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Tom Cholewa

Jun 4, 2022, 6:13:47 PM6/4/22

((Water Treatment Plan, Denali Station))


Indobri: She’s got water in her lungs. We need to start compressions immediately. I’ll handle the airway if you will do the compressions, Lieutenant. 


Falt: ::counting each compression:: 1, 2, 3, 4… 


Indobri: Come on, Sera. Spit it out! 


Tomas felt a flood of relief as Sera’s body suddenly convulsed and water poured out of her nose and mouth. He moved to give her and Doctor Indobri space as the Vulcan wretched and coughed.


Indobri: Breath, Ensign. Just breathe. You’re okay now. 


He realised his trousers were soaked with water expelled by Sera. Reaching for his science kit he pulled out a specimen tube and carefully swabbed his uniform, conscious there might be sentient life suspended in the residue. With luck he’d get enough of a sample to analyse and give them some answers.


Falt:  ::carefully sealing the swab in the tube:: I think we should get this to the lab and carefully analyse it. Until then I’d really suggest no one drinks any water that hasn’t come out of a replicator? 


Indobri: I’ve already placed a full lockdown on all water from the water purification plant and arranged for shipments sent down from the Juneau and Eagle until we can get this plant up and running.  


Oddas: Good Call. ::to Falt:: Use whatever staff you need to understand what is going on. 


Tomas nodded in acknowledgement as he focused on carefully placing the sample tube into the containment vessel that came with the science kit. Doing so not only reduced the risk of anything contaminating the sample, it most importantly would prevent the transporters biofilters from destroying it.


Indobri: Ensign, I want to take you back to the clinic for a full examination. But is there anything that you remember that can help us with this situation? 


It took a few moments for the Ensign to respond, understandable given she hadn’t been breathing less than a minute ago.


Sera:  ::in a hoarse voice::  Very well Doctor.  These…beings demonstrated a group mind…They…they were in such…such pain…::shivers at the memory of her experience under these creatures’ control:: 


Sera tried to push herself upright, and got close to succeeding on the second attempt. Tomas was impressed at the Vulcan’s resilience; he’d still be flat on his back if he’d been through the same ordeal as she had.


The Captain moved in to help her up.


Oddas: Let's make sure there are no long-term side effects at the least. 


Falt: The labs on Denali aren’t fully functional yet, so I’ll get this sample back to the Juneau and see what I can find out.


Indobri: Lieutenant, when you’ve finished scanning that sample, will you forward the readings to me? I want to take a look at it from a life sciences perspective. Also, we might want to find a better way to communicate with these beings and see if we can find an equitable solution for all. 


Oddas: ::nodding:: The last thing we need is to be drinking a civilization, but if we can segregate them off or if they would be happier somewhere else. 


Falt: I’ll share whatever data I can obtain immediately, sirs.


Tomas stood up, containment vessel in hand. With his free hand he picked up the bag that held the science kit and used its strap to sling it over his shoulder


Sera:  Those questions…That would require a further attempt at…communication.  ::experiencing a strange, tightening sensation within her as her respiration rate picked up:: 


Sera’s voice was already sounding better, although it wasn’t totally back to normal. He was sure Doctor Indobri would be able to sort her out in short order though.


Oddas: Understood. 


Falt: We’ll get you answers, Ensign. As soon as we can.


Indobri: Response


Tomas gave Ensign Sera what he hoped was a reassuring smile.


Falt: ::tapping his combadge:: Falt to Juneau, one to beam up.




OOC: To be continued for Falt in the lab aboard the Juneau, sim hopefully out tomorrow.


Lieutenant Tomas Falt

Chief Science Officer

Denali Station





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