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Jamie LeBlanc

Sep 26, 2022, 11:09:38 PMSep 26
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B

(( Daaka Waters ))

Together again and it felt so good.

At the very least it drastically lowered Cade’s blood pressure and his smiles were more genuine and less ‘I’m grinning and bearing it and hoping Tannhauser doesn’t get his skull smashed by an alien turtle the size of a shuttlecraft.’

So with all limbs, skulls and suits intact and the kuben-tai peacefully off to make some baby kuben-tai life seemed pretty good.

Now everyone was focused on going back to the city and doing something safer.

Mo’kana: I appreciate the artistry the most.  We have paintings that move with the flow of the water, they are quite beautiful.

T’Seva: Ooh. That does sound interesting!

Cade admitted he was intrigued.  Artwork had to take on a different meaning underwater.

And he promised he wouldn’t make any water-color puns.

Ok, maybe just one.

Mo’kana: Please, follow! I will show you!

Tannhauser: let’s float!

Mo’kana led the way, with the trio following after her.  It was slow getting back to the ruins, but far faster once they could catch a current to guide them.  

Tannhauser: Commander, please tell me you didn’t get any photos of me in that mess down there

T’Seva: If I did, do you think I would tell you as opposed to saving it for a more interesting moment?

Foster: oooh, clever…

Mo’kana: What is clever?

Foster: Well… it’s teasing.  Do you have teasing in your culture?

Mo’kana: No… humor yes.  Teasing no.

Tannhauser: I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Foster: I’d feel like you’ve become part of the crew, Maxwell.  Hopefully you feel comfortable here, too.

T'Seva: Absolutely everyone on the ship has some embarrassing pictures. Somebody got one of me drunk at the Pot O'Latinum.

Foster: Ok, that I wanna see.

He waggled his eyebrows in the suit helmet, not in a lascivious way, but in one that seemed to say ‘I bet there’s a story there.’

Tannhauser: Response

Mo’kana: I ask the same… what is Pot – O – Latinum?

T'Seva: It's this absolutely awful "Irish Pub."

Mo’kana: Pub?

He turned towards her with a small gesture.

Foster: Drinking establishment that serves intoxicating beverages.

Mo’kana gave an expression of understanding, like. Lightbulb went off above her head as T’Seva went forward on her story.

T'Seva: On the starbase. Run by a Ferengi who has no clue what he's doing. It's so bad it's kind of fun in its own weird tacky way.

Tannhauser: Response

He grinned towards Maxwell.

Foster: I know, right?  Now I wanna check this place out. 

Mo’kana: Why would you want to go to a place if it was awful? 

She asked with brimming curiosity as they floated into the city on currents.

Tannhauser/T’Seva: ?

Hm, how to explain this?

Foster: Sometimes in our land dwelling culture we find things that are bad.  And sometimes they are so bad that they gain value because they are entertaining.

Mo’kana: How?

Tannhauser/T’Seva: ?

Foster: yes!  Like if you watch a little kid perform.  They’re not good and you don’t expect them to be good.  But you enjoy it anyways.

Mo’kana: So Ferengi are children?

Cade held back a chuckle.  One could argue that was a spot-on description of them.  In a tongue in cheek manner.

Tannhauser/T’Seva: ?

Mo’kana: Ah, so Ferengi are not children.  But they act like them?

Tannhauser/T’Seva: ?

OOC – winding this scene down as I know we’re coming to a time skip soon!

Lt Commander Cade Foster
Chief Medical Officer

USS Constitution-B

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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