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((Tech Expo, Administrative Area, Denali Station))

Jerra wandered leisurely through the bustling tech expo that had been set up in the Administrative Area of Denali Station.

He couldn’t help but smile as he observed the stall owners attempting to attract custom from the punters eyeing their wares, looking for the best deals. It reminded him of the markets back in Lokesh City, though much more cosmopolitan and of course, the wares here were much more high tech.

He almost felt as if he were on shore leave and that was probably partly because he was still mostly unfamiliar with Denali on the whole. In fact, until now, the only parts of the station he’d seen were the Docks and the inside of the Intelligence Suites.

Although he wasn’t officially on duty, he hadn’t changed out of his uniform yet and he never seemed to be able to fully switch off from his Starfleet Officer instincts. Therefore, his glances here and there were not only at the technology on show, but also at the patrons and proprietors. At an event like this, there was bound to be some activity that wasn’t always strictly above board and the reality was that it was impossible to catch all of it, but as long as they didn’t miss anything significant, then hopefully everything would go off without a hitch.

He could always use one of the several modes of his visor to investigate further if he suspected something and of course, as a Laudean, he also had his Fielding to fall back on - the ability to sense energy fields - although his own was not the strongest.

As he jostled his way through the crowd, he looked up at the buildings. He had to admit that they were impressive, both in size and design. The original inhabitants of the Ring were obviously a very advanced and intelligent species. He couldn’t help but wonder what could have possibly led to their…downfall? Disappearance? That was the thing, wasn’t it? Nobody knew what had happened to them, or even who they were!

The thought was somewhat disturbing and Jerra quickly pushed it to the back of his mind. In any case, it seemed the race was starting and he looked up at one of the monitors that had been placed all around the Administrative Area, as a commentator introduced the teams and their shuttles.

After a few moments of distraction, he tore his gaze away from the monitor and began to move through the crowds again. 

It wasn’t that he had no interest in the race, he certainly wanted to know the outcome, but the tech expo had a particular draw for him. He was no engineer, but he liked gadgets. Maybe it was the spy comics he read as a kid, or the influence of witnessing so many technological advances on his home world in such a relatively short span of time, or maybe it was even his father’s genes. Whatever the explanation, he was excited to be here. Living on Denali after having been assigned to a ship was going to take some getting used to, but he hadn’t had much time to think about that too much just yet.

The only thing that he was missing at this exact moment was someone to share his excitement with.

So, when he spotted some colleagues in the crowd, he decided to introduce himself.

He approached the small group of Officers, catching some of their conversation in the process and noting that two of them appeared to be Terran, while the third was undoubtedly Saurian.

Tucker: Pom, can you give me a hand for a minute? We need to check in on a couple of booths, including 134, which, as you said, need power. ::he scratched his reddish hair.:: It shouldn’t take too long. 

Pom: Response

Kendrick: Response

Dagaz: Anything I can help with?

He may not have been on duty, but in his experience, the best way to ingratiate oneself was to offer assistance when and where one could.

Kendrick/Tucker/Pom: Responses

Dagaz: Lieutenant Jerra Dagaz. I just transferred here from the Kitakaze. I’m not actually on duty, but I was passing by and…well, we’re all on the same team, right?

Kendrick/Tucker/Pom: Responses

Dagaz: As you can probably tell by the uniform, I’m with Intelligence, but I’m happy to lend a hand where I can. I wasn’t doing anything in particular, anyway, just browsing.

Kendrick/Tucker/Pom: Responses



Lieutenant Jerra Dagaz

Intelligence Officer

Denali Station


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