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(( Akycha Stadium, Denali Station ))

Freck wormed his way through the various threads of traffic as he made his way to the shop that DeVeau had pointed to. Thankfully, there was an open table with enough seating for them, so Freck made his way over and sat down, and a Klingon server approached their table before very long at all.


Mekor:: Welcome to Wejwa' Xpress, my new friends and their guests.

DeVeau: Hello.


Freck gave the man a polite smile before picking up a copy of the menu in front of them. It was thankfully multi-lingual, but even so, most of the meals listed on there were things that he’d not heard of before, which really wasn’t too surprising since he’d never tried Klingon food before.

Freck: I’m not extremely familiar with Klingon cuisine, but I don’t think I can go wrong with gagh.


It was, after all, remarkably close to his own people’s preferred type of meal. Their resident doctor, however

Vahin: Greetings Mekor, son of ::the thinks for a moment:: Gumosh, House of..of..Kor!


That made Freck look up from the menu in surprise. He didn’t know the Bolian in any real capacity, but it definitely seemed like he and their Klingon server had met each other before.

DeVeau: Oh, you know each other?

Well, that certainly validated his thought processes.

DeVeau: And I have to admit, I haven’t had gagh in a while.

Freck: I’ve only had it a couple of times growing up, but I don’t remember disliking it.

Dekas: Response

Mekor: If you aren't particularly familiar with the different varieties of Gagh' might I recommend the Gagh' sampler to start? We brought our three most popular varieties for this occasion.


Freck hummed to himself at the suggestion. He’d certainly be able to figure out which varieties he enjoyed, which would be good in the long term. It certainly held promise.

Vahin: Interestingly enough, we had a Kalari patient at the clinic a few days ago who was looking for something similar to what they eat on their home world. It turns out Gagh was a good substitute. They seemed to quite enjoy it anyway.

Vahin: I think I’ll pass on it, though.

DeVeau: I think I read that they have a replicated version if you want to give it a try and expand your palette. Some found that a lot easier to take than the real, live gagh.


Freck set the menu down and looked up to the Klingon – Mekor, apparently – with a smile on his face.


Freck: I think I’ll take you up on the Gagh’ sampler. Oh, and uh, real and live for me, thank you.

Dekas/Vahin: Response

Mekor: You did read that correctly, we can substitute replicated Gagh' for our more squeamish guests. We've worked quite hard to ensure the flavor is as close as possible.

Vahin: Is your Targ freshly slaughtered or do you allow the meat to decay and bring out the natural flavour?

Mekor: Response

Vahin: Well, I think that will have to do. I’ll take one Targburger with a side of tren bred and grat root fries.


Freck shook his head, laughing lightly to himself. Apparently, the good doctor Vahin had quite the familiarity with Klingon cuisine. That was fine, however, since he found it was always easier to jump into the unknown when it wasn’t so unknown to at least one other person.

DeVeau: I’ll take the targ sausage with the chips and stew.

Dekas: Response

Mekor: And what will you be drinking friends?

Vahin: Targ milk for me. ::he looks over at Dekas:: Just in case.

DeVeau: I’ll have the milk as well.


Freck: That sounds perfect, actually. Milk for me, as well, please.

Dekas/Vahin: Response

Freck settled in once they’d all given their orders. The Ferengi didn’t exactly consider himself a savant at breaking the ice, but thankfully, they had Dekas and Commander DeVeau who seemed to be more than equipped to blast right through any ice they might encounter.


DeVeau: Are you the owner of this establishment?


Mekor: Response


Freck nodded, and then remembered how Doctor Vahin already knew Mekor’s name, so he looked between the two.


Freck: And how do you and Doctor Vahin know each other?

Dekas/Vahin: Response

Freck gave a small ‘ah’ to himself. As it often turned out, clearing up confusion usually just requires asking the question in the first place. Not to mention, it probably looked good for them to have participated so closely in helping the many, many visitors to the station get settled in.

DeVeau: How are you finding everything?  Do you have all you need?

Freck nodded, it wasn’t a bad idea to check in to make sure there was nothing going wonky, since they were here anyways.

Dekas/Mekor/Vahin: Response


Once his stomach growled, however, the Ferengi realized he was hungrier than he’d thought. Ideally, there’d be nothing wrong and everything would be going smooth, but Freck saw himself as something of a realist in these matters. An operation of the size of this space race was bound to encounter a hitch or five along the way.


Freck: That’s what we’re here for, after all! So long as it isn’t life threatening, we can take a look at anything going on once we’re done partaking in your establishment’s offerings.


Dekas/DeVeau/Mekor/Vahin: Response

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