MSNPC Shii Tano - the fragility of air breathers

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Lazuli Davis

Sep 27, 2022, 5:41:16 PMSep 27
(( Outside Cleaning Station - Xindi Colony - Daaka ))

Spears: =/\= Spears to all teams. Just looking for a quick status
report. Did you all find your way to the city alright? =/\=

Flores: =/\= Aquashuttle Three team here, we’re all safe and accounted
for. We might have given a local squid a bit of a scare, but no harm
done. =/\=

Ohnari: Poor thing...I still feel kind of bad I wasn't shrimp.

Flores: Response?

T'iuwen: Shrimp. ::she stared off after the shiny fish::

Shii: Now that everyone is satisfied, we can go to the kelp growths.
They will be on the perimeter of the colony.

Ohnari: Wow you seem to have such knowledge of this area, you must
frequently stumble upon turned around guests...

Flores: Response?

Shii: I will find a map or directions, but first we must find someone.
This way.

Shedet: This place is pretty interesting.

Ohnari: It's absolutely beautiful. Everywhere I look there is something
new I have never seen before. Although, did you say you may need a map?

Flores: Response?

Shii: Wait here, I will ask.

Tano swam over to a local at turtle speed, and to give them a moment alone before returning. The local said the growths could be found all around the edge of the city now, so any direction would suit.

((OOC: bracketing out the part Tano wouldn't hear but leaving it together for simplicity's sake))

((Shedet: Surprisingly calm for a bustling city.

Ohnari: Other than the razor leeches, almost everything seems
surprisingly calm....well...on the surface.'s below the
surface? I wonder what the right phrase would be..::she trailed off to
herself, stuck on figuring out the proper idiom for the surface of a
submerged seemed imperative for her to find the answer.:: ooh! The shallows? Would it be the shallows...?

Shedet/Flores: Response?

There was something else shiny in the distance. Maybe it would be something pretty?

Ohnari: Perhaps? I guess that's a new issue, different terms that
surface dwellers would face when discussing oddities with the local
underwater population. Although, I believe that's true for nearly all of
us, what might be a perfect example of a phrase where I am from might
mean a hill of muskan seeds to you.

Someone was spinning. It made the water move unpleasantly. 

T'iuwen: No. Will go find the shiny.

Shedet/Flores/T'iuwen: Response?))

The local said the growths could be found all around the edge of the city now, so any direction would suit.

Tano swam back to them, and noticed one of the air breathers drifting off before another spoke.

Ohnari: Huh? Sorry I was...hold on, I'm trying to...whoa, dizzy.

T'iuwen/Shedet/Flores: Response?

Tano arrived at the group, and studied them while balancing on the staff. 

Shii: Are you injured? 

Ohnari/T'iuwen/Shedet/Flores: Response?

These responses were unconvincing. 

Shii: Do any of you have experience with staying at this depth? Your kind is fragile, not meant for the waters.

Ohnari/T'iuwen/Shedet/Flores: Response?

Tano was disinclined to tell other people what to do, but between one wandering off as Tano approached and another reporting being dizzy... Tano knew the signs of nitrogen narcosis.

Tano: Your suits are malfunctioning, and you may require medical assistance.

Ohnari/T'iuwen/Shedet/Flores: Response?

MSNPC Shii Tano
Chelon, agender (any/all pronouns)
Hermit (desired)
Wedding guest (unwilling)

as simmed by

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