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Maxwell Tannhauser

Sep 24, 2022, 9:07:20 PM9/24/22
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(( Daaka Waters – Kuben-tai Mating Ground ))


Foster: =/\= Well, that’s good news.  Ensign, they do not think of you as food in the slightest.  So all you have to do is be non-threatening.=/\=


Tannhauser: =/\= Doc, I’m standing still as a statue, in near pitch dark. I don’t know how to be less threatening than I am now. =/\=


And that was a fact. He felt vulnerable, exposed, anxious, and the flickering fear that had threatened to grow before started to engulf him. 


T’Seva: =/\= Any more tips, Mo'kana? =/\=


Mo’kana: =/\=… do not interact with … used to us … no sudden movements. =/\=


Tannhauser: =/\= I didn’t catch all of that, but for what it’s worth, there are precisely zero sudden movements happening in this suit. So I’m a statue right now. =/\=


T’Seva: =/\= Hold fire. So...how are we going to get him out? =/\=


Foster: =/\= That is a good question, if he’s being as still as possible, how to we get him out? =/\=


Tannhauser: =/\= Very carefully =/\=


T’Seva: =/\= We'll need to... =/\=


Mo’kana: =/\= I can …. to tow… will pull him to us. =/\=


Foster: =/\= You say that as if you expected to enact a rescue. =/\=


Mo’kana: =/\= I … get caught in the currents and … not expected, but yes, I came prepared. =/\=


Tannhauser: =/\= My Mom would like you Mo’Kana, always prepared =/\=


T’Seva: =/\= There is definitely something to be said for being ready for everything. =/\=


Mo’Kana: I am honored to be compared to a mother.  They are the leaders of houses.


Max tried to slowly turn his attention away from the group of kuben-tai to see if he could spot his crewmates on their approach. Nothing as of yet. The kuben-tai had not moved from their spot either. The whole group was either rotating, or having their shells checked. 


Tannhauser: =/\= this really is something else. It’s almost… it’s almost like an inspection before they… do the deed? =/\=


Foster: =/\= Apparently this is a complex series of social interactions.  Think of an underwater formal dance to find your partner.  Do si do before you get the show… =/\=


Tannhauser=/\= okay, nope, no no, I don’t need those details, thanks Doc. =/\=


T’Seva: =/\= :: laughing :: Not a biologist by inclination, Ensign? =/\=


Foster=/\= Hey, I think I can see you.  We’re here! Olly Olly oxen free! =/\=


Tannhauser=/\= my heroes! =/\=


Max turned away from the kuben-tai and moved towards the edge of the arena. He turned to look back at the kuben-tai – who had stopped the inspection. Max had moved too fast and caught the attention of someone. All the someone’s.


Tannhauser=/\= where’s that puller Mo’Kana talked about?! =/\=


T’Seva=/\= We're coming! =/\=


Foster=/\= Hold still, Kid.  Tow line incoming! =/\=


Tannhauser=/\= must go faster, must go faster! =/\=


Mo’kana was a good shot.  Though the device she had seemed to have a competent underwater targeting system.  It shot out like a harpoon, but without a sharp point at the end.  Instead the end was a cushioned ball that unfurled into a harness that locked itself around Maxwell like a hug.

The device started to immediately town him in.  Slowly at first, to not disturb the kuben-tai.  But the movement did pique their interest and a few started swimming after him.


Tannhauser=/\= I’m in, let’s go! =/\=


There was a pull from somewhere behind his navel, and Max was rushing backwards. The kuben-tai didn’t break off their pursuit, but the tow line was retracting faster than they could swim. Again, Max felt thankful for the dive suit. He was getting pulled backwards at warp 7, but he was along for this shuttle-ride, not the shuttle itself. He soared through the gates of the arena, and watched the kuben-tai pull up short. They just needed the interloper gone, and now that he was, they could continue their fun. 


Foster: Not gonna lie, that kinda looks like fun.


Tannhauser=/\= WOOOO! This IS exhilarating! ::waving to the arena:: Have fun mating, kuben-tais!! =/\= ::He skidded to a halt next to them, laughing.:: that ::snorting:: was not on my “to-do” list. How do I even put that in my log?


Foster: Easy: “Watched fascinating mating ritual from a scientifically advantageous vantage point.  Did not get eaten, nor break my marital vows, life is good.” ::grinning::


T’Seva: I think we can agree that particular adventure doesn't necessarily need to be documented.


Mo’kana: You were lucky.  Welcome back.


Tannhauser: thank you for the save, Mo’Kana. I think I owe you a debt of some kind.


T'Seva: So, where now? Preferably somewhere that is in fact a giant sea turtle free zone.


Mo’kana: There are some more ruins outside the city


Tannhauser: ::weakly:: Please, no.


T'Seva: I wouldn't mind somewhere a bit...more civilized.


Foster: That’s not a bad idea.  You have a beautiful city here and we would love to see more!


Mo’kana: Yes, we can return.  ::she seemed pleased by this option.::  Did you wish to see anything specific?


Tannhauser: it’s someone else’s pick. That way, whatever trouble we cause, it won’t be on me. 


T’Seva: response


Mo’kana flipped and considered.


Mo’kana: Yes we have museums with art and museums with science.  We value both.


Foster: That speaks of great wisdom of your people ::he offered with a smile.::


Tannhauser: I’d love to see your art.


T’Seva: response


Mo’kana: I appreciate the artistry the most.  We have paintings that move with the flow of the water, they are quite beautiful.


T’Seva: response


Mo’kana: Please, follow! I will show you!


Tannhauser: let’s float!


Max lifted himself off the seabed again, and followed Mo’Kana. The current picked them up and carried them away from the ruins, and Max took one last look at the arena as they sailed away, so to speak. Not exactly the ideal vacation spot, but an interesting one nonetheless.


Tannhauser: Commander, please tell me you didn’t get any photos of me in that mess down there


T’Seva: Response


Mo’Kana/Foster: response


Tannhauser: I’m not sure how I feel about that…


Mo’Kana/Foster/T’Seva: response


Ensign Maxwell Tannhauser

HCO Officer

U.S.S. Constitution


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