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(( Team 1 - Daaka - Xindi Colony ))

With the other team members done, Jalana remained with Balanomi, enjoying the girl talk, the leader of the pack talk. It was more personal than the conversation about the colony and the Xindi in general. Personal stuff always made Jalana feel connected to a person not just a group of people. She liked personal stuff.

Amph’ail: And do you ever end up finding you like the new thing, even if you didn’t like it before?

Rajel: Ooooooh definitely! ::She grinned and used the trusters for another twirl. Maybe a little too strong this time because she ended up doing a somersault and laughed merrily.:: This is fun.

Amph'ail: I am glad you find joy in it.  Do you find this for all new things?

Rajel: Mhm? Oh right yes: Sometimes I do end up liking something. Not always, some things are just never plesant you know, but it happens. How about you?

Amph'ail: I have never experienced anything outside of Daaka, and yes while most things are pleasant here, some things will always be unpleasant.  I sometimes want new experiences and sometimes value the security of my life here.

Rajel: There is something that one of my former hosts used to say a lot. You know for hosts of a Trill making new experiences is important, that's why we pass on the symbionts, for new experiences.

Amph'ail: Oh!  You said before, you are a dual-life form!  Your other self said they wanted new experiences?  Or that she valued security?

Rajel: Oh no no, that is not what she said. ::grinning:: She said ... You can't not do something because are afraid of what could maybe happen. If you do that you could also miss out on the best thing you ever did.

Amph'ail: Nemo said we value security too much – at the expense of exploration.  But the elders argue that exploration is dangerous.  I do not think it is exceedingly dangerous – so many travel without incident.  But I do have some fears.

Rajel: Oh yes, fear is normal, we all have fears. And it can be useful, keeps us from danger. But when we let fear guide our lives and all we do, then we miss out on a lot. ::Pushing the thrusters she moved upwards and did another somersault with a laugh.:: Like this!

Amph'ail: I see.  You have come here and this is brand new.  Tell me, Gell-anna, did you have any fears coming here?

Rajel: Yes. ::Jalana was not too proud to admit that she had fears.:: I was nervous that something may go wrong. That the equipment may not work, that our water tanks are not suitable for Nimo and his companions, that any number of things may go wrong. While our vessels are usually okay with trips under water, the waters of Daaka are different and needed extra adjustments and calculations so I had worry we would run into issues along the way. ::She smiled, twirling mid jump.:: And now that we are here I can see everything works fine.

Amph'ail: You are brave.  ::She mused.::

Jalana was genuinely surprised by that. She did her job, what she had to do. She had not considered braveness to be part of it. Maybe she was. But in her eyes so was Balanomi.

Rajel: And you think you are not?

Amph'ail: No, my people are not renowned for being brave.  They are renowned for being steady and reliable.  Brave is seen as foolish for some elders.

Rajel: Mhm. And what do you think? The same?

She was mid bounce when she saw Balanomi swish like a big head wave back and forth like shaking it no. It looked funny, and nice. Funny nice.

Amph'ail: I do not think bravery is foolish.  ::a pause:: I would like to be more brave.

Rajel: You are brave, Balanomi. ::she smiled and moved closer with a bounce in her step.:: You are the leader of a whole colony, that requires bravery every day.

Let alone getting married. As someone who had been through that a few times she could say it was a huge step that needed bravery. Even if it might not feel like that in the moment.

Amph'ail: ::Gently, thoughtfully:: Maybe I will be brave at the wedding.  I must be brave.  There is much to do.  ::she flipped in the water and started heading back:: Come, let us gather your people.  We have traveled far and done much! You should rest and I should prepare!

Jalana looked at the busy shipyard, the hard working Xindi and other inhabitants of the Ocean. She was fascinated by its dance, the coordination, the flow how everyone and everything knew what to do like clockwork. But she nodded and with a bounce and a twirl she turned towards Balanomi sending a signal to her people to get ready to head back.

Rajel: I have no doubt you will be. You already are quite brave. ::She paused and then nodded.::  You're right we should go back.

She bounced to walk with Balanomi and chuckled. Bouncy bouncy bounce. She really liked it here.

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