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 ((Tech Expo, Administrative Area, Denali Station)) 

Tucker: I’ll put them on the list. It shouldn’t take too long, but it’ll be a minute. I had thought we had all the power issues figured out, but apparently, when you try to merge Star Fleet technology with ancient alien tech – there are bound to be issues. 

Kendrick: ::glances over at Tucker:: Let's get in touch with Fairbanks and make sure they're aware of the increased demand. We want to keep everything running smoothly. 


Tucker: Pom, can you give me a hand for a minute? We need to check in on a couple of booths, including 134, which, as you said, need power. ::he scratched his reddish hair.:: It shouldn’t take too long.  

Pom: Of course Mr. Tucker. My skills are more suited to mapping but ::they raise and wiggle their clawed fingers:: I’ve always enjoyed tinkering.  

Kendrick: Interesting. Booth 134 appears to have a group of Kalinda. We haven't had many visitors here from Lightside Station. 

Catching movement in their peripheral Pom quickly jerked their head to the side to track a human making his way towards the group. Pom’s secondary eye lids blinked across as they turned their gaze towards the new Lieutenant.  


Dagaz: Anything I can help with? 

Kendrick: ::nods:: We're encountering a bit of a challenge with our energy supply. It appears that certain booths are drawing more power than their initial requests specified. 


Pom observed this new human seemed to have healed from an injury, his face was scarred and he wore an optics unit over one eye. Pom always found it interesting how fragile human were for a species that so often put themselves in front of danger.  


Kendrick: Responses 

Dagaz: Lieutenant Jerra Dagaz. I just transferred here from the Kitakaze. I’m not actually on duty, but I was passing by and…well, we’re all on the same team, right? 

Pom: Greetings sir. I am Ensign Pom. Science.  


Kendrick/Tucker: Responses 

Dagaz: As you can probably tell by the uniform, I’m with Intelligence, but I’m happy to lend a hand where I can. I wasn’t doing anything in particular, anyway, just browsing. 


Kendrick: Find anything interesting? 

Dagaz/Tucker: Responses 

Kendrick: It's funny how these big events can be both exhilarating and a bit nerve-wracking. In my past life as a security officer, I've seen my fair share of unexpected twists. ::smiles:: But hey, it's all part of the adventure, right? 

Pom nodded, their large mouth opening to reveal sharp teeth as they smiled at Kendrick’s comment. It was always nice to meet someone who also enjoyed the adventure of discovery. 


Pom: That is a truth. The universe is filled with wonder and excitement. We must embrace it. 


Tucker/Dagaz: Response 

Kendrick: Maybe we should start with booth 134 first? 


Pom moved their head in the direction they had come, motioning with his hands for his crewmates to follow. The Kalinda had seemed friendly enough and had happily answered any questions Pom had asked.  They hoped the group could solve the power issue.


Pom: Follow me. 


Kendrick/Tucker/Dagaz: Response 


As Pom started to walk back through the crowd towards booth 134 they didn’t pay much attention to the others in the group but rather assumed they followed him. As they got closer to the booth they turned their head slightly to the side to observe the human nearest to them. 


Pom: Have you been *pop* to Lightside Station Mr Kendrick? I am curious to see the destruction done to Orstand three.  


Kendrick: Response 


Throughout the universe the state of planets was constantly changing. New life grew on some, while it died on others. Stars grew large, eating the planets that orbited them. In other places new stars were born while the dust of future planets spun around them. Pom felt no sadness for the Kalinda losing their home world even if they had brought it on themselves, the planet still survived and might even support life again some day. 


Pom: You have explored much of the Aavaro Wilds? 


Kendrick: Response 


As they arrived to at booth 134 Pom noticed the group of Kalinda still trying to get the power working. Pom motioned with their hands from their group to the group of Kalinda. 


Pom: I have brought help for your booth. 


Kendrick/Tucker/Dagaz: Response 





Ensign P'omol'satius P'okoso'nos-neeska (Pom)  

Steller Cartography 

Denali Station 


Simmed by 

Ensign Araxxu Vahin 


Denali Station 


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