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May 7, 2018, 6:47:24 AM5/7/18
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B

(( Stellar Cartography – Day 5 after the Ch’lul – USS Constitution))

Yito: Anyway no mission talk. Lunch? I promise I’ll be nice.

Young: What mission? ::Innocent smile:: Lead the way.

:: Seja paused for a second taking one last look at the stars and then lead them out of the room. ::

((Starbase 104 - Promenade-07))

::A short while later, Raven and Seja had made their way to the station. Seja took in the hustle and bustle, she been here a couple of time before.  It was nice to be out and about among people instead of stuck in her quarters of sickbay. ::

Young: This place is crazy! ::In awe::

:: Seja followed Raven gaze and looked up at the artificial skylight screens as they walked. It was excellently done and she admired the engineering, but Seja would have just as happy under a metal ceiling, she had grown up in a tin can. ::

Yito: Very much so. :: With a smile. ::

::  Seja remembered her excitement as a child when they stopped at a Starbase.  She lost that awe that Raven had somewhere along the way and it had all become familar. ::

Young: So where to LT? Got any favourites?

:: Seja had been to the fruit bowls cafe on a team bowling social, the food was nice but she was in the mood for something less organic and less healthy. ::

Yito: Something unhealthy I’m feed up of healthy sickbay food.

Young: Sounds good. They serve Klingon food there? ::Sideways grin::

Yito: I’ve had enough roasted targ for a lifetime and I prefer my food not to crawling.

::He burst into laughter::

Yito: And if I remember correctly you don’t handle you gagh to well either.

Young: Response

:: Seja looked round noticing the French bistro and the Betaziod restaurant.  She wanted somewhere she won’t be required to use a knife and fork that was difficult with only one working hand. ::

Yito: What about Rockers over there I hear they do a good greasy burger?

Young: Response

:: They manoeuvred there way through the crowds and through the old fashioned silver push doors into the diner. ::

(( Rockers -  Starbase 104 – Promenade-07 ))

:: Seja looked around the room.  The walls were filled with pictures of old and modern rock bands and data sticks with band names written on them. Guitars and other alien rock instruments she didn’t recognise where attached to the wall.  There was neon lights and a drum kits and similar hanging from ceiling.  At the end of the room was a bar with silver metal bar stood with red seats and display of many different drink from many different worlds. ::

Waiter: Just the two of you.

Young: Response

:: Seja nodded.  The waiter directed then to the one of the many booth that lined the walls of the room each with leather red seats and a silver metal table in between. Seja slid herself into the booth that was designed for at least 4 people and the waiter handed them each two menus – one drinks and one food. ::

:: Seja opened the food menu first. There were the standard burgers and steaks that you’d expect from a place like this but there was also options of Andorian, Tellarite and Bolian food to name a few. ::

Yito: A lot of choice.

Young: Response

:: Seja looked up at the picture of the band above the table it was of an four Andorians.  She reconsidered the band, one of her class mates at the academy had dragged her to see them.  It had been one hell of a night, the music, the atmosphere. ::

Yito: You ever been to a rock concert?

Young: Response

Lieutenant Junior Grade Yito Seja

Assistant Chief of Security

USS Constitution-B

ID number: E239306LB0


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