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Sep 28, 2022, 12:40:49 PMSep 28

(( Daaka Ocean))

The Zindee workers seemed to either understand or just want to watch them but they went back to work. 

Sarek: * Did Sarek do something wrong? * 

He asked curiously but floated in place a moment while looking at the big whales. It was a momentary pause in his exuberance. 

Efluvian: * No, Sarek. They are simply not used to outsiders swimming in their waters. *

Nimo: * Yes. It's okay. We're not used to sudden changes. *

Fyen turned to the Dolphin.

Fyen: * These are workers of the facility. They take much pride in their work. Interrupting it for a chat would disturb the flow. *

Sarek: * Ooooh, workers are busy. Sarek understand. * ::The Dolphin Ambassandoor slowly rolled upside down while facing the workers and made the underwater equivalent of a whisper:: * Sarek didn’t mean to bother your work! Sarek hope you have a good day with lots of fish! * 

Nimo: * I know they'll appreciate it, Sarek. Thank you. *

Fyen: * We can look around the facility without disturbing them. A supervisor may be able to answer questions. *

Efluvian: * Indeed. Many senior Xindi were informed of your arrival, and to expect a number of interested questions. *

The Dolphin swam quickly back towards the others and bobbed his head up and down rapidly in agreement. 

Sarek: * Oooh, okay! Sarek can wait and talk to Supervisor Zindee! Maybe they let Sarek boop them! *

Efluvian: * You do seem quite enthusiastic about this "Bup" system of yours, young Sarek. Can you elaborate some more about the custom? *

Nimo: * Please. I am curious. *

The Dolphin whislted and squeaked in laughter and swam in circles over, around, under and by the Zindee while elaborating on the process known as booping.

Sarek: * Sarek don’t know if one has to be booped to give boops, but will have to ask when Sarek goes home! But Sarek do know that boops can be passed on! And boops are fun. But boops only work with living things. Sarek thinks. But Zindee faciltee looks like coral. So, it’s living right? Boops should work! *

The Dolphin’s logic was, of course, as sound as any Vulcans surely. 

Efluvian: * I imagine they should, yes, Young Sarek. *

Nimo: * Based on the explanation provided, I believe I would agree. *

The Dolphin swam closer to the faciltee, bobbing and swaying as he watched the schools of fish and the workers, from a distance so as to not disturb them again. Each time he opened his mouth he got a mouthful of tuna taste and whistled excitedly. 

Sarek:  * Sarek like faciltee, tastes like tuna. Tuna is Sarek’s favorite fish to eat. *

Efluvian: * I would be interested in trying this too-na you mention. It sounds like a delight. *

Nimo: * Agreed.*

Fyen: * I do not believe I have heard of too na before but am open to try it. *

He rolled around as he proclaimed his love for tuna and then looked at Fyen, Nimo and Efluvian. 

Sarek: * Sarek need air soon. ::He had a thought:: Do Zindee all have to go to surface from homes to breathe or do Zindee have air pockets in home like Sarek has on Cawnee?*

He announced whilst looking straight up towards the surface of the water where not too long ago he had been flying above. Back home in his tank all he had to do was swim up to the top of the tank which went into the deck above the labs to take a breath and say hi to any of the crew that might be working there at the time. 

Efluvian: * Air?! ::Efluvian was shocked:: Young Sarek, you do not simply draw your oxygen from the water? *

Nimo: ::concerned:: * Are you in danger? I do not believe any of us were briefed on your need for air! *

Fyen: * We were not. I too assumed you used the water's oxygen. *

The sudden concern from the big whales made him pause mid loop over Efluvian and he looked between the three of them a moment before rolling over on his side so each of them could see the blowhole on the dorsal side of his head. Eagerly showing it off with pride. 

Sarek: * Yes! Sarek mammal like most of Cawnee pod! Though Sarek can hold breath for a long time! Sarek not know how to use oxygene in water.  *

Efluvian: * I am afraid not. Our people do not require air pockets. We simply filter the air from the water. So our homes and facilities are not designed with that in mind. And no one informed us that this would be required. Oh, dear. We are quite deep. *

Nimo: * It would take us quite a while to rise. Maybe if we head to a nearby coral jungle, we could find an air patch created by Frondo weeds? *

Though the others seemed to be frantic about his need for air, Sarek merely idly swam around and between them waiting for them to do whatever they were going to do. 

Fyen: * I believe I have seen a coral jungle on our way here. We may find what we need there. *

Sarek looked at Fyen and bobbed his head up and down. 

Sarek: * Okay! Sarek follow! *

Efluvian: * We must depart at once! *

Nimo: * This way! *

Sarek: * Weee, more swimming! * 

Nimo took the lead and swam away really fast, much faster than Sarek could, but he was much bigger and had larger fins and flippers than Sarek. Sarek followed the group and eventually saw a large area of coral. Sarek didn’t know what a jungle was, but now he knew! A jungle was a really, really large patch of coral.  They dove even deeper and Sarek could feel an ache in his body. He was running out of air. But he trusted the big whales. They were going to show him how to get air!

