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Sarah Eccles

Jul 18, 2020, 8:44:16 PM7/18/20
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B

(( Endaasi - Hotel Banquet Room - Evening of Arrival day )) 


There were holographic emitters in the room, subtly arranged and concealed; specifically around the main stage. It had been insisted upon. There would be remote hell to pay if there wasn’t. 


Rajel: But now to the official part. Lazarus. Ever since you joined us for the first time on the Conny you have shown through hard work and dedication what you are made of. We have been lucky that you joined us again after a break and that impression has not changed. During your time as Assistant Chief of the Science Department the department was in great hands and so it is my pleasure and honor to not only promote you Lieutenant but also to Chief of Science. Congratulations!


Davis/Anyone: response


Nugra: It is good to see the crew being recognized for their actions.


As Captain Rajel paused, beaming, at her beloved crew, the holoemitters engaged and, with a wobble of the air, Jalana suddenly wasn’t alone on the stage. Now she was joined by an elderly Tellarite, all white mane and heavily hooded eyes, in full Admiral’s dress whites. 


Admiral Heraan, Director of Starfleet Logistics, would be a familiar sight to most of the Constitution’s crew, though last time they’d seen him he’d been there in person, wearing spurs and a ten gallon hat, in the Saloon. This time he looked rather more formal.


But he didn’t act it. He’d been watching the ceremony from a holosuite in Starfleet Headquarters, but chose to make his appearance only now, springing to life out of thin air. 


The Admiral stamped a hoof irritatedly. 


Heraan: Is this thing working?


Rajel/Any: ?


Heraan: Good. I had my doubts. ::He sniffed.:: Jalana! Come closer. Teska only booked me a holosuite. ::He scowled.:: Where’s Hiro, is he still alive?


Rajel/Takahashi/Any: ?


Heraan: Oh well, you can’t win them all. ::He grinned at his former adjutant.:: 


Rajel/Takahashi/Any: ?


Heraan: I’d say I’m sorry I’m not there in person, but I’m not. I can’t go hauling my ancient arse out to the Marchlands every time you save the Galaxy, Rajel. I’d never get off my yacht.


Rajel/Any: ?


Heraan: Right, lets get on with this. Where’s Taybrim?


Taybrim/Rajel/Any: ?


The Admiral scowled at the irritatingly pleasant mannered Betazoid. As a people they were despicable, with all their peace, love and chocolate desserts; you just couldn’t have a good argument with them. 


Heraan: Tell me you brought that package I had sent through.


It was a little box of burled wood, with a beautiful sheen to it. 


Taybrim/Rajel/Any: ?


Heraan: Well, that’s something at least. ::Turning his attention to Jalana.:: Jalana, I know you just got dragged through the coals. Skepus is an arse and Aria’s a wet dishcloth. But they both had jobs to do, and a good thing they did them. As did your crew, I note. With zeal. 


Rajel/Any: ?


The Admiral turned to look out over the assembled crew, friends and family, and raised his voice slightly. 


Heraan: I’m here because, following recent events, Starfleet Command has reviewed the entire incident involving the Constitution and the Zeltins, and has come to the conclusion that, given the orders and situation that you found yourselves in, it could not have been handled better. You are all to be commended.


He paused to let that sink in. Normally he’d be inclined to give her and them more of a ribbing, but with the stress of the mission and the court martial, Heraan reigned in his usual banter. Just a little. 


Rajel/Any: ?


Heraan: Particularly your Captain. In a difficult situation, Jalana Rajel led by example, and with the compassion and consideration seen in the very best of our Commanding Officers. As such, it is the pleasure of Starfleet Command, and me, to present her with this. ::Glaring at Taybrim.:: Give her the damn box.


Heraan watched as Jalana received it.


Rajel/Taybrim/Any: ?


Heraan: Yes, it’s a box. A pretty box. Everyone needs more boxes. ::Giving her a flat look and a faintly amused smirk.:: Open the damn box.


Inside was a pip in it’s own little square bracket.


Rajel/Any: ?


Heraan: Let it be known that, for her excellent service, Jalana Rajel is hereby promoted to the rank of Commodore. Congratulations. Taybrim, lead the cheers.


Rajel/Any: ?


As those gathered erupted into applause, Heraan stepped closer to Jalana and lowered his voice. 


Heraan: Look, Jalana, none of this was ever about you. It’s was always about Fraser. If he’d given that mission to someone else, it would have been them in court. But it wasn’t, it was you, and you were perhaps one of the best positioned to weather it. 


Rajel/Any: ?


Heraan: Forget about Fraser, that’s an order. He’ll be dealt with. Starfleet Command feels you’re doing a good job. Too good in fact! ::He suddenly grinned.:: Keep it up and I won’t be able to keep making the presentations!


As Rear Admiral, Heraan was now only one rank above Jalana.


Rajel/Any: ?


Heraan: ::Raising his voice again.:: Well, I can’t eat your food, and I can’t dance, so I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy Endaasi; I can’t imagine why we authorised such luxury! Should have had a tour of the dilithium mines or something…


And with that the elderly Tellarite faded from view. 


Rajel/Any: ?


MSNPC Rear Admiral Heraan

Director of Logistics

Starfleet Headquarters

As simmed by


Commander Saveron

Second Officer / Counsellor

USS Constitution-B


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