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Jennifer R. Povey

May 20, 2018, 2:41:12 PM5/20/18
to 'Sarah Eccles' via UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B
(( Starbase 104 - Verdant Galaxy Gardens ))

Yito: Sounds intriguing.

T’Seva: What about you?

Yito: I plan to do a some exploring of the station visit the Hinji section.

T’Seva: Try the Avaran Grill. It’s a little touristy, but has a great sampler platter of Hinji food.

Yito: I wanted to ask for your guidance now I’ve been promoted to a senior rank.

T’Seva: Okay?

Yito: You’ve been Starfleet a number of years. Any advice for a newly promoted Lieutenant looking to become Security Chief one day?

T’Seva: Try not to break yourself too often? Seriously…you’re already on a solid track.

Yito: ?

T’Seva: My first piece of advice is always to know your team, know who can do what, and know what to delegate.

Yito: ?

T’Seva: One of the biggest mistakes people make…both as new Ensigns and when they start hitting command rank…is to try and do everything themselves.

Yito: ?

T’Seva: Learning not to do that is tough. But look at the Captain. She’s where she is because she knows who to send where.

Yito: ?

T’Seva: Always keep time for yourself. And treat everyone with the same respect you do command officers.

Yito: ?

LtCmdr Atan T'Seva
Chief of Security
USS Constitution

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