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Thomas Sanderson

Sep 22, 2023, 9:28:54 PMSep 22
to Denali Station – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((The Foxy Lady, Zooming Along, Denali Invitational))

As they navigated the first of the navigational beacons, a friendly face, or rather their sister team, showed up on their port side, and the two shuttles were side by side for the next stint, Amiteam just behind them.

Nilsen: Ha, Look left.

Arill: Remember consider them our team mates not the enemy! ::laughing out loud::

Vomek: We're so close I could wave to them.

Arlill: Ok, enemy was a harsh word, Tyber would have been ok with the word choice. ::laughing again::

Lhandon kept flying true and soon he heard the coms open.

Vomek:  ::bringing up the comms channel::  =/\= Foxy Lady to Gamma Glider.  How you doing Uncle Roger?  You ok. Over there?

Lhandon had a little laugh.

Hartmann: =/\= Doing better than you are! =/\=

Vomek:  =/\= I just wanted to make sure you were ok.  You're driving pretty fast for an old guy. =/\=

Hartmann: =/\=Why don't you turn that autopilot off so we can see how bad you are?=/\=

Vomek:  =/\= No, we're fine over here.  How are you guys?  Fun time right? =/\=

Hartmann: =/\=It’s going to be even more fun for us when we win. See ya.=/\=

Lhandon couldn't help but smile at this exchange. There was something about annoying the old man just a little bit that appealed to a somewhat suppressed mischievous side. A side that his younger brother Kei’ran had fully embraced. There had been a program on Lhandon's PADD, a little thing that had been set up with the aid of Maxwell. He had wondered what Hartmann's favourite type of cake was. Perhaps soon he will show the correlation

But now wasn't the time. A light flashed on the main console, alerting them that things were heating up again.

Nilsen: Mate, we got something.

Vomek ::turning off the comms channel::  Hey Engine 3 is heating up a bit.

Arlill: ::in an irritated tone:: I know! If I push I give it any more power this tow will need a tow!

Vomek:  I'll open the auxiliary cooling line, but it won't last long.

Nilsen: We need to get her cool now. Tox can you do anything if we get out of the atmosphere?

Arlill: You get us outside that atmosphere and I’ll push it to its limits.

Nilsen: On it.

Vomek:  We lost an injector on Engine 2.

Arlill: Nothing to worry about, not unless we lose another injector.

Vomek:  Do we have a backup?

Nilsen: Leaving the atmosphere is our back up

Arlill: Response

At that moment, the comms channel lit up. Lhandon hadn't heard the first part but tuned into Vomek's response.

Vomek:  =/\= No, we're fine over here.  How are you guys?  Fun time right? =/\=

Hartmann: =/\=It’s going to be even more fun for us when we win. See ya.=/\=

As the open space surrounding the cabin started to transition into darkness, Vomek shifted his gaze towards Arlill, who was seated on the opposite side of the cabin. With the growing absence of light, the darkness gave them something they needed desperately: cold.

Vomek:  Without the air resistance it should be easier to maintain speed.  Do we want to replace that injector?

Nilsen: I wanna say yes. You know how heavy my right foot is. That thing will cause us issues later down the line if we don’t

Arlill: Response

Vomek:  The asteroid field is next.  I'll start warming up our tractor/repulsor beam.

Hartmann: =/\=Hey, where are you going?  Quitting already?=/\=

Vomek: =/\=Response=/\=

Nilsen: :Muting the channel:: No asteroid field yet Vo, we still got to do the city bit first.

Arlill/Vomek: Response

Nilsen: Cos I’m the one who read the route.

Arlill/Vomek: Response

Nilsen: Look, Vo, I love you bro but I know where I going.

Arlill/Vomek: Response

Nilsen: Just tell me when I can dive.

Arlill/Vomek: Response

Lhandon was keeping track of the route just about and didn't tell the other two that the climb had shifted them off course just slightly.

But they were still in third place.


Ensign Lhandon Joseph Nilsen


USS Oumuamua


He/Him/His (Both player and character)

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