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Theunis Dijkman

Mar 18, 2016, 5:17:05 PM3/18/16
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((Science Lab 1, Deck 4, USS Darwin-A))

::After having gone over several possibilities, using the lights in a way of communicating Yamaki was standing at a console overlooking the viewscreens, the "cloud" slowly and peacefully floating visualised on them, as he listened at doctor Pond and mister Stennes.::

Stennes:  So far, the cloud has flashed its way through the first sixteen digits of pi: 3.141592653589793.  The next digits in the sequence are 2, 3, 8, 4, and 6.  What if we start flashing the next digit, before they do?  Perhaps they might recognize that we’ve caught on to their pattern.

Yamaki: I honestly do not know sir... it might work... and there is no harm in trying.  oO Why is he asking me that? I'm an engineer not an diplomat. Oo

Pond: response

Stennes:  Doctor Pond, please make preparations to flood the containment sphere with gamma radiation.  I want to have the option ready at a moment’s notice if the nanites misunderstand our message and start attacking the ship.

Pond:  response

Stennes:  Ensign Yamaki, I agree we should signal back to the nanites with light, but I’d rather do it in a way that doesn’t light up the swarm itself.  Is it possible to project light elsewhere within the sphere?

::Han checked the console briefly noticing several options using the sensors outside the containment field to light up a certain section away from the cloud.::

Yamaki: uhm ::nodding slowly:: yes that is possible sir... The lighting systems we can use can be pointed in a certain area ::he tapped a few buttons making one of the sensors, that are used to relay the images they were getting from the cloud, point in a darker area. An excellent point to relay messages.:: 

Yamaki: I've uhm changed screen one to show the area we could project messages on for the cloud. ::He mumbled as he looked at Stennes and doctor Pond.::

Stennes:  Do what you need.  We will start this experiment as soon as you both are ready to proceed.

::Han nodded directing another sensor over to be used for the light messages. He felt comfortable doing this since it required mainly engineering skills. The actually communicating he gladly let over to doctor Pond and mister Stennes.::

Yamaki: As ready as I'll ever be sir ::Han said softly feeling slightly nervous at the thought of making first contact with a possible new species.::

Pond:  response

Ensign Han Yamaki
Engineering department
USS Darwin - A

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