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Tom Cholewa

May 31, 2022, 7:54:57 PMMay 31

OOC: Falt jumps to the water treatment plant during this sim. Feel free to continue the conversation in the Botany lab once he’s gone.


((Botany Lab (Under Construction), Level 14, Soldotna Tower))


Falt: How about we take steps to speed things up a bit. Mister Aratta, I’d like you to take the lead on fitting out the Archaeology labs please, I dare say you’re qualified?


Aratta: Response.


Falt: Well consider that an order then. Once you’ve come up with the design for the lab, and listed the equipment we need, come and see me and I’ll sign the requisition forms before you take them to Lieutenant Dekas. Kettick, do you have any capacity to assist should he have any engineering questions, such as where to put the EPS conduits?


The Remmilian nodded in acknowledgement.


Kettick: That would be within my purview, Lieutenant. Would you like me to stay and advise, or would you rather send me your preliminary design for comments and advice?


Tomas smiled at Ensign Aratta, it was time to test his capabilities again.


Falt: I’ll leave that up to Mister Aratta. I’m available to you both if needed though.


Aratta: Response


Kettick: I am quite certain that my current to do list will be enough to keep me both sufficiently occupied and sufficiently available within your general vicinity.


Falt: Good to know.


Aratta: Response


Tomas hadn’t known Kettick that long, and was still getting used to his Remmilian body language, but he was fairly sure his current expression was something akin to a humanoid smile.


Kettick: We tend to avoid using expressions involving birds and stones in deference to our Aurelian colleague, but that would be the general idea.


Tomas laughed loudly at that.


Falt: I suppose the term “one fell swoop” is also out of the question then?


Kettick: Response


Tomas took another sip of his coffee and smiled. Between Aratta’s enthusiasm and Kettick’s wonderful turn of phrase Tomas realised he was thoroughly enjoying this conversation. It was great to talk to both officers without the pressure of a mission.


Oddas: =/\= Oddas to Mister Falt. =/\=

Tomas straightened up and tapped the combadge on his chest.

Falt: =/\= Falt here. Go ahead, sir. =/\=

Oddas: =/\= It seems Doctor Indobri and Ensign Sera have discovered a telepathic life form at in the water treatment plant, we need to start ascertaining what we are dealing with. =/\=


oO So much for this conversation then, things have just got interesting. Oo

Falt: =/\= I’ll be there in a moment, sir. =/\=

Oddas: =/\= Understood.  Oddas to Doctor Indobri, status report. =/\=

Tomas turned to Aratta and Kettick, as the Captain carried on discussing the situation with Doctor Indobri.


Indobri: =/\= She’s out of the water, but I think there is some form of lifeform controlling her actions. We might be dealing with a sentient life form, Captain. =/\=

Tomas felt a sudden surge of urgency on hearing of Ensign Sera’s predicament, the situation was obviously much more complicated and dangerous than he’d first thought.


Falt: ::holding out his mug of half-finished coffee toward Aratta :: Apologies Ensign, can you take this for me please? And please can you both stand-by in case the situation at the water-treatment plant needs further support?


Aratta / Kettick: Response


Tomas tapped his combadge again as he nodded his thanks to his fellow officers.


Falt: Falt to Transporter room. I need immediate transport to the water treatment plant, along with a science kit from the Juneau.


Within seconds of his request being acknowledged the transporter beam enveloped him…


((Water Treatment Plan, Denali Station))


And he materialised in the treatment plant. As he got his bearings the science kit he had requested appeared beside him.


Oddas:  Report Doctor. 


Indobri: Response 


Tomas pulled a tricorder from the science kit and flipped it open. Ensign Sera seemed totally focused on dismantling part of the treatment plants infrastructure, and gave no indication that either she, or whatever might be dictating her actions, had noticed that he had moved closer and started a scan.


Falt: I’m not picking up any lifesigns other than Sera’s, but she’s not breathing and her lungs half full of water. She should be gasping for oxygen, not upright and working. I’d agree this is likely an external force at work, presumably a lifeform.


Oddas: ::to Sera:: I'm sorry - how can I address you? 


Sera turned to face the Captain and stood motionless for a moment. Tomas tensed, unsure what she might say, or do, next.


Sera: ::gurgling voice::  It hurts us.  We stop the hurting light. 


Tomas had no idea what she, or perhaps they, meant. He looked down at the pieces of machinery that now littered the floor, and caught sight of the UV lighting underneath the platform they were standing on.


Falt: ::to Indobri:: Hurting light? Do you think she means the UV light from the filtration system?


Indobri: Response 


Oddas: I am Captain Oddas Aria of Starfleet, and I am responsible for the crewman you are inhabiting.  Is there some way you can prove to me she is ok? 


Sera:  OK?  ::uncomprehending::  This one is between.  When the hurt stops, we will release this form.   


Oddas:  Response  


Tomas noticed wisps of white smoke seconds before the UV lighting went out, whatever the lifeform controlling Ensign Sera had been doing to the treatment plant seemed to have had an effect.


Falt: I’ll guess well find out if that’s what she meant in a moment.


Indobri: Response 


Operations: =/\= Response, if any =/\= 


Oddas: =/\= Responses =/\= 


Without warning the Ensign collapsed onto the platform, as if all her muscle’s had stopped working at the same moment. Her eyes were open but she wasn’t moving.   


Indobri/Oddas: Response.


Tomas rushed forward and knelt down by the Ensign.


Falt: Where do you need me Doctor?


Indobri: Response


Tomas wasn’t a medic but he recalled his First Aid training well and immediately began giving chest compressions.


Falt: ::counting each compression:: 1, 2, 3, 4…


Indobri/Oddas: Response.


Tomas felt a flood of relief as Sera’s body suddenly convulsed and water poured out of her nose and mouth. He moved to give her and Doctor Indobri space as the Vulcan wretched and coughed.


Indobri/Oddas: Response


He realised his trousers were soaked with water expelled by Sera. Reaching for his science kit he pulled out a specimen tube and carefully swabbed his uniform, conscious there might be sentient life suspended in the residue. With luck he’d get enough of a sample to analyse and give them some answers.


Falt:  ::carefully sealing the swab in the tube:: I think we should get this to the lab and carefully analyse it. Until then I’d really suggest no one drinks any water that hasn’t come out of a replicator?


Indobri/Oddas/Sera(?): Response.




Lieutenant Tomas Falt

Chief Science Officer

Denali Station








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