Nimo: * Sarek! Here! Above is a pocket of air. It's abrasive to my skin but might be suitable for you. The carbon dioxide mixing with the oxygen of the frondo weed should suit your purpose until we get to somewhere more natural! *

The Dolphin paused next to Nimo and looked up. He could see the pocket of air and bobbed his head again. 

Sarek: * Okay! Sarek see it! *

The others gathered and looked at the pocket of air but the Zindee kept their distance. They were different than the whales he knew, so maybe whales weren’t the best analgee for him to use. He’d have to think of another one. 

Efluvian: response

Nimo: * Just go straight up and watch out for yellow scissor fish. They aren't dangerous but they do pinch when disturbed. *

Sarek: * Ooh, okay! Sarek be careful! *

Efluvian: response

Sarek swam up alongside another one of those bubbles that rose from the sea plant and he poked his head into the air pocket. He took a deep breath. It smelled odd compared to what he was used to on Earth and on the ship. But it was breathable! 

Nimo/Efluvian: response

Sarek: * Ohh, air smell different but it’s good air! * 

Fyen: * How often does Sarek need air? *

Nimo/ Efluvian: response

Sarek: * Sarek knows this!*::He ducked his head back into the water:: * One of Sarek’s pod timed Sarek and said that Sarek can hold breath on average for twenty two minoots! But Sarek has held breath for thirty before!! *

Fyen: * If the Frondo Weed's bubble replenishes Sarek's Oxygen for now, we could move through a current towards the surface for more fresh air. *

Sarek enjoyed the breath of air and took his fill while admiring one of those yellow fish the Zindee warned him about, from a distance. He eventually swam back to the others. 

Nimo/ Efluvian: response

Sarek: * Sarek has plenty air now. Sarek, ready to go again! *

Fyen: * Your en gin ears will surely be able to construct something for you to stay under water for longer periods than this, Sarek. *

Nimo/Efluvian: response

The dolphin rolled upside down a moment and bobbed his head, while chittering excitedly. 

Sarek: * Oooo, Sarek knows they can. Cawnee enginears are best in Starfleets!! Starfleet. Sarek will ask when Sarek gets back to ship! * 

Nimo/Efluvian/Fyen: response

Sarek followed the Zindee as they lead him to another one of the fun currents. Sarek could tell these were different than currents from Earth. Stronger and they felt more arteefisial. 

Sarek: * Wheeeeeeeee * 

Nimo/Efluvian/Fyen: response

This current curved upwards and they rapidly moved closer and closer towards the surface, while the dolphin was looking at everything they passed by with his usual curiosity. 

At some point the elder of the group of Zindee pulled himself out of the current and into another one going a different direction. Sarek heard them say to the others something about meeting the bride. ((ooc: Previously requested since the writer for them isn’t here. Removing them from the scene. :D ))

Eventually they pushed out of the current, Sarek again rolling over and over and laughing. Before he swam alongside the other two and could see the bright light from the surface shining down in streamers. 

Sarek: * Sarek see’s the surface! Thank you! Sarek want to explore more! Which currents take Sarek back down when enginears have something for Sarek to breathe with? *

Nimo/Fyen: response

Sarek: * Sarek like Daaka. Daaka pretty. Sarek thank new best friends Nimo and Fyen! *

It was much easier to pronounce Zindee names than those of his pod, mostly because they spoke similarly. 

Nimo/Fyen: response

Sarek wiggled his tail slightly to show his shiny gift from the crew. It would let them lock onto him easier and beam him onto the ship. 

Sarek: * Sarek can use this shiny to get home! Enginears smart like Sarek, they program it to respond to certain sounds Sarek makes when Sarek says Beam me up, Cawnee! *

Nimo/Fyen: response

Sarek realized as the blue shimmer surrounded him that he shouldn’t have actually said the phrase yet to beam him onto the ship, but as the transporter was pulling him away a last series of chirps, pops and clicks resounded. 

Sarek: * Sarek see Nimo and Fyen later to resoom Ambassandoor dooties! Wheeee!!! *

The blue shimmer faded as the dolphin was whisked away by the transporter and deposited back in the Cetacean tanks. At which point Sarek would definitely ask the enginears to make him something to let him breathe under the water for long periods of time. If they could do it for the two legs, then it should be easy. He already lived in the water!

Nimo/Fyen: response

(( Sarek will return! ))



The smartest Dolphin/Ambassandoor

As simmed by

Lieutenant JG Lystra

Tactical Officer

USS Constitution-B NCC-9012-B

SB118 Podcast Team 

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