LtCmdr Atan T'Seva, Cultural Confusion

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Jennifer R. Povey

Sep 29, 2022, 11:08:39 PMSep 29
(( Daaka Waters ))

Tannhauser: how does one explain “hurts-so-good”? I need an ancient recording of John Cougarcamp… is that his name? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

T’Seva: I'm afraid I have no idea who you mean.

Some Terran singer, no doubt.

Foster: Sometimes in our land dwelling culture we find things that are bad. And sometimes they are so bad that they gain value because they are entertaining.

Mo’kana: How?

Tannhauser: humans can derive joy from anything. We don’t want to put ourselves in danger, but we participate in orbital skydiving. We know horror holonovels are scary, but play them anyway. It’s the same way with things that can be unpleasant. Sometimes it’s the experience, not the content.

T’Seva: Exactly. That said, it is really awful.

Foster: yes! Like if you watch a little kid perform. They’re not good and you don’t expect them to be good. But you enjoy it anyways.

Mo’kana: So Ferengi are children?

Tannhauser: don’t let a Ferengi hear you say that.

Mo’kana: Ah, so Ferengi are not children. But they act like them?

T’Seva: :: laughing :: Sometimes. In this case, though, it is an example of somebody trying to make money off of another person's culture, without understanding enough about said culture to pull it off. Not really childlike, just not thought through.

Only a human could really do an Irish Pub, and not even all of them.

Tannhauser: I think we all can act like children sometimes.

T'Seva: Not just can, but should!

Foster/Mo’kana: response

Tannhauser: speaking of acting like children: are we there yet?

T'Seva: :: laughing :: I don't know...I don't know which of those buildings it is, if it's any of them.

She was looking ahead at a cluster of large and interesting structures, one of which did somehow feel like it might be an art gallery.

Foster/Mo’kana: response

Tannhauser: Response

T'Seva: In that case...

She did an awkward flip and swam towards the building. One thing about this...was it was really building her "think-in-three-dimensions" skills. Which would come in handy next time she got into a fight in zero G.

There undoubtedly would be a next time.

Foster/Mo'kana/Tannhauser: Response

At the entrance to the art gallery was a lovely semi-abstract sculpture, around which a variety of fish swam.

T'Seva: Is that sculpture intentionally built to provide a habitat for those fish?

Double duty! Also, the fish were colorful enough to count as a form of living art all on their own...

Foster/Mo'kana/Tannhauser: Response

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