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Jul 18, 2020, 6:56:34 PM7/18/20
to IC Conny

(( Endaasi - Hotel Banquet Room - Evening of Arrival day ))

It was time. What time was it? Shiny time!

One of the most favourite times in Jalana's work schedule. When she could show her appreciation for he hard work her crew did and all the hardships they went through. She had spent some time with Alex preparing on the flight back to Starbase 104 and they had done a rehash to make sure it all still applied. Now she stepped up on the small stage. There was no microphone but she saw the openings in the floor and above her. A built in invisible voice enhancing screen right in front of the stage. Quite handy.

She brushed over her teal dress - with a little sparkle for the occasion - and cleared her throat.

Rajel: Good evening everyone! May I have your attention please.

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Rajel: First I would like to welcome you to Endaasi. You, your friends and familes from all across the galaxy. Thank you all for joining us here today and hopefully for a few days to enjoy some time of reconnection and relaxation. ::She smiled to her parents and brother who stood at a table, all in fancy dress though on request of Jalana not too formal.:: We are happy to have you here.

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Rajel: The last couple of days have been taxing for many of us and I would like to officially thank you all for supporting Aria during the Preparations for the Trial, for taking the stand and for your help to find the truth. I appreciate it more than I can put into words. Thank you.

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Rajel: ::A wide smile:: I can't say that this will be a surprise to the Officers of the Conny since they are very much used to this already - but for everyone else: It's time for shinies. On a side note, because we are all in civvies and have a vacation ahead of us, any objects will be waiting for you on the ship when you return. Now onto the fun! I hope you all got your clapping hands ready!

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Rajel: Let's begin, we have a lot to celebrate! Our last mission has been quite something, right? I believe that everyone involed has saved a life, be it Federation Officer, Zeltin Diver, Mechanic or any of the various other professions involved into the mining operation and rescue mission. Because of that I would like to award you. Edward Spears and Cade Foster, due to your saving of Federation members you each receive a Silver Lifesaving Ribbon. Lystra, Alex Blair, Atan T'Seva, Ravenna Carter, Yito Seja, Jacob Horne, Lazarus Davis and Nalni - ::She did not mention herself but she was included:: - you are awarded Lifesaving Ribbon. Thank you and congratulations.

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Rajel: The next ribbon always leaves a weird taste in my mouth, because it just feels odd to award someone for getting hurt. But here we are and I choose to celebrate that you were hurt and pulled through. ::She smiled:: A purple heart for your injuries in the line of duty is awarded to Atan T'Seva, Yito Seja, Ravenna Carter, Jacob Horne and Nalni. Thank you for coming out healthy on the other side.

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Rajel: The relief efforts would have been a whole lot harder without the innovative ideas for repurposing and adjusting our tools to the unusual circumstances. One of these ways was to repurpose sonic drivers in a way that they could be used to cut through metal, freeing divers, building parts and more. For that Jacob Horne and Relk Thorson are rewarded with the Innovation Ribbon. Congratulations!

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Rajel: I was proud to see the way you all worked together with the Zeltin people. Learning their ways, finding ways to help during the crisis, offering solutions and working with them together to keep the city literally afloat. Starfleet and I both agree that working with them towards the common goal deserves recognition. Be it in the city or the underbelly or even from the ship, you all worked hard to help Xatrac find its footing again. Thank you. Everyone of you who was present during this mission has been awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award for these efforts. Congratulations, very well deserved.

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Rajel: This is it for ribbons - BUT - we are not done yet. Sorry ::She smirked:: Ravenna, where are you?

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Rajel: ::Smiling:: Your work and dedication has not gone unnoticed since you arrived on the Conny. I have no doubt that we will get to the same now that you joined the Medical department and you will be a pillar in Sick Bay. It is my pleasure and honor to Promote you to Lieutenant. Congratulations!

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Rajel: Chip! I saw your shiny head somewhere. Come out.

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Rajel: In the short time you have been with us, you have already shown that you are made from a special material - or five. Your skills were vital for the outcome of the Trial and your ability to teamwork have already left an impression. It's my honor and joy to hereby promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade! Congratulations!

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Rajel: Now where is Jacob?

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Rajel: Oh Jacob you have been with us for a while now and I can honestly say that I'm proud of you and your work. You have grown with us, shown new Engineers around and are not afraid of going right into the fray. I believe that you are on the road for more greatness and one step to that is my pleasure to help you with. It is not only my honor to promote you to Lieutenant, but with that comes a further promotion to Assistant Chief of Engineering! Congratulations!

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Rajel: And last but certainly not least... Lazarus. No use to hide. Where are you?

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Rajel: First of all Laz... If any of you have not heard about it yet, Lazarus got married and I see that his lovely wife Queen is here with him as well. So please don't forget to congratulate them. And make her feel at home away from her home. Welcome to the Conny.

The Linaran was obviously not sure how to react to that and Jalana winked at Lazarus.

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Rajel: But now to the official part. Lazarus. Ever since you joined us for the first time on the Conny you have shown through hard work and dedication what you are made of. We have been lucky that you joined us again after a break and that impression has not changed. During your time as Assistant Chief of the Science Department the department was in great hands and so it is my pleasure and honor to not only promote you Lieutenant but also to Chief of Science. Congratulations!

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