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Renos SB118

Mar 13, 2016, 6:58:52 AM3/13/16
to Darwin IC

((USS Darwin, Deck 1, Bridge, Sector PR-E4))

::The Darwin had arrived in sector PR-E3 and took up the best position available, thanks to Valdivia’s guidance. They set about the task of snooping on the Borg and to nir great relief there was not a single Borg Sphere, Cube or Probe in sight. They quickly managed to track the readings to a single planet star system and set about gathering as much information as they could. Due to planetary conditions, in order to find out what the Borg were up to it was essential that they get closer and find out what was going on down there. Was this group connected to the hive and setting up some type of facility down there? Was it a group of stranded drones disconnected from the Hive? They selected an orbiting pattern that would give them as much ‘shelter’ as possible and quickly got to work. There were no Borg vessels or signatures detected elsewhere even stretching the sensors to the limits of their range. They had strong reason to believe the small population of Borg detected were stranded although when and how this had happened was still a mystery.::

Renos: Keep an eye out for any energy buildups that might indicate weapons fire. Maintain our readiness level and keep those shields raised. ::This was one place they could not afford to let their guard down.::

Jorey/Valdivia: response

Renos: I’ve never seen Borg nanites operate in that manner before.

::Actually the only time ne’d ever had any experience working with them was during at Starfleet Medical Academy many years ago. There had been courses dealing with the Borg, what they were, how assimilation worked and the medical needs and treatment of ex-drones etc. It was quite fascinating but why was there a cloud of nanites fleeing the planet?::

Renos: Put it onscreen.

::It was almost as if ne had jinxed them. Fortunately ne didn’t believe in such superstitious notions. Renos cloud clearly see what appeared to be a black cloud rising up from the planet’s surface. It contained billions and billions of Borg nanites. There was a flash on the viewscreen around the same time ne heard the tactical officer’s warning.::

Jorey: response

::The weapons fire was not aimed at the Darwin but at the cloud of nanites. Renos had done a lot of reading, brushing up on the Borg, soaking up as much knowledge as possible in preparation for this on the journey here and could not recall reading anything that compared the the activity before nem. This was surely a first. In any mission there was always the potential for the unexpected and where the Borg were concerned this was especially troublesome. Right now the crew needed a calm, strong leader s Renos did everything ne could to remain open-minded, calm and focussed. Armed with information and keeping their wits about them they could see this threat off.::

Renos: They don’t seem to consider us a threat right now and maybe they’re not yet aware of us but why open fire on the nanites?

Traenor: response

Brell:  Known designs of Borg nanites always seek biological sources to bond with.

Valdivia: response

Shayne: response

Jorey: response

::From the reports coming in several things were now clear. There was a crash site there and only a tiny population of Borg had survived. To hear they were not connected to the hive was a huge relief - they were stranded and it wasn’t unreasonable to hope the Borg would consider them lost completely. They still didn’t know what had caused the crash but they were getting early clues as to how long they might have been down there. As Renos watched the swarm ne thought ne saw a pattern of flashing lights but perhaps ne was simply staring too hard at the screen.::


Valdivia: response

::It was a relief to hear it was not nir imagination that there was flashing random visible light coming from the swarm. Whether there was any significance to it remained to be seen. It was interesting to hear there were also unintelligible electromagnetic transmissions coming from them as every piece of new data brought them closer to understanding. The the surface based weapons fire continued to follow the swarm.::

Renos: Keep an eye on that.

Shayne: response

::The fact the swarm were headed on a direct collision course with the Darwin was troubling. Did they not see the Darwin or was it intentional? Ne felt sweat begin to form on the back of nir neck, especially after what Brell had just said about nanites seeking biological sources to bond with.::

Renos: Can we get out of the way?

Shayne: response

Valdivia/Brell: response

::Well that figured. Even ne could see they were coming in pretty fast and as they changed position some to try and clear the path so did the nanites. It was clear now the Darwin was their destination. Renos barely breathed as they got closer and closer. When they reached the ship mere moments later there was no worrying impact, no apparent effort to force their way in. Instead they had pooled behind the Darwin’s shadow as if to use it as a buffer between them and the planet. They continued emitting randomized and ever changing visible and radio radiation in puzzling patterns. Ne glanced to Gordie with a slightly perplexed expression.::

Traenor: response

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