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((Tech Expo, Nearby booth 134, Denali Station)) 


Pom: I have brought help for your booth. 


Kendrick/Tucker/Dagaz/Any: Response 

Bec walked up to the group who were scrummaging to gather extra power for places here and there.

Iko: Be careful with your power allocations though, we don't want any mini explosions threatening to break the outpost if not for a Jay-gee J'naii in sciences keeping tabs on everything.

Kendrick/Tucker/Dagaz/Pom/Any: Response

Iko: Amity held an expo with the Antarian-Class Rally a year and a bit back, 

The Klingon/Human jumped onto her tiptoes and strained around for a moment, just to make sure she didn't miss any chaos within the crowd as she continued speaking.

Iko: and I am determined not to let this one become an absolute dumpster fire. 

Kendrick/Tucker/Dagaz/Pom/Any: Response

Iko: Sorry, yes. I'm Bec, Lieutenant Iko, from Amity Outpost out in the DQ. 

Kendrick/Tucker/Dagaz/Pom/Any: Response

That's when Bec noticed what was going on at Booth 83. She raised her hand, cutting the speaker off—

Iko: Hold on, 

—and began running off to where a little spot fire had popped up.

Or, rather, where a fight was about to break out.

Iko: Oi, cut it out! I don't care that you've come in displaying the same thing, just go back to your own booths before we get rid of 'em both.

Kendrick/Tucker/Dagaz/Pom/Any: Response

Short of pulling her hair out, Bec turned back to the group she had been speaking with before.

Iko: As we were saying?

Kendrick/Tucker/Dagaz/Pom/Any: Response


Lt. Rebecca Iko
Security Officer
Amity Outpost

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