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Jamie LeBlanc

Sep 25, 2022, 11:59:08 PMSep 25
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B

(( Team 1 - Daaka - Xindi Colony )) 

If there was one thing she could immediately find in common with Gell-anna the Leader of her House it was that leading groups of people was difficult and all too often they were like stubborn sea kittens that you needed to track down and get into line… somehow.

Amph’ail: That is a long time!  I have only been leader of my house now for two planetary cycles.

Cycles were a little more than Terran years, so somewhere between 2-3 years.  A fraction of the time Gell-anna had been in leadership, but not insignificant.

Rajel: That is a long time as well. You cannot get to seven years without having lead two first.

Bubbles rose from her gills and she touched her fins together in a gesture that was starting to translate as appreciation or agreement.

Amph'ail: Yes, this is true and wise!

Rajel: I am curious. What do you do for fun? Unless you always work of course. 

She tipped her head to one side and swam closer to Gell-anna.  Her voice was soft and somewhat playful.

Amph'ail: If someone tells you that they never have any fun and all they do is work, either they are miserable or a liar.  Every creature has something they define as fun, even if others would not consider it such.  ::She flipped backwards a short bit:: Though I do find that I have a lot of work to tend to and I do not have as much fun time as I would like.

Rajel: ::Smiling:: Don't tell my counselors but I do at times have a bit of trouble to switch my mind from work to non work. It feels like someone always needs something. Is it the same here? 

Amph'ail: It is.  ::She clasped her fins again:: Always much to be done.  But I take some time off to swim and dance and see the new art.  These things help me think more clearly.  Do you do the same?

Rajel: Oh I believe that a balance is important of work and time off work to do something for yourself. Something other than your house that makes you happy and relaxes you. Maybe you can show me sometime. 

Giving an eager gesture, she shifted her position to come alongside Gell-anna.  This was symbolic, she felt they were equals – they had a common experience shared and house leaders and mothers of a large family that was not all related.  

Amph'ail: I would be happy to show you our art and dancing.  You might like, our art is unique as we create it here within the water!

Rajel: We might be a little tight in time with your upcoming wedding, but nobody said we cannot stay in contact afterwards, right? 

Oh, after the wedding stay in contact?  

Balanomi flipped again and considered this, her tone was one of surprise and yet a pleased undercurrent.  She had not thought of it, but it sounded like a good idea.

Amph'ail: Stay in contact?  I had not thought of it, but that does sound pleasant.  It is good to talk to another mother of a house.  There are not many on Daaka, and most are old and strict.

And Balanomi was neither old nor rigid in her thinking – so she didn’t exactly get along with the other leaders.

Rajel: How long does it take you to build your ships? Do you plan on traveling as well for state functions and such, or are you content staying in the colony? 

She floated back to hang alongside Gell-anna and watch the drones build a hull on a ship.

Amph'ail: Time depends on the ship.  Small ships?  A quarter or half a cycle.  Large ships – one to three cycles depending on type and size.  ::She paused and considered the second half of the question.:: Travel?  Well, to be honest it is Nimo who loves to travel.  More than any other Xindi I have known.  I am not so enamored with it.

She wasn’t sure yet if that meant she wasn’t enamored with traveling or she wasn’t enamored with him.

Both, really.

But to make things even more confusing, she wasn’t against traveling, and she didn’t dislike Nimo.  She liked him quite a bit and his love of travel and willingness to explore and experience new things was something that she respected a lot about him.

That was the problem.  Nimo was a great friend.  And she loved him as a friend.

She just couldn’t wrap her brain around him being a mate.  She wasn’t attracted to him in that way.

She didn’t have any reason not to be, other than she… wasn’t.

That didn’t make Nimo bad.  She would like to keep him as a friend for her entire life.  But could they be friends if they ended up being unhappy mates?

She didn’t know.

Rajel: ?

Amph’ail: Ah, true.  I am not against travel, either.  And I have never tried it.  I don’t know, I might end up liking it.

And she might end up liking Nimo in a way other than friends.

She didn’t know.

She had never tried it.

Rajel: ?

Amph’ail: Tell me if I am wrong, but it seems like in Starfleets you don’t get much choice – you just go forward and have to experience new things if that is part of your duty, is that correct?

Rajel: ?

She turned, watching Gell-anna carefully, listening intently.

Amph’ail: Is it scary to do new things?  What happens when you don’t want to do it, but you are told you have to?

Rajel: ?

Amph’ail: And do you ever end up finding you like the new thing, even if you didn’t like it before?

She was curious.  Curious and seeking – for herself and her own decision making process.

Rajel: ?


MSNPC Balanomi Amph’ail
The Bride


"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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