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Jamie LeBlanc

Oct 1, 2022, 11:04:16 PMOct 1
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B

(OOC – Closing this scene because Xan'tor'zes is on LOA.  So’Mior is available for tags if anyone likes, we can always shuffle people to pair active characters together)

(( Daaka - Water Near Island ))

Xan'tor'zes: And of course I am interested in the life that lives on the very limited surface land mass.

As was So’Mior.  He would admit interest – oh yes.  He wouldn’t admit excitement, but that was there too.  Most embarrassingly un-Vulcan of him, but he could pretend to not be excited quite well.  That was one of the virtues of youth – that world weary disinterested sigh seemed ingrained.

But yes, he was also quite excited.

Bai: Response

Kvash: Hopefully. Talking to people is vital. But museums help too. You can learn a lot from what a culture chooses to preserve.

So’Mior: They have opened up the public areas of the city to us, there is a good possibility you can find what you are seeking.

The city of Daaka itself was fascinatingly rich with culture and history.  He imagined both ventures would have very interesting discoveries.

Xan'tor'zes: Indeed. And as contact has been limited, you may learn some surprising new facts that could add to our overall understanding of the Xindi. 

Bai: Response

Kvash: I suspect they want to show off their culture and achievements. This is a new colony, and that, if Xindi are like most sentients, is going to make them *more* likely to want to show off.

So’Mior: If I am not too bold, perhaps I should pair with Lieutenant Xan'tor'zes to investigate the landmasses, while Lieutenant Kvash and Ensign Bai tend to the anthro-cultural explorations?

Kvash: In other words, you are curious about the land. But that makes sense to me. Bai?

He tried very hard to look completely placid about that.  

But he might have tinged a little olive.  Called out.  Yep, he was very curious.

Rock nerd wanted to be a rock nerd on the only dry rocks on the whole planet.

Xan'tor'zes: I am certainly happy to have company, as long as it's not pulling you away from something you're much more interested in?

Bai: Response

So’Mior: I can be curious about many things

Kvash: Ah, curiosity. The one Vulcan emotion.

Well, the one socially acceptable Vulcan emotion.

If he was far older and more comfortable in his own skin he might have even made that joke.

But he was young and awkward and kept his mouth shut.

Xan'tor'zes: I do not believe that is a fair characterization of our Vulcan counterparts. 

Bai: Response

So’Mior: It is true, Vulcan society is not without its own complexities.

Emotional and otherwise.  The control of emotion was different than the complete lack of emotion – and So’Mior knew full well that it was impossible to just purge and completely discard emotions.

They had to be moderated.  Worked through.  Come to peace with.  That was far different than just wadding them up and tossing them into the recycler.

Kvash: So how about we drop off the rock people to look at rocks and then find ourselves a museum? Or perhaps an art gallery?

Xan'tor'zes: I'm not a rock person... I was going to watch the birds... And look for other terrestrial life. 

He looked between them and then said with a youthful confidence,

So’Mior: I am a rock person.

And he was.  In fact he was the Conny’s very own rock nerd.

And furthermore he was quite surprised at how often that was actual a very useful specialty on a deep space mission.

Bai: Response

They started descending towards the planet and for a while So’Mior was mesmerized by the beauty of it.  Light fluffy wisps of clouds gently hung in a deep blue sky that shone down on endless sparkling water below.

They flew over the landmass, which had an immediately interesting structure.

Kvash: I'm not a geologist, but that island is suspiciously conical.

Xan'tor'zes: It would make sense that these islands were formed by volcanic activity. But I will defer to Mister So'Mior's expertise. 

He tipped his head forward.

So’Mior: It is almost certainly volcanic.  There are high levels of magnesium and potassium in the soil which accounts for the intensely varied amount of plant life in such a small geographic area.

Bai: Response

Kvash: Well, it doesn't seem to be an *active* one.

Xan'tor'zes: Looks can be deceiving. At least the transporters only become problematic in the water. The planet's atmosphere does not pose an issue, so if we encounter serious danger, we can beam back quickly.

So’Mior: The Constitution did do a full planetary scan upon approach, and did not highlight any major disaster indicators.  Certainly mistakes can be made, but it is unlikely that there will be volcanic activity during out visit.

However he also knew that minds could be very fanciful and imagine worst case scenarios.

Kvash: Just make sure we know so we don't send out search parties.

So’Mior: We will try not to get ourselves lost.

He said it quite earnestly, so it was very hard to tell if he was being serious – or humorous.

Then again that would be exactly like Vulcan humor for you.

Bai: Response

Xan'tor'zes: I wish the both of you a pleasant time under the waves. If we are not here when you return to the surface, assume we have been eaten by megafauna or run away from a volcanic eruption. ::She hissed, laughing, then looked at So'Mior:: That was a joke. I do not intend to let you be eaten. 

So’Mior: ::With an absolutely straight face:: I appreciate that, Lieutenant.  I do not believe I would digest well.  

Bai: Response  

Kvash merely laughed at that and So’Mior was satisfied that, at least, he didn’t seem too awkward with this group of scientists.

He readied to land on the island with Xan'tor'zes, and the two set off to explore the little landmass of Daaka.


pNPC Ensign So’Mior
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"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

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