PNPC Ensign S'Rrrrell - Unnerving Silence

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Sep 29, 2022, 11:37:11 PMSep 29
to IC Conny

(( Holodeck 3 ))

The Caitian stepped to the control panel and activated a simulation corner, inside the simulation. A console with a holographic 3D display hovering above it on which they could display what was going to happen.

S'Rrrrell: If you wish to help you could petition that we each get ourrr own quarrrterrrs. Trrry living with a walking talking plant who has not seen a happy day in their life.

Motha: Interesting coming from the animal which cannot keep his shedding to their side of the quarters. I believe I have swept enough to replicate a second Caitian.

Ollo: R-roommates? O-oh no, no no.

At Motha's remark they growled slightly, though the way their ears twitched one could almost think they were amused. They would never, after all Motha was not funny.

S'Rrrrell: No guarrrantee I won't sleepwalk and mistake you for catnip.

Motha: Nor can I guarantee you will find prickly pear thorns *accidentally* dropped among your bedding.

S'Rrrell bared their teeth and hissed at the walking plant.

Ollo: Er, comrades? C-can we just do the engineering? Maybe no more talking?

Motha: You will have to excuse my behavior. Ensign S'Rrrell have a history which we cannot appear to escape from. Our Flight leader of our Academy gave up and so has the Deputy Commandant. I only assume that some deity is angry at me to have our lives still intertwined.

The Caitian stared at Motha. No matter how much they wanted to just claw through his leaves, they had to admit that Ollo was right. They had work to do. In case of an emergency they had to know what to do.

S'Rrrrell: My.. apologies. You arrre corrrect, let's focus on worrrk.

Ollo: You know, you could always transfer departments. I did, and it--

The black feline looked at the Bolian. Change departments? For someone passionate about engineering that was out of the question. For S'Rrrrell it was definitely not in the picture, Engineering or bust. Apparently either their or Motha's expression - did that guy even have one? - was enough for Ollo to switch gears.

Ollo: Uh, it... Yeah let's just work.

Motha: Shall I work on structural shield patterns for possible deployment?

S'Rrrrell: That would be beneficial. My simulations will show us possible weak points to take carrre of.

Ollo: Good, and I'll do the other. How about a 15 minute check in?

15 minute check in. They could do that.

Motha: response

Ollo: Oh, no it isn't. It's something I learned when I was a science officer. Independent work for 15 minutes, then report back to the group.

S'Rrrrell: I have no objections.

Motha: response

Ollo: It's best you use the time to figure out what you don't know. That way you can utilize the shared brain power of the group to figure it out.

Motha: response

The Caitian nodded and turned back to the console and projection in front of them. It made sense, and it would allow to have 15 minutes withtout interaction with Motha. Sweet silence. So S'Rrrrell turned back to the simulations in front of them. Working alone, adjusting the scenario to test various things for more detailed results.

They weren't judging the results just yet, just collecting the data of weak points and problems that may arise. After about ten minutes the silence got to the cat. It was weird. Though they weren't sure why, things weren't naturally loud around them all the time. They looked at the data, since the Phylosian was working on the shield right now, it would be better to let him know from the start that there was something off.

S'Rrrrell: Motha, the shield frrreqency needs adjustments, yourrr currrent setting would fight the waterrr.

Motha/Ollo: response

They exhaled and their tail went from stiff and rigid to swaying gently back and forth. That was better. The interrupted silence. That of course had nothing to do with Motha just that the complete silence was unnerving.

S'Rrrrell: Adjusting simulation. ::Their fingers ran over the console to follow these words, then watching the calculations they nod.:: That will worrrk.

Motha/Ollo: response

They returned to their simulations, testing out pressures applied to the shuttles, noting the stress points and ran through the database with creatures that would be found on Daaka, at least those they knew about so far, and added them to the simulation for possible damage and what could lure them in.

Motha/Ollo: response

As the time was up they transferred the information to the main console so they could share them with the rest of the group and walked over to them.

S'Rrrrell: Is everrryone rrready?

Motha/Ollo: response

Ensign S'Rrrrell
Engineering Officer
Prounouns: They/them

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Commodore Jalana Rajel
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