in with each team and also the commentators. 
He took a sip of coffee and stroked the console affectionately.

Madison listened to the race commentators as they talked about the various race teams, the history of the Denali Invitational,  and made their predictions for the race. The Ops team was definitely one of the underdogs because they were relatively unknowns to the greater whole. The trio were Ensigns who were new to Starfleet as a whole and prepared to make their presence known to the field. They could potentially be the dark horse of the race because the others would not know what to expect from their team or they could be the laughing stock of the race. They could surprise the competition if everything went smoothly on their end and things did not go sideways. This was their first time racing together so anything was possible. 

Wethern: I know it seems like no down time. Although she is running the 
best we can hope for, we couldn't have done it without Zel's help. 
Madison, I've kept a separate power-cell to divert to the reactive hull 
should we need it however it will knock our warp drive out for a bit. 
How is our famed pilot doing, more importantly....are the fluffy dice in 
the right place?

Marsh: Thank you for the update Corey, understood. 

Ksivi-Sava: Response

Wethern: Madison you ready to adjust the hull to give us a low drag in 
atmosphere, we might be able to make up some easy points here as the 
other ships might have a benefit over us in orbit. Ksivi-Sava I'm giving 
you full thrust control and diverting some power from the inertial 
dampeners, it might give us a bit of a boost, and a showy flare of the 
engines just like your arrival landing. Which I maintain was still a 
classy entrance. ::Corey clipped his 5 point harness in place:: Just in 
case Ksivi-Sava and keep an eye on that junker over there it keeps 
veering right.

Madison punched a few keys on her console to ensure that the hull adjustment provided a low drag in the atmosphere. The computer presented a model of the hull adjusting without any issues. Everything was working well on her end for the start. She heard the tone indicate that the race had begun and it was ready to roll. 

Marsh: Time to soar boys, lets win this race!

Ksivi-Sava/Wethern: Responses

Madison looked down at her console and focused on the task at hand. She adjusted the hull periodically based on the shuttle's movement. She benefited from Wethern's guidance and Ksivi-Sava's piloting skills. The shuttle accelerated swiftly and she felt a rush of adrenaline coursing through her veins. It was a wonderful feeling and experience for her.

Marsh: This is so much fun! All of the parts are working well together. We have come a long way from where we had started. 

Ksivi-Sava/Wethern: Responses

Madison looked to Wethern and Ksivi-Sava. She wanted to verify if they needed any modifications to the hull. This was a new experience for her and she had always loved learning. She was in school her entire life and her education never ceased.

Marsh: Did you need me to make any further modifications to the reactive hull at this point? We seem to be alright, but just want to make sure that we are achieving the most optimal results possible. 

Ksivi-Sava/Wethern: Responses


Ensign Madison Marsh
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Starbase 118 Ops
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