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((Tech Expo, Administrative Area, Denali Station))

Dagaz: Anything I can help with?

He may not have been on duty, but in his experience, the best way to ingratiate oneself was to offer assistance when and where one could.

Kendrick: ::nods:: We're encountering a bit of a challenge with our energy supply. It appears that certain booths are drawing more power than their initial requests specified. 

Tucker: Response

Jerra was about to answer, but suddenly noticed the Saurian seemed to be staring at him rather intently. Perhaps it was because he hadn't formally introduced himself yet.

Dagaz: Lieutenant Jerra Dagaz. I just transferred here from the Kitakaze. I’m not actually on duty, but I was passing by and…well, we’re all on the same team, right?

Kendrick: Welcome to Denali Station, Lieutenant. It's good to have you with us, even off duty. And you're absolutely right – we're all on the same team here. We could certainly use an extra pair of hands. 

Pom: Greetings sir. I am Ensign Pom. Science. 

Tucker: Response

Dagaz: As you can probably tell by the uniform, I’m with Intelligence, but I’m happy to lend a hand where I can. I wasn’t doing anything in particular, anyway, just browsing.

Kendrick: Find anything interesting? 

Dagaz: ::thumbing behind him:: Actually, there's a Ferengi stall back there with some interesting holodeck programs that I'd like to take another look at later.

Tucker: Response

Kendrick: It's funny how these big events can be both exhilarating and a bit nerve-wracking. In my past life as a security officer, I've seen my fair share of unexpected twists. ::smiles:: But hey, it's all part of the adventure, right? 

Jerra smiled and nodded. Adventure was his middle name…well, not literally, but it was certainly the reason he had joined Starfleet and he had seen his fair share of it.
Pom: That is a truth. The universe is filled with wonder and excitement. We must embrace it. 

Dagaz: I couldn't agree more.
Tucker: Response 

Kendrick: Maybe we should start with booth 134 first? 

The Saurian motioned for them to follow him and they set off, presumably in the direction of the booth the Lt Cmdr had mentioned.
Pom: Follow me. 

Dagaz: Right behind you.

Kendrick/Tucker: Response 
Pom: Have you been *pop* to Lightside Station Mr Kendrick? I am curious to see the destruction done to Orstand three.  
Kendrick: Response 
Pom: You have explored much of the Aavaro Wilds? 
Kendrick: Response 

Jerra was just wondering to himself why Ensign Pom was asking about Lightside Station, when booth 134 came into view and the reason became apparent. The proprietors of this particular booth were Kalinda.
Pom: I have brought help for your booth. 

Of course, like any good Intelligence Officer, Jerra had done his homework on the Kalinda.

They were a race native to the Aavaro Wilds who had rendered their original home planet uninhabitable through ecological mismanagement, prompting them to build Lightside Station (also known as 'The Spike') as an ark for the planet's displaced populace.

Over the years, Lightside Station had become a hub in the region and was now home to a cosmopolitan community, including Cardassians, Ferengi, Nausicaans and various Federation-aligned species, among others.

While the Kalinda still owned the Station, it had evolved into more of a business concern than a home for them and very few of them remained there, except for those who owned commercial properties or were part of the administration team, with the majority of their species relocating to other outer colonies.
Kendrick/Tucker: Response 

Just as the group of Officers arrived, another colleague approached, in a gold uniform, sporting Lieutenant pips.

Iko: Be careful with your power allocations though, we don't want any mini explosions threatening to break the outpost if not for a Jay-gee J'naii in sciences keeping tabs on everything.

The woman had brown hair and cranial ridges that suggested that she was at least partly Klingon. She was also the second Officer Jerra had spoken to today who had an interesting accent. He sometimes forgot that other species were just as diverse and varied as Laudeans.

Dagaz: Oddly specific, but true, nonetheless.

Kendrick/Tucker/Pom/Any: Response

Iko: Amity held an expo with the Antarian-Class Rally a year and a bit back, 

Ahh, that explained it. Jerra offered a smile and a nod in response.

The Klingon/Human jumped onto her tiptoes and strained around for a moment. It was an action that led Jerra to assume that the gold uniform was that of a Security Officer's, rather than an Engineer's.

Iko: and I am determined not to let this one become an absolute dumpster fire. 

oO Definitely Security. Oo

Dagaz: I'm sure Fleet Captain Oddas would appreciate that sentiment.

Although he hadn't had the pleasure of meeting their Bajoran CO just yet, Jerra was pretty confident in assuming she would prefer the Invitational to remain "dumpster fire" free.

Kendrick/Tucker/Pom/Any: Response

Iko: Sorry, yes. I'm Bec, Lieutenant Iko, from Amity Outpost out in the DQ. 

Kendrick/Tucker/Pom/Any: Response

Dagaz: Did you say you were stationed in the Del...?

Now that was one area of space Jerra would like to hear more about, but Lt. Iko's attention had been drawn to something else.

She raised her hand, cutting him off—

Iko: Hold on, 

—and began running off somewhere.

Jerra turned to follow her and saw the beginnings of a scuffle taking place at Booth 83. 

Iko: Oi, cut it out! I don't care that you've come in displaying the same thing, just go back to your own booths before we get rid of 'em both.

Kendrick/Tucker: Response

Dagaz: I wouldn't want to get into an argument with her.

Pom/Any: Response

Moments later, the Human/Klingon Lieutenant returned.

Iko: As we were saying?

Dagaz: Actually, I was about to ask about the Delta Quadrant, but maybe we should try to figure out what's happening with the energy supply, first.

Kendrick/Tucker/Pom/Any: Response

Dagaz: Perhaps Lieutenant Iko and I can surveil the crowd while you work?

Tucker/Pom: Responses

Iko: Response 

Kendrick: Response



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