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Aine Sherlock

Sep 21, 2023, 12:23:44 AM9/21/23
((Akycha Stadium, Administrative Area, Denali Station))

Kettick: Oh? From what I had read on sports culture, that's not exactly common. How does that work?

Raimor: Not well in my experience. My younger sister decided to support the Warpstone team back home and you would have thought that she killed somebody the way my father looked at her. Complete betrayal.

Spectators: Response

Kingsley: I suppose it's like soccer, if your continent makes it to the world cup you're happy, if your local team wins you're ecstatic.

Aine definitely wasn't that enthusiastic, but she could definitely understand the spirit of competition even as it was for fans.

Forsyth/Spectators: response

Beake: That is really interesting.

Sherlock: The Oumuamua, of course, and one-one-eight. I've got some friends there too.

Kingsley: Well, I think it would be bad form if I didn't root for our CO, but, officially, of course, if any of the Starfleet teams won I'd be happy.

That she could most definitely agree on. Starfleet was a pinnacle of technological development. Even though she didn't fully understand the full on enthusiasm of Engineers, they did an amazing job of not only keeping the fleet running, but making it go faster.

Raimor: I’d expect a Starfleet team to win. Some of these races can come down to who can fix what malfunctions the fastest, and we’re pretty good at thinking on our feet.

Forsyth/Spectators: response

Kettick: I don't really support any team... I am mostly here to see the ships. And to witness a live stress test of our recently installed equipment.

Aine turned to look at Kettick, stress test? She was curious what this newly installed equipment was. Was he referring to one of the racers? The Ring itself? Or the stadium.

Forsyth: Response

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Sherlock: Are we talking with the teams?

Kettick: As always, I hope my contribution to the event goes unnoticed. That means everything goes well.

Thankfully it seemed he was. But she still hoped it wasn't something that would cause a potential danger to the racers.

Kingsley: Some might call that a jinx, Lieutenant.

Forsyth: Response

Raimor: As much as I want an exciting race, I’d prefer that it stays clean. I’m hoping I don’t get called away to help with any crashes. It’s crazy that even nowadays we lose people to these events.

Spectators: Response

Beake: I agree with you Lt. Kettick, if engineering does not do anything, that means we did our job right and nothing is broken.

Kettick/Forsyth/Spectators: Response

Beake: Denali is an interesting station for sure. It's amazing here.

Kingsley: Just don't be here when the sky is falling on us.

Kettick/Forsyth: Response

Spectators: Response

Sherlock: Wait,

Aine mostly sat quietly, letting the Engineers talk, but again, she wondered if they were joking about the sky falling. The Ring was an artificial structure that was well beyond her comprehension as a lowly Security officer. But before anyone could answer her, one of the others started counting down.

Raimor: ::quietly:: 3… 2… 1…

The entire stadium went quiet. If it weren't for the hum of the ships, one could hear a pin drop. Time stood still before the racers were signaled to start and they all roared to life as the crowd cheered. It was a nearly visceral sensation as they launched and everyone immediately looked to the screens to watch what happened next.

Raimor: This is incredible!

She knew the start of a race was one of the most dangerous points. Everyone scrambling for position. It felt as if she were still holding her breath until they were all safely away. She thought about her crewmates, and former crewmates from Ops, hoping they all stayed safe.

Spectators: Response

((OOC: Not adding anything yet as we've got quite a large group and want to give others a chance for the start of the race.))


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