PNPC Lt (jg) Kvash, How Klingons Deal With A Tough Mission

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Jun 20, 2021, 11:01:33 PMJun 20
to 'Jamie LeBlanc' via USS Constitution-B – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
(( Starbase 104 - The Sink - Harley's ))

She *could* go to Gorkon's Meatatorium and get some proper Klingon food; if it wasn't for the fact that she actually had the ability to cook.

Besides, it wasn't food Kvash was looking for right now. After the mission she had had...well, undoubtedly Gorkon's had bloodwine, but it wasn't quite what she had in mind.

Lembatta Suns? Not after what she'd heard had happened to their resident Gorn. She'd get weepy and that was not a Klingon thing to...


An intentionally dingy bar was *just* what the counselor hadn't actually ordered but might have if he'd known. Outside the bar were displayed a couple of vintage human two-wheelers. The leathers-clad Klingon made her way inside into loud music and drunks of a wide variety of species.


The bar was curved and in the very center, dividing it, was another of those human two wheelers, arranged as if it had crashed right into the bar, with wooden splinters around it. Astride was a helmeted skeleton.

Oh, this was definitely an interesting place.

Behind the bar on the left side was a human wearing an eye patch...these days an affectation as he could always get a new eye. Maybe he only wore the patch while on duty. Maybe it was actually hooked to his optic nerve.

Catering to customers on the right was a human woman with flaming red hair wearing tight leather.


She headed over to the side with the one-eyed man.

Kvash: Do you have bloodwine?

Rory: Of course!

Kvash: Then hit me up.

Rory: Want anything to wash down with it?

Kvash: Why not.

Eating something would mean it would take her longer to get drunk, and she intended to get quite, quite drunk.

OOC: Introducing Harley's, the Best Worst Biker Bar in space, run by Rory and his wives (yes, plural) Elizabeth (behind the bar on the other side) and Sondra (In the kitchen). Anyone care to join Kvash for drinks and perhaps a small bar fight?

Lt (jg) Kvash
USS Constitution

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