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Sep 24, 2022, 2:57:37 AM9/24/22
to IC Conny

((Holodeck One - Deck 11, USS Constitution-B))

He had more thoughts but most of them were for after dealing with the hematoma if that didn't help to stabilize him, what to do now was more important.

Malyz: We need to get the blood out of his head, find the source of the bleed and fix it. Protoplaser should be working for closing the internal injury. I have not had to drain blood from a skull before, how are we going to go about that? The same method as for chest and stomach cavaties?

Drawing blood for tests was one thing draining was a whole other. Maybe he should add another year or two to learn more things, he had a feeling that he should know this already.

G’Renn: Suction, although we will require a finer size of tubing. Once the blood is removed we can reinfuse it into the patient after repairing the damage. There shouldn’t be need for an immediate transfusion. If he had that much blood in his brain ::She paused, not really needing to state the effects of so much blood in such a small area.:: -we would know.

So not like other cavities. They do to it because of the situation or was it always done like this? Oz didn't have experience with surgeries around the head area, so this was new to him. There was so much to learn about medical.

Mark Two: Ok, what next, Doctor.

G’Renn: Let’s begin with the surgery right away. Malyz, I want you to be our eyes and ears. Monitor the patient’s vital signs and help guide our progress with the medical scans. Mark, you’re with me. Stand by with suction and a protoplaser. Malyz, make sure we’re in the correct position for the incision.

As soon as she mentioned what he was supposed to do, Oz stepped to the console that displayed the vital signs with a nod. So suction, protoplaser, incisions, vitals. He took a deep breath, time to calm himself and focus. Focus, vitals.

Mark Two: Standing by, whenever you are ready.

Malyz: Ready. Vitals still weaker than normal but stable. Collection of blood about six centimeters behind antenna, right side.

G’Renn: Opening incision six centimeters behind the right antenna. Retracting the skin now.

For a brief moment Oz looked over to the incision and opening but then turned his head again to keep the vitals in check. Any little change showing up? He'd see it. He'd be the best vital checker ever.

Mark Two: The scans have a lock on with the location of the bleed.  We’re ready.

G’Renn: I’m opening two small bore holes the skull now, Mark. Stand by to stop the bleeding. Malyz, vitals?

The Betazoid Teen nodded to Anath.

Malyz: No change. Go ahead.

He heard the sound of the drill, and was glad that he did not have to look at it right now. Not that he had a weak stomach but it might make him nervous all over again. Maybe his future specialisation would not be brain surgeon then.

G’Renn: The bleed is exposed. Mark, you’re up.

When the bleed was exposed, the pressure in the brain of the Andorian changed, the vitals changed as wel but remained in safe margins. He did not look over but could imagine that the pressure would lead to the blood coming out of those drilled holes.

Mark Two: Proceeding with suction now.

Malyz: Vitals fluctuating, still weak but getting stronger. Steadily stabilizing. ::smiling:: It's working.

Was he surprised? Maybe. He just didn't really know why. Maybe it was more a relief than surprise.

G’Renn: ?

Mark Two: Hematoma is drained, but it will continue to bleed until the damage is fixed.  ::he looked up towards Ozameen:: It’s all you.

Oz nodded to his brother, because that was what Mark was to him, and threw a last glance to the vitals before he stepped aside and reached for the protoplast, stepping next to the patient and finally seeing the open head. Okay this was not as bad as he had imagined. He could see the blood though. Mark was right it would still bleed if they didn't fix the actual injury. He held the Protoplast close to the head and activated it, his eyes flickering from the area to where he could see the blood through the drilling holes. He focused on the task, the protoplast working its 'magic'. The integrated sensor indicated that it was not fixing any more and his eyes moved to the exposed area.

Malyz: Can you see the injury on the scanner, Mark? Is it closed?

G’Renn: ?

Mark Two: yes, I can see the closure on the scans.  Back off a moment and let’s see if there is any remaining bleeding.

Oz moved his hands and the tool away, looking over to Mark, a little nervous, after all he wanted to do well.

G’Renn: ?

Mark Two: Vitals are staying steady ::He confirmed for Oz.::

That was good. The man that reminded him too much of Wyn was stabilized. But no time to relax yet. First they needed to make sure he was proper taken care of. Maybe that was not the only location he had been wounded.

Malyz: Any more bleedings?

G’Renn: ?

Mark Two: No, I’m not reading further intercranial bleeding.

The teenager exhaled and smiled brightly.

Malyz: Awesome. Great work.

Ozameen raised his hand for a high five towards Mark and Anath. He might be a tad too happy for this to have worked so smoothly.

G’Renn/Mark Two: ?

Oh right yes. Closing the patient's head would of course be beneficial. He nodded and quickly lowered his hand to the head again. The drilling holes were small enough to not need covering or fixing, so he activated the protoplast to close the dura and then covered the skull with the scalp again and ran the regeneration cycle over the incision lines, watching the skin heal. Only moments later it was as good as new.

Malyz: There we go. Would we use the Inpedrazine now as he is put into recovery?

He wondered if that was even part of the training, but even if not he would have to know for later.

G’Renn/Mark Two: ?

Malyz: ::taking a deep breath he nodded.:: That was.. very useful. I felt out of my element with the emergency pressure and a field of medical that I don't have experience in. All the little knowledge I have about this was purely theoretical. I'm glad we can go through this stuff in simulations.

G’Renn/Mark Two: ?

Malyz: Yes generally I want to do more of these before I am thrown into my exams and totally blank. ::He smiled and then nodded.:: We doing another?

G’Renn/Mark Two: ?

Cadet 3rd Grade Ozameen 'Oz' Malyz
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