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Captain Forsyth

Sep 21, 2023, 4:51:14 AMSep 21
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((Akycha Stadium, Administrative Area, Denali Station))

Forsyth: Hello, I'm Lieutenant junior grade Alex Forsyth, Tactical officer here on Denail.

Sherlock: Lieutenant Sherlock, Security on the Oumuamua.

Alex had heard of the Oumuamua from her Mother, It was a good ship.  

Kettick: It would seem that we have created an officer cluster among the crowds. Lieutenant Kettick, Engineering on Denali. Welcome to the Ring, Lieutenant. :: He nodded towards Forsyth and Kingsley. :: Mister Forsyth, Warrant Officer Kingsley.

She gave a nod to the Remmilian Chief of Engineering, Noticing that herself.

Forsyth: So who is supporting who here, Today?

Spectators: Response

Beake: It's a pleasure to meet you all.

Sherlock: I'm actually supporting two teams today.

Kettick: Oh? From what I had read on sports culture, that's not exactly common. How does that work?

Raimor: Not well in my experience. My younger sister decided to support the Warpstone team back home and you would have thought that she killed somebody the way my father looked at her. Complete betrayal.

Spectators: Response

Kingsley: I suppose it's like soccer, if your continent makes it to the world cup you're happy, if your local team wins you're ecstatic.

Forsyth: It's sort of the same for Swimming or Water polo, I used to play for my college team. 

Glancing over to Gwen, she wanted to ask if she wanted to grab drinks after the race but didn't want to interrupt the conversations.  

Spectators: response

Beake: That is really interesting.

Sherlock: The Oumuamua, of course, and one-one-eight. I've got some friends there too.

Kingsley: Well, I think it would be bad form if I didn't root for our CO, but, officially, of course, if any of the Starfleet teams won I'd be happy.

Raimor: I’d expect a Starfleet team to win. Some of these races can come down to who can fix what malfunctions the fastest, and we’re pretty good at thinking on our feet.

Forsyth: Not to mention we have a record of best pilots as well, My dad was one of them.

Spectators: response

Kettick: I don't really support any team... I am mostly here to see the ships. And to witness a live stress test of our recently installed equipment.

Forsyth: He meant the race track, We spent a lot of time getting to work. 

Spectators: Response

Sherlock: Are we talking with the teams?

Kettick: As always, I hope my contribution to the event goes unnoticed. That means everything goes well.

Kingsley: Some might call that a jinx, Lieutenant.

Forsyth: Believe me, Jinx's are no joke. 

Alex moves up beside Gwen, Still waiting for the right moment to ask her. 

Raimor: As much as I want an exciting race, I’d prefer that it stays clean. I’m hoping I don’t get called away to help with any crashes. It’s crazy that even nowadays we lose people to these events.

Spectators: Response

Beake: I agree with you Lt. Kettick, if engineering does not do anything, that means we did our job right and nothing is broken.

Kettick/Spectators: Response

Forsyth: I would be more worry if something didn't break, 

Beake: Denali is an interesting station for sure. It's amazing here.

Kingsley: Just don't be here when the sky is falling on us.

Alex frowned at Gwen, Not wanting to be reminded of that event. 

Forsyth: Don't Jinx it, Gwen. 

She then gave a playful smile, Giving her a little gentle nudge with her elbow.

Kettick/Spectators: Response

Sherlock: Wait, the...sky...falling?

Raimor: ::quietly:: 3… 2… 1…

Everything died down, Only the faint hum of the ships could be heard then the race began. The Crowd cheers as the ships zoom off down the track, Watching them disappear into the distance.

Raimor: This is incredible!

Forsyth: You can say that again, Go Captain! 

Spectators: Response


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