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Renos SB118

Mar 8, 2016, 12:44:33 PM3/8/16
to Darwin IC

((OOC: For the benefit of the new players - when a meeting is called that involves the senior staff that includes all PC characters, so make sure you attend. :D ))

((USS Darwin, Deck 2, Conference Room))

::It was amazing how quickly people could pull together in a hurry. The ship was making ready to push off on another adventure and the senior staff had gathered before nem. As each person had filtered in and taken a seat Renos had taken the time to greet and acknowledge them. Today there was no water set out, no empty glasses. Ne neither invited nor went out of nir way to prevent nir staff from grabbing a drink. Today’s matter was pressing and after some brief announcements it would be right down to business.::

Renos: Thank you for attending at such short notice. I have a couple of announcements to make and then we’ll get into the mission ahead. So first of all please welcome Commander Jorey, Lieutenants Brell and R’Ven as well as Ensigns Dregen and Yamaki to the senior staff. I’m going to enjoy working with and getting to know each of you and value your input moving forward. Now, for anyone who may not be aware, Commander Lyldra has been recalled to Earth for diplomatic duties and once those are completed she will be heading up the diplomatic offices at Outpost Unity. This is a wonderful opportunity and I’m sure I speak for us all when I say that we wih her all the very best in her expanded role.

::The J’naii captain paused a moment to let everyone absorb the news and take in the new faces. Confirming with a glance that Gordie had what they needed for the next part of the meeting ne proceeded just as they would have had the meeting not been brought forward. The only difference was that ne spoke more quickly and urgently than in those previous briefings that hadn’t necessitated a fast response. For anyone that had spent much time with nem it was as clear an indication as any that something big was afoot.::

Renos: Mister R’Ven, please come to the front. I’ve been in communication with your former commanding officer, Fleet Captain Nicholotti and it seems there are a couple of things due to you - such as this good conduct ribbon for outstanding service to the Apollo. Additionally, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Congratulations.

Traenor: response

R’Ven: response

::As had become their routine, Commander Traenor handed the dark eyed officer his ribbon and had the honour of swapping a black, half-pip for the golden full pip of a Lieutenant. Renos extended nir hand to the officer and offered him a firm handshake as others about the room added additional congrats or applause.::

Renos: Lieutenant Varaan, please join me. ::Once the ever stoic Vulcan had joined nem at the front ne proceeded.:: For your hard work and achievements not only aboard the Darwin but in helping us establish Outpost Unity, which with mixed technology was no easy feat you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations.

Traenor: response

Varaan: response

::The same procedure repeated. Renos offered nir hand as the room added their own congratulations. Once the Vulcan had his new black, half-pip added to his collar by Commander Traenor he was permitted to return to his seat. He had barely touched the chair before Renos continued, a faint look of concern etched across nir pale features. Hopefully none of nir staff would over react or panic, they were all trained individuals after all.::

Renos: Outpost Unity’s command has advised me that they’ve picked up readings conforming to known Borg signatures near the Beta Quadrant edge of the Pouiyeog region and the readings are too weak to determine if its a single vessel or a Borg fleet. However, the fact it comes from between Unity and home territory and is close to the lifeline trade route back to Federation space means that investigating and determining the threat is paramount.

Traenor: response

Renos: Unfortunately that’s all we’ve got. All departments - prepare for a Borg encounter. Mister Shayne, lay in a course for that signal, we’ll depart as soon as the Darwin is ready and crew changes have been handled. Once we enter range of the long range sensors we’ll go to yellow alert and get a better picture of what we’re dealing with. There are things I need to take care of before we depart, so I will be in my ready room - Traenor you have the bridge. Please notify me as soon as the Darwin is ready to depart.

Traenor: response

((End Flashback))

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