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Eric Lopez

Mar 14, 2016, 12:16:19 PM3/14/16
((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Darwin-A))

:: Orders issued, everyone had taken their position and were either getting the ship ready for an encounter with the Borg, or just waiting tensely. ::

Traenor: ::to Valdivia::  How long until we can pinpoint where we'll intercept those Borg signatures?

Valdivia: Since they don't seem to be moving, I can already tell you where we will intercept them. An uncharted planetary system in sector PR-E4. The problem is knowing what's there.

:: Astrometrics were working on that, but getting precision data from a system no one had visited before was a hard task. Of course, it had a star, and planets. But how many? What kind? ::

Renos: Are long range scans showing any ‘bushes’ we can hide in?

:: Understanding that by 'bushes' the captain meant any phenomenon that would hide them from scans, Valdivia rechecked their data on the PR-E4 sector.

Valdivia: There is an asteroid belt between the 5th and 6th orbit. Metallic elements in the asteroids will give us some protection, but the asteroid field is not far from the signatures' point of origin.

Renos: Locate the best snooping position and relay the coordinates to helm please Mister Valdivia.

Valdivia: Yes, ner.

((A few hours later, sector PR-E4))

:: They had had a few hours to decide for the best hiding spot, so the moment they entered the system they flew parallel to the asteroid belt to stay hidden until they found a place between the rocks. Even better, once inside the system, they could get a full scan and realize the planet from where the signatures seemed to originate was orbited by several moons. So they agreed on one and Shayne expertly maneuvered them there. But the atmosphere didn't leave much space in terms of scanning the surface. ::

Renos: Keep an eye out for any energy buildups that might indicate weapons fire. Maintain our readiness level and keep those shields raised.

Jorey: response

:: Valdivia nodded, keeping his eyes on the sensors. He was trying to penetrate the atmosphere. He could get glimpses of the surface, but not enough as to pinpoint the origin of the signatures that had brought them there. And suddenly something changed on his sensors. For an instant, millions of targets appeared on sensors, until the computer compensated and treated them all as a single contact. ::

Valdivia: Captain, something is leaving the planet. It seems... a cloud of trillions of nanites.

:: The computer was having trouble specifying a number, but given the size and shape of the cloud, and the size and density of the nanites, it seemed a reasonable estimate. ::

Renos: I’ve never seen Borg nanites operate in that manner before.  Put it onscreen.

:: Valdivia was forced to agree. Of course, no one had really seen borg nanites operating in any manner, at least not outside of a body. But if they hadn't enough surprises, the cloud was fired upon from the planet. ::

Jorey: response

Renos: They don’t seem to consider us a threat right now and maybe they’re not yet aware of us but why open fire on the nanites?

Traenor: response

Brell:  Known designs of Borg nanites always seek biological sources to bond with.

Valdivia: That has been our observation, but we know they also use the nanites for repairs. We just haven't seen it.

Shayne: Then we can assume most or all of the Borg on the surface are dead, probably as a result of the crash.

:: Valdivia wasn't so sure about that. Even if they were, would that justify the nanites leaving the planet? They didn't even know they had a consciousness of their own. ::

Jorey: response

:: Looking at the bridge crew, it seemed everyone was equally lost trying to understand the situation, which made less and less sense as the cloud moved away from the planet. ::

Renos:  It looks as though the swarm is emitting pulses of light periodically. Does it form an intelligible pattern? Is there anything else that can bring us closer to understanding the swarm?

Valdivia: They don't seem to need it for their own communication, so maybe they are trying to hail us. But The translator doesn't seem to read anything.

Renos: Keep an eye on that.

Shayne: Yes, sir.

:: Valdivia kept recording the flashes, and trying to switch parameters in the translator until it came as some kind of message, but he had little luck so far. Looking up for a moment, he almost jumped from his seat, noticing the cloud was flying towards them at an unusually high speed. ::

Renos: Can we get out of the way?

Shayne: Let me see what I can do, sir.

:: The man was a good pilot, and attempted some complicated maneuvers to avoid the cloud. To no effect, as the nanites flew directly towards them. ::

Shayne: I'm sorry, sir, they won't let up.

Valdivia: They shouldn't be able to fly past shields.

:: At least, at first given enough time, or enough nanites, they would. Ramming their shields would overload them with a loss under a 1% in nanites, considering how many of them there were. ::

Brell: response

Traenor: response

Shayne: Should I continue to try and evade them sir?

Renos: No. I fear that would be fruitless as they seem to shadow our movements. They’re using us for protection. Since we’re now in the line of fire all I need you to focus on dodging is any ground fire that comes up.

:: Yes, looking at the sensors, it would seem cloud had not just moved towards them. They had used the Darwin for protection. ::

Traenor: response

Renos: Experimentally… how about we try and send the swarm a message. Something very simple. We could produce a pulse of light using our sphere perhaps?

Brell/Traenor: response

:: While the crew debated the engineering ways of deploying a message, Valdivia was still looking at the flashes. They could send a message, but what to say? What they were trying to say? ::

Valdivia: oO It doesn't seem to fit a text. Maybe the flashes are relevant? If you were a cloud of nanites... maybe they are trying to establish their sentience? Oo

:: Valdivia checked, looking for mathematical patterns. ::

Valdivia: Three... one... four... one...

:: He started looking at it silently, but checking the numbers. ::

Valdivia: It's Pi! The delays between flashes were the message, and they are Pi! They are trying to establish their intelligence.

((OOC: Happy Pi day everyone! :P ))

:: He thought for a moment. Knowing how they were attempting to communicate, it would be easy to answer with another known pattern to prove they were understanding. Tau, maybe. Two times Pi.

Renos: Bring the nanites into the sphere. Mister Stennes, I want you to set yourselves up in one of the labs and work on communicating with the swarm. Take Ensign Pond and Ensign Yamaki with you.

:: Apparently the captain was excited about this communication. And Valdivia could understand. Although he also had doubts. If they were sentient and independent... they would still be borg. Would they be safe to work with? ::


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