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((Shuttlebay, Denali Station))

Vela docked surprisingly smoothly. He still needed to get used to her being able to do that, the image of her supported by external antigravs was still sheared into his mind. But somehow it all worked out. Kuva went above and beyond to make this craft work and Luxa brought the shuttle in surprisingly easy. Were the caitian controls that intuitive or did she have prior experience in piloting besides her minor? He was easily getting distracted by all kinds of thoughts, Denali was so big his eyes didn't know where to look first.

They disembarked. He was still recovering after physically cringing at being called “captain” jokingly. He was just about to recite the moves in his mind when he realized Kuva has been reciting something else for some time.

Kuva: -which is why it is of vital importance that our seats maintain cushioned support all throughout flight, and that we are constantly vigilant about their integrity from start-to-finish. Next is subsection 23-b of paragraph 12, where we will consider the need for post-flight, pre-dock analysis and reporting…

Kader: You know, I wonder if anyone actually reads those reports.

Lorana: ::grits her teeth:: Yes Kuva, we all know that subsection 239, paragraph 12 of the safety manual instructs us to perform post flight checks because you told us. Four times. 

The lieutenant smiled.

Silveira: Apparently someone is in a grouchy mood today.

Kuva: ::quietly, putting his manual away:: It was subsection 23-b, but, right... 

Kader: This place looks much bigger from up close, somehow.

The sheer size of Ring 42 was impressive. Denali was equally awe-inspiring so far, both for its size but also for the number of people it attracted. The shuttlebay was packed.

Lorana: Sorry Kuva :: continues stretching :: I'm tired, and apparently cranky, as the humans would say. Let's do these checks and then we can get over to the Administration Centre for our living quarters. I need to sleep.

Silveira: Well, looks like we need to find our quarters.

Kader: I wonder if they’ll send someone for inspection. 

No such thing was mentioned by comms. They were however scanned on their approach. An ensign in yellow walked towards the Vela and greeted them.

Tucker: Greetings and welcome to Denali station! I’m Ensign Tucker, ::his awe shucks voice:: you can call me Tuck. ::handing the PADD to Kuva:: On this padd is everything you need to know, spots of interest, and how to requisition parts and such. We’re limited on replicators, but we have a few industrial ones if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. ::he smirked::

Kuva: ::monotone:: How did you guess. ::accepting the PADD:: Thank you, I am Ensign Kuva. You can call me Ensign Kuva.

Tuck: ::his attention was on Vitor now:: Sorry sir, didn't see you back there.

The lieutenant quickly eased the ensign.

Silveira: At ease Tuck, and please call me Sil. I am wearing the uniform but we are on leave.

Tucker: ::looking at Lorana:: I see you’re in sciences if you head over to Soldota tower and grab yourself a tour of our science division. They’re doing fantastic stuff over there. Bring it up on the padd, and it’ll show you to the nearest transporter arch.

Lorana: :: perking up:: Thanks! :: Removes her trusty PADD from her belt :: I'm Ensign Lorana, I've been hoping to visit the labs. The reading I've done on the way only provided me with more questions than answers. First, I may need some sleep ::yawns::

Silveira: Not sure Ensign Lorana might be up for it. Tuck, perhaps you can tell us where our assigned quarters are, since I am only here as a supporter I assume we are settled in different places.

Tucker: Aye, sir. But you can also find out where you will be housed in the Administration building, and they’ll assign you a cabin…I mean apartment. They’re quite spacious, lacking replicators, but still nice. We have replimats, local restaurants and the like. It’s all on the padd for you.

Lorana: How long have you been stationed here Ensign?

Tucker: ::addressing Lorana::A week or two, out of the Academy. Though with the race and whatnot, I haven't had a whole lot of time to see the sites..::he smirked:: 

Kader: You came at an interesting time.

Lorana: ::yawns again:: Apologies, I must go and get myself to the Administration Centre and find out where I'll be staying. ::to Kuva and Kader:: You guys have got this, yeah?

Kuva: You can count on us.

Kader: It will just take a minute.

It would definitely not just take a minute, the human urge to misrepresent time seemed to take hold of Kader the more tired he got.

Silveira: Sorry I thought I saw someone. You were saying?

Tucker: It wouldn't surprise me, Lieutenant, people from all over the Fleet and more are coming to Denali Station. I am excited to see all the different races and cultures melding in one place for what will be one heck of a race. What I was saying was housing assignments in the Administration Building. They should be able to get you all sorted. Try to get a room with a view.

Lorana: Kuva and Kader are going to finish up the checks, I'm heading ::looks to PADD and the map, nods forward:: That way ::looks again:: I think. 

Kuva: ::holding his arm out to show off the old, Caitian firefighting shuttle:: Care to take a look with us, Ensign Tucker?

Tucker: ::smiles:: For sure, Ensign! ::running his hand across the hull, letting out a low whistle::

Kader: Yeah she is a sight alright.

As Luxa and the lieutenant took off Kuva had already a new padd in hand. 

Kuva: You mentioned industrial replicators before…Would you know if there are any limits or restrictions for their use here.

Tucker: None that I’m aware of, but you can always contact Assistant Chief Of Engineering Lieutenant Kittick; he’d know for sure. But there are safety parameters set, so it’ll let you know if you’re veering off or possibly getting the calculation incorrect…They do require a bit of programming; we’re still working on merging Star Fleet tech with the tech throughout the city.

Kader: Can they do that? And it works?

Kuva: An inquiry for another time. Now, we must finish up. ::to Flint:: Would you mind checking the XM-85 unit? I believe it started to take on a bit too much heat in flight, it should not be doing that. ::to Tuck:: Have you ever seen a Caitian vessel before? Far sleeker than our Starfleet counterparts.

Tucker: ::hands clasped behind his back, looking at the ship:: Actually, this is the first time seeing one in person; I’ve only seen them in holos and engineering books.::sounding surprised:: Is this a..a..firefighting ship? I’ve got so many questions…

He gave a tired nod to Kuva and to ensign Tucker and boarded the Vela. With the hatch open the conversation could still be heard as they went around the shuttlecraft.

Tucker: How long did it take you to retrofit it with the current software? Or did you go with the native Catian?

Kuva: Response

He sat at the conn and turned to his left, there, around the level of his ankles, laid the hatch he needed to open. By design of course. With the hatch removed the XM85 was in plain sight. It was easy to remove. You just needed to know the moves. He recited them to himself as he moved for the switch.

oO crossline up, hand in, pull, reroute switchers, hold the uptake, raise, watch your finger Oo

oO watch your finger Oo

Kader: …raise, watch your fin-ouch.

Almost perfect, the XM85 was hot to the touch. But he had no need to grab it. If you do the moves right it just drops in its case until it cools off. Next time it would get even hotter. With the moves in reverse the replacement could easily be inserted.

Satisfied, he wiped his hands and went outside. It seemed like Kuva and the ensign Tucker were still talking shop.

Kader: It should be fine for now, I’ve put the replacement on.

Kuva/Tucker: Response

Kader: Mr Tucker was it? Will you also need to see the interior? We’ll give you the grand tour. Just watch your head.

He gave them a tired grin.

Kuva/Tucker: Response

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