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Lazuli Davis

Oct 1, 2022, 5:29:10 PMOct 1

(( Holodeck 3 ))

Motha: Shall I work on structural shield patterns for possible deployment?

S'Rrrrell: That would be beneficial. My simulations will show us possible weak points to take carrre of.

Ollo: Good, and I'll do the other. How about a 15 minute check in?

The "15 minute check-in" was something his old lab group used to do together; it just arose organically. Unlike their cloned, modified specimens.

Motha: response

Ollo: Oh, no it isn't. It's something I learned when I was a science officer. Independent work for 15 minutes, then report back to the group.

S'Rrrrell: I have no objections.

Motha: response

Ollo: It's best you use the time to figure out what you don't know. That way you can utilize the shared brain power of the group to figure it out.

It felt strange, at first, to show up among your peers and broadcast your ignorance. But it was a proven method: if you wanted to do your best work, you had to fully utilize your support system. Ollo loved it, once he understood the function; and then it also reminded him of Bolian relationships. The best relationships, it is said, are the ones where the people are as open as possible.

Motha: response

With the tension reduced... for now... Ollo summoned the aquashuttle toolkits and first visually appraised them. They were all EV-friendly designs, so no troubles there to use them on either side of the hull. Ollo next summoned a workstation so he could input commands without verbally requesting them.

Ollo used his time to pour through the spec sheets, and checking what the different regulations meant. One tool was SFCE-2063-ZC-SJ spec, another was SFSW-359-WTR spec, another was.... Ollo felt he could go cross-eyed. He set up a subroutine in the computer to list the stats themselves, not the regulation names. He didn't learn much. The regulations only described the minimums, but not the actual tested limits for a given piece of hardware.

S'Rrrrell: Motha, the shield frrreqency needs adjustments, yourrr currrent setting would fight the waterrr.

Motha: response

They exhaled and their tail went from stiff and rigid to swaying gently back and forth.

Ollo quietly observed, then returned to his work. The regulations themselves, none of them by spec were sufficient. Starfleet didn't do much to design tools for high pressure environments; that was kind of the opposite of their thing. 

S'Rrrrell: Adjusting simulation. ::Their fingers ran over the console to follow these words, then watching the calculations they nod.:: That will worrrk.

Motha: response

As the other two worked, Ollo began searching to see if anyone had tested the limits of these tools before? A thorough search showed that some science teams published their findings based on subjecting some of the various tools to exotic environments, like high-radiation environments, or high temperature. Nothing much to say about them being submerged in highly-conductive water, at depth.

Motha: response

The timer went off, and Ollo returned to the group.

S'Rrrrell: Is everrryone rrready?

Ollo: Yes. I learned that I know nothing. I'll start, if there's no objections..?

S'Rrrrell/Motha: response

Ollo pushed the spec sheets and exploratory research to the center console, ala the Big Table in Main Engineering, so they could all see them.

Ollo: These tools were made to different specs. None of them, unsurprisingly, are designed for the environment of Daaka. I tried looking to see if anyone else had previously tested the tools in underwater, high pressure, or conductive environments. The answer is no. Well, yes to conductive, but not in the way we mean. Just that a hyperspanner won't kill the user if they bump an EPS conduit. My plan is to use the holodeck to simulate the tools and the environments. I think holo technology is sophisticated enough to model this accurately?

S'Rrrrell/Motha: response

Ollo: Ah, yeah, I didn't think of that. Is there, like, a high-accuracy mode if we disable visuals? I don't need to see the simulation.

S'Rrrrell/Motha: response

Ollo: Got it. Yes, that'll work. Ok, who's next?

S'Rrrrell/Motha: response

Engineering Officer
Propulsion, EPS, Maintenance 

simmed by:

Lt Commander Lazarus Davis
First Officer
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USS Constitution-B
